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Marcato - Achieve

Marcato litter this album with verbal darts that come dipped in poisonous moralistic and political standpoints that are thrusted forward by a slightly rapcore / nu metal styled sound that adheres to an almost punk rock ideal. Crooned melody is layered over top of loose song structures that pay homage to build up and an almost jam like nature. The group vaguely reminds of a more calm and alternative version of System Of A Down, but without the heavy edge and ethnic flair, although they do still retain a somewhat digestible militant approach filled with left wing ideas. Vocally the album is spiked with lyrics ranging from the defamation of women to a variety of other topics and the words are hurled forth with a disjointed flow being prevalent in some songs, while being crooned out or screamed in others. Constantly delving into the psyche with terms and topics easily related to by the laymen, the verbal aspect definitely tries to prove a point and shows an intellectual side. Guitars are scratchy with a distorted fuzz that isn't exactly heavy, but isn't light either, straight forward riffs are mixed in with drawn out chords and a somewhat muddy sound that suggests either a punk or stoner rock influence but could also be bad production. Bass is downtuned a bit and hums out looming riffs that have a mumbling quality as they indulge themselves in well placed slides all the while upholding the guitar and painting an honest groove. Drums pound out with muffled overtones and as such aren't clearly audible, once again most likely from production values. The beats played focus on the occasional double kick influenced melody and utilize a substantial amount of variations that involves a vast array of techniques including rim hits as well as thundering tom rolls that pump up the electricity and intensity level overall. The bands ideas are somewhat poorly implemented and the music quality overall is very loose, almost to the point of being sloppy which robs their attempts at jaggedly cut riffs, in turn making them sound like a fist hitting a pillow. Another negative aspect of the music is the haphazard lyrical delivery, while the groups frontman does have a solid voice and sounds pleasant as he drifts off into emotional and melodious soundscapes, some of the verses he delivers are too ambitious and sacrifice progression in an effort to fit in lyrical content that is ultimately too thin to sound compelling or aggressive. Still though, the group has heart and some of their down tempo moments have an intoxicating charm that carries the songs through, but without the tying up of some very loose ends, their music will unfortunately lack any serious punch. Marcato have the right ideas, but still need to work out the most effective way to implement them. With time on their side this group definitely has the opportunity to evolve and improve and for a young band to make a debut of this caliber is an impressive feat by any standard, hopefully though they can refine their sound and technique into a tighter package as just a touch more of musical maturity would bump them up to becoming a serious contender.
(3 / 5)


Partial Liberty Productions

1. Hypocrite
2. A P S
3. Skinner Box
4. Garnet
5. Waxxx
6. Blight
7. Real Agendas
8. Partial
9. Learning To Suffer
10. Cruda Psalm

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