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Haste The Day - That They May Know You

For all their young years together, Haste The Day have delivered an effort that oozes musical maturity with brute force and restraint being exercised in such naturally metered bursts that its hard to believe this is only their first official release. Sounding like a bloody knife fight between the likes of Zao and Atreyu, the group explode with intense aggressive riffing and passionate, yet honest vocal work that really puts them a grade above their emo/punk reliant peers.

Haunting melodic aspects pepper the music with a sense of growth and warmth while the more intense moments nearly tear the listeners face right off with their violent depravity. It's this ruthless combination of polar opposites that ignites nearly every song included and keeps the listener on edge with little predictability in place. Despite their favoring of such different extremes however, the band juxtapose their emotions and link them together to such a seamless extent that it's hard not to feel that no better course of progression could have been implemented - a rare quality indeed.

While most bands in this genre who attempt pairings of similar styles often come off as sappy emo/hardcore hybrids or unintelligible noisecore, Haste The Day instead use their grace and talent to concoct a unique balance that is nothing short of revitalizing, showing that there is still quite a bit of room for evolution in this spectrum of heavy music. Sure a few snags are hit along the way and not everything comes off as well as it was probably initially planned, but as it stands these Indiana natives have created one hell of an impressive outing and the fact that it's their only their first shows just how much room for improvement this group have; Suggesting that some even more seriously devastating output will come in the future.

(4 / 5)


Haste The Day
That They May Know You

1. Muddy Waters
2. Substance
3. As Lambs
4. Who We Are
5. Epitaph
6. The Dry Season
7. Autumn

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