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Cursed - Blackout At Sunrise

While 3 songs and a cover may not exactly be a feast for those who wore out their copies of Cursed's 2005 release "II", sometimes even a small dose of poison can nearly kill a man. Such is the case with "Blackout At Sunrise", a crushing new EP that sees Cursed's virulent brand of hardcore ferment in some interesting new directions.

While the band had previously toyed with some long-winded instrumentals, the dirge that the title track of this outing takes the listener through displays not only fierce conviction, but a willingness to explore dark new areas. The second included new track "Hands Will Abide" finds the band ripping forth with their trademark ferocious spirit that ensures "Jane Doe" doesn't sit alone in the morgue; and the included cover of Kittens' "Hawaii" is perhaps the most deadly offering here, sporting brutal staggered tempo shifts and outright aural violence.

Truly Cursed continue to be a cut above their peers and with their next outing "III" on the way, this EP shows that the boys are still on the right track, while simultaneously derailing most of their peers. Sadly, it is all over before you know it and there are a few moments of dead space that could be sacrificed for a stronger momentum - at least in the title track. Still, with an attitude this genuine and a style akin to cleaning your ears with flechettes, it's a surprise that the sun even rises for these gentlemen at all.

(4 / 5)


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Blackout At Sunrise

01. Blackout At Sunrise
02. Hands Will Abide
03. Hawaii

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