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Interview: Dog Fashion Disco

Dog Fashion Disco
Questions Answered By Todd Smith (Vocals), Greg Combs (Guitars) and John Ensminger (Drums).
Interviewed by Pedro Einloft

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PRP: Let's just start with the basics: how was Dog Fashion Disco formed?
Greg: The original 3 members, Todd, John and myself met in high school. Steve and Jeff joined later as permanent members.

PRP: Who all is in the band?
Todd: We have gone through many different incarnations of musical styles and instrumentation and we've probably had 10-12 different members since day one; but Steve as our bass player and Jeff as our keyboardist should definitely be the permanent line-up. Our current line up is: myself on vocals, Greg on guitars, Steve on bass, John on drums and Jeff on keyboards.

PRP: What are your guys inspirations, and what exactly do you want to accomplish with your music?
John: We just want to kick people's ass with our music. As far as inspirations go, we look to our manager, our fearless leader Derek Brewer. (laughter)

PRP: How long have you guys been together as a band?
Greg: We've been together for about 3 years, but this past year has been when we've really been highly focused as a team with actual career goals.

PRP: Any material released?
Todd: Well, the only one that we'll admit to is "The Embryo's in Bloom." We actually have 2 previous releases that stylistically have nothing to do with what we are today. Those two releases had a lot less emphasis on the heaviness, but shit, every musician has the right to grow.
Greg: In fact the 2 earlier albums have fortunately sold out, never to be reproduced again. If anybody has a copy of the earlier shit please let us know: we'll pay you for the copies.

PRP: How did you guys get your name?
John: We came up with it back in the day when we were in high school and consumed a lot of illegal substances. Actually we just came up with the name on a whim. Nothing really glamorous about it.

PRP: Can you describe your band's sound, even though I had previously tried and couldn't?
Todd: Unofficially the music has been described as "Hard-core Circus Metal."

PRP: How's the process of creating songs? Lyrics first, music second?
Greg: The music is first and it is done as a collaborative effort. Everybody puts in a piece. Todd is really responsible for the lyrics, though. He's pretty twisted and fucked up.

PRP: Anything to say about Washington, DC's scene?
John: Oh boy... with DC it's kinda like a love/hate thing. We love our fans and we love some of the clubs like Phantasmagoria, but we hate all the political bullshit that we deal with in the music scene in DC.
Todd: The politics in DC should be left to the government and stay the hell out of the music scene.

PRP: How do you guys try to spread yourself from others?
Greg: We can only separate ourselves from the other bands by the MUSIC. That is the only difference. We shit just like everyone else. We let the people hear our music and then they can make there own opinion.

PRP: Who are the influences of the band?
John: Let's see: of course, Faith No More / Mr. Bungle, System of a Down, NothingFace, Clutch and Frank Zappa.

PRP: Best underground band out there, in your opinion?
John: Mr. Bungle.
Greg: Mr. Bungle.
Todd: Mr. Bungle.

PRP: All Time Favorite Band?
John: Mr. Bungle.
Greg: Mr. Bungle.
Todd: Mr. Bungle.

PRP: What would be the tour of your dreams? Your band plus.... ?
Todd: World Tour with Mr. Bungle (has not been confirmed....yet)
Greg: Seriously, we have gotten into a whole big thing with touring. Our deal is that we constantly want to be on the road nonstop. Check out our upcoming tour schedule now clicking here.
John: With our style of music, we need to be out on the road bringing it to the kids. We really aren't going to get mainstream radio play or thrown up on MTV. We have to hit it up ourselves and build from there.

PRP: Last show any of you went to?
Greg: Can't remember the last time we saw a specific band. We opened for Anthrax at the Philly Music Conference about 2 weeks ago and it was really great to see them. We've been playing out a lot lately and it's hard to go out and catch other shows. We like to support the DC scene and we go out to catch some DC area shows.

PRP: You guys have a full tour schedule at the moment? Where do you plan to tour in the future?
Todd: We've got most of March and April 2000 booked up and we hope to keep that flow going. We're also looking to be put on a package tour for Spring/Summer.

PRP: Anything you wanna add? Last comments?
John: Our fans are some really great supporters. They have hooked us up many times when we've needed it. We're pretty lucky to have them.
Greg: I know this sounds pretty cliche, but it is true: without our people, DFD would be nothing.

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