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Interview: Nonpoint

Questins Answered By Robb (Drums).
August 2000
Interviewed by Pedro Einloft

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PRP: How did Nonpoint's members got together to form a band?
Robb: I've been kicking around for a while. I found these guys around the beginning of 1997. I met Elias through a friend. I saw Dru and KB in a local band they were in called Fuse and quickly got their numbers. In a matter of time we were all jamming.

PRP: Who are in the band at all?
Robb: Well, it's me, Robb (acoustic low end punisher), Elias (screams, melodies and hip hop afficionado), KB (electric low end punisher) and Dru (feedback, chaos and noise.)

PRP: Why did you decide to play drums? Anyone inspire you?
Robb: Well, I play drums cause it's a good way to release my frustrations. I love banging the shit out of them. You have to see us live to understand. As far as influences, it would be Bill Ward (Black Sabbath), Neil Peart (Rush), Danny Schuler (Biohazard) and Dave McLain (Machine Head). As far as live drumming it has to be Jamie Miller (Snot), Morgan Rose (Sevendust) and Shannom Larkin (Souls At Zero)

PRP: How long have you been together as a band?
Robb: Well, since the beginning of 1997, which is 2 and a half years. That's not really that long, but it seems like an eternity.

PRP: Any material released?
Robb: We had an independent release called 'Seperate Yourself' which is not available anymore. Then, we released 'Struggle' through Conquest Music which was basically the old cd with new packaging and 4 extra songs. We no longer work w/ Conquest, but I believe you can get the cd at Best Buy, Camelot and other retail chains. Or you can order it directly from Conquest. E-mail them at [email protected].

PRP: How did you get your name?
Robb: I got that name from an old band called Believer. They are from Philly. They had a couple of records on RoadRunner. It does not have any meaning to us but I thought it sounded cool. That band broke up a long time ago by the way.

PRP: How would you describe Nonpoint's sound to someone who has never heard your band/
Robb: That's a tough question cause we have so many influences. We take elements of metal, hardcore, rap, funk, techno, alternative, jungle and blues into one big unit. It's pretty challenging to us, but it's fun.

PRP: Do you think Nonpoint falls into the "new metal" category?
Robb: I guess we do. We will be put in that by the critics which is something that we understand. I feel that we do our own thing, but every band feels the same way. If they want to put us in there that's fine with me.

PRP: What's the song writing process like?
Robb: The creating of songwriting for us varies from time to time. Someday's I'll start a drum beat and everybody follows with that. Other days is a vocal melody, guitar riff or bass riff. We just let it evolve and see what happens. If we don't like it we keep working on it till we are satisfied.

PRP: How's the music scene in FL.?
Robb: The scene here it's up and down. Sometimes there will be tons of clubs to play, at other times there are no clubs to play at. There's many good band's here in Florida like Lost, The Groovenics, Endo, Gonemad, Darwin's Waiting Room, Headway and OBC. Hopefully the industry can see what's going on down here and get some bands the attention they deserve.

PRP: How you guys do to spread yourselves from the others?
Robb: We try to do different things than the normal bands, but anytime you do something, somebody has done it or they are going to do it. Musically our influences have set us apart. Also, our live show, we like getting our fans involved in our shows cause they are what keep us together. So far our live show is different than the other bands in our area. We treat every show like an event instead of a normal local show.

PRP: Influences of the band?
Robb: I love this question. Myself, it would be Rush, Black Sabbath, Metallica. That's what started me into all of this. Currently, I listen to Machine Head, deftones, Wu-Tang Clan, DMX, Miltown, Lost, Groovenics, Puya (my homies), Down, Slipknot and System of a Down. KB is influeced by Iron Maiden, Suicidal Tendencies, Victor Wooten and Robert Trujillo. Currently, he listens to Nothingface, Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid and Redman. Elias is from an R&B background like all the old Motown, old school hip hop and rap. He currently listens to Erykah Badu, The Roots, Eminem, Incubus, Björk and Blackstreet. Dru is from a Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan school, Metallica and Pantera. He currently listens to Portishead, Tool, techno, NIN, System of a Down and Puya.

PRP: Best underground band out there, in your opinion?
Robb: Groovenics, Lost, Papa Roach (Cali), Hate Machine (NY), OBC, Endo.

PRP: All-time favorite band?
Robb: Black Sabbath (Ozzy era), Rush (up until Grace Under Pressure), Metallica (until ...And Justice For All), deftones (brilliance at it's best.)

PRP: What would be the tour of your dreams? Your band plus....?
Robb: Deftones, Tool and us. That's the dream tour. Also, an Ozzfest side stage slot would rock. Family Values with Limp Bizkit would also rock. Anything with an established band would do good for us at the moment. We need people to hear and see us.

PRP: Any big plans for the future?
Robb: At the moment we are negotiating with some labels which will remain nameless. Also, a producer is at work with us which will also remain nameless. We are going to the studio to cut some tracks for a label and take it from there. Also, I want to add that we just played the Warped Tour and the annual Zetafest and gained many new fans.

PRP: Last show you went?
Robb: Warped Tour. It was hot as hell.

PRP: Any shows booked or something?
Robb: Yes, we play in Miami, August 7th with Estrangement in Miami (Roses Bar and Lounge), and the 21st, we play the button south with our friends, The Groovenics and Al Is Well. They both should be phat.

PRP: Anything you wanna add? Last comments?
Robb: Pedro, thanks so much for this opportunity that you have given us. All press is good press. Anyone that is interested can write to the band at [email protected] or check out our site at Peace.

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