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Neurobox - Eve

Cerebral, spooky and conceptual, three terms that describe New York based outfit Neruobox quite well. Like an amalgamation of System Of A Down, Tool, Nuclear Rabbit, Marilyn Manson and Mr. Bungle, their music is quirky and dense, blurring the lines between prog-rock and art rock. Where Neurobox differ however, is through an array of strongly focused song structures, which feature much more methodical and smoother transitions than the above mentioned acts, along with a more theatrical manner as well.

Vocally, the album is led by an animated performance that's closest tonal comparison could be Serj Tankian of System Of A Down, yet besides the ferocious screams, eerie croons and guttural yells, there is also an almost narrative aspect in place, which can also make the album sound like The Twilight Zone, complete with a cast of outlandish characters, set to contemporary music. The guitars are edgy and saunter through a variety of styles, yet always seem to keep a very piercing distortion that is quite unique as shrill harmonics are executed with the greatest of ease and constructed into riff like structures themselves, only to erupt into gritty forceful blasts of more traditionally based metal riffery. Meanwhile, the bass playing is condensed and slightly downtuned for the most part, but its presence is still quite integral to the mix, solidifying the songs with a robust performance that ensures a tense pace is consistently met. The percussion however is a bit more restrained, utilizing ample breathing room, though when called upon, is more than able to let loose with a crisply versatile performance that fearlessly charges forth with passion and an array of sharp snare hits. Augmented by the occasional cleverly implemented keyboard interlude, the bands musical arsenal is well rounded and succeeds at nearly everything the band attempt to do.

The music contained on "Eve" is definitely not for the weak at heart and is more of an auditory journey through a twisted mind as opposed to a mere album in a general sense. There's a definite feeling of progression from song to song, almost like a weaving interconnected story that is aided by a few segues and character skits, yet rather than feel campy, it turns out sounding brooding and deranged. The music as a whole is also quite curious and rather than blend various genre's together, the band instead prefer to incorporate and weave faint influences into a base sound, making it much more grounded, though there is the odd occasion when they do take a large step out of their realm and immerse themselves entirely in something else, such as the flamenco/latin tinged "San Michele" or the dynamically contrasted "Zebra", which cautiously balances acoustic overtones overtop of thudding and whirring electronic beats. Admittedly, at 24 tracks the length of the disc may not sit well with a few people and there are more than a few songs that may be a bit too out there for most people, while a few even feel a bit like filler, but when the band do hit their stride, the results are generally quite enjoyable. In a day and age where new metal reigns supreme, Neurobox are an oddity, a band who aim to expand the horizons of the listener, while also venturing into whatever musical territory they please, despite what's currently trendy. Its a mixed bag for sure, but its also an innovative listening experience that is full of fresh ideas and just may take listeners who crave more back to a time when music was about creative expression, instead of hit singles and more of the same.

(3.5 / 5)



1. Stephen King's Little Langoliers
2. Temper
3. Terminal 39
4. Boening '93
5. The Whistler Rises
6. Ocho The Lovebud
7. The Whistler Drops
8. Toy
9. Alas, The Submarine Walls Speak
10. CPR
11. The Gibbering Mr. Success
12. NYC
13. A Mafioso's Daily Agenda
14. Amen
15. Abracadabra
16. Simply Hailing A Cab
17. Boo Banana
18. Hollywood Cafe
19. Infomercial Colon
20. 1323
21. Charmer
22. Zebra
23. San Michele
24. Closing Credits

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Neurobox's Mp3 Website


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