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Ligeia - Bad News

As cliche as it sounds, there is both good news and bad news when it comes to Ligeia's sophomore outing for Ferret Music. The good being that the band have distanced themselves from the rather threadbare metalcore approach they utilized previously. The bad being that in doing so they have gratuitously ripped off groups like Every Time I Die and He Is Legend.

In fact, the difference between the outfits is negligible until Ligeia erupt into a full-blown ballad or syrupy emotive mess. Basically strip "The Big Dirty" of clever worldplay, southern riffing and empowering energy, and you have the bulk of "Bad News". The rest of the effort feels trite with contrived metalcore posturing and poppy soul searching. Hell, the acoustic-tinged "Heroin Diaries", could be a Hinder single.

That said Ligeia could have done a lot worse than follow in the footsteps of the bands they did. But for a group who already lacked a knock-out punch, to go another round without one seems suicidal. Furthering their ciritical deathwish is the addition of what sounds like record scratches and an 808 drops to a song. Even if their inclusion is supposed to be ironic, the track is far too breezy to properly convey it.

Still, if "Bad News" fails to impress overall, the group do capitalize on a few moments of creativity here and there. Some catchy hooks, a sexually blunt call and response and more all spring to mind. Sadly though, its just not enough to forgive the rather blatant plagarism that takes place here as "Bad News" is a blunt social think piece that has already been written by far craftier scribes.

(2.5 / 5)


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Bad News
Ferret Music

01. Bad News
02. Johnny Cash
03. I've Been Drinkin
04. Hot Mess
05. One Night Stand
06. Teenage Wasteland
07. Interlude
08. Bombshell
09. Heroin Diaries
10. Thanks For Nothing
11. Hoodrat

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