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Biohazard - Uncivilization

After unceremoniously parting ways with Mercury/Universal, Biohazard return with their first effort since 1999's "New World Disorder", on a new label in the form of Sanctuary. For the most part, the recording of this effort took place while the band was unsigned and the time spent away label pressure seems to have only galvanized the infamous Brooklyn hardcore crossover unit into even more of a scathing modern metal machine. Undoubtedly, this album will initially garner interest from the uninitiated with its impressive roster of guest appearances, which includes cameos by the likes of members of Slipknot, Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo, members of Sepultura, members of Hatebreed, members of Skarhead, Sen Dog of Cypress Hill, Pete Steele of Type O Negative, Roger Miret of Agnostic Front and more, but upon further inspection, the album and band do stand on their own, despite the numerous helping hands lent by their friends. In fact, "Uncivilization" finds the band as lean, focused and fiery as ever, displaying an evolved Biohazard that is still deadset on crossing brutal NY hardcore with hip hop and metalcore, but it also shows a shift into more creative song writing as well.

Vocally the album is littered with the throaty barks and tough guy hardcore chants that the band have helped pioneer. There's also a fair portion of agitated backing screams and yells along with the somewhat rap styled delivery of old, yet there is also a few aggravated croons and at times emphatic, melodically tinged parts that make this group all the more a dynamic beast this time around. The guitar work is vicious and unrelenting, draped in the fundamentals of mid 90's hardcore/metalcore with a touch of modern metal thrown in as thundering riffs swing back and forth as menacingly as an unmanned wrecking ball in a bustling metropolis. The bass playing is aggressive as well and though its parts are felt accordingly, it tends to follow the guitars lead, establishing a thick base of operations as opposed to standing out on its own. Drum wise, the material is perhaps a bit more restrained than in the past, but with dynamic beats that hit hard in both hip hop and hardcore oriented styles, their inclusion still manages to recklessly fuel the songs onward.

One thing that Biohazard have always managed to consistently do is capture a very gritty, urban feel within their music. Throwing on one of their albums is like taking a tour through the dark side of the shadiest boroughs in a suffocating concrete jungle and this, their 6th studio opus is no exception. Its dark, its gritty and its full of more vitriol than 90% of today's cliche nu-metal bands could ever hope to achieve. Perhaps the most solid outing the Hazard boys have delivered yet, the material included here is thickly concentrated and well rounded, taking them in directions not seen in previous outings and helping to make each song possess its own solid identity. On the other hand, its still tried and true Biohazard and if you heard their past outings, you won't necessarily be thrown any curve balls by what they've laid down here. They still follow the same formula as always and though they've definitely matured and are now writing their strongest songs yet, they're really not that far distanced from the last few albums. That said, the music this band create is a hell of a lot better than the glut of faceless rapcore bands out there trying to stake their claim. In the end, "Uncivilization" is nothing short of a return to form for Biohazard and should impress old and new fans alike. They may not have ventured into new turf, but they've damn sure learned how to keep their own block on an extremely tight lockdown.

(3.5 / 5)


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1. Sellout
2. Uncivilization
3. Wide Awake
4. Get Away
5. Unified
6. Gone
7. Letter Go
8. Last Man Standing
9. H.F.F.K.
10. Domination
11. Trap
12. Plastic
13. Cross The Line

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