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Papa Roach - Infest

Papa Roach's long awaited major label debut has finally arrived and on it the group entrenches itself within punky timid rapcore verbal spiels and rambunctious riffs that spasm over bouncy song structures. Papa Roach have been well known to the underground for quite sometime and have persistently evolved their style over the years, and this is one trait the band once again documents on this release keeping up with their almost habitual progression to slyly reinvent themselves with each release, and this album does just that cultivating old and new material and ushering it into the bands new aural vision. Vocals are impulsive and brash, fairly emotional yet at the same time reserved they stutter through a fast paced rapcore accentuated with unraveling screams and drawn out moans. Band frontman Jacoby does seem inclined to approach his parts with a sneering jaded tone, but ends up coming off authentic sounding throughout his easily digestible lyrical compositions that deal with relevant issues stemming from suicide to material possessions. Guitars are screechy and establish a fast chord changing pace right off the bat while also leaping through effect laden loops and shrieky dynamics. Mainly focusing on the higher end of the fretboard and tuning, there isn't any really dark brooding riffs grinded out on this album and as such it streams out with an almost polite mannerism spitting out catchy scratchy riffs. Bass for the most part trails the guitar giving a thicker punch to the riffs and allowing the guitar to coast smoothly over the lowend carpet rolled out. Some drawn out notes are utilized along with a generally precise style that feels very concise and compact. Slightly hip hop, but rich in tone and range, the basslines laid out really set the stage for the groove and guidance within the songs and usually take on more reliable stationary patterns than the guitars. Drums tend to follow the bass's ideals and thump out moderately tuned snare/kick drum combinations that are as essential to the bands progressive rhythms as pedals are to a bike. Consistent highhat work and a slightly offbeat style round out the percussive side of the band and feel very cozy underneath the bass heavy mix of this album. The band's brought forth material from their back catalog this time around, and done so with a re-worked flavor. A great album without question, there's some light usage of turntable and even the unexpected appearance of dub like bass and structure which prevalently appears in the hidden remix of the older track "Tightrope". A lot of charm and vigor transcends throughout the albums tracks as they slow it down only to kick it back in gear with a fairly upbeat punkish rapcore musical guideline. Unfortunately though longtime fans of the group might be a bit disappointed at the blatant overproduction featured on this album which when combined with the almost streamlined for rock radio sound and feel to the tracks, seriously robs the band of any drastic aggressive edge. There's very little roughness or distinct angst left in the bands re-worked song structures of their older material and the firmly polished almost too slick sounding feel that is given in its vacancy ends up sounding a bit contrived like the band was slightly disinterested. Still, although fans from the beginning may be displeased with the loss of heartfelt integrity, there's no denying that this album is extremely catchy with almost every track on it containing potential to be a radio single that is sure to catch the ears of any fan of the rapcore genre, but some might question if this album was made as a genuine expression of their creativity and emotions or if they were coaxed into glossing their sound over for MTV and radio friendly tracks that would sell more records. With that being said, it's still undeniable that Papa Roach have made an extremely enjoyable record that is sure to spring up roach motels all over the nation and burrow deeply into the ears and minds of many, in fact they could have probably not constructed a better auditory introduction of their sound for mainstream audiences, but with the seemingly heavy handed focus in that direction, this disc can leave expectations unfulfilled.
(4 / 5)


Papa Roach
Dreamworks Records

1. Infest
2. Last Resort
3. Broken Home
4. Dead Cell
5. Between Angeles And Insects
6. Blood Brothers
7. Revenge
8. Snakes
9. Never Enough
10. Binge
11. Thrown Away
12. Tightrope

Papa Roach's Official Website


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