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01/04/19FesterdayIihtallan(Season Of Mist)
01/04/19John GarciaJohn Garcia And The Band Of Gold(Napalm Records)
01/04/19RosettaSower Of Wind(N/A)
01/04/19Scatter ShotSelf Righteous // Self Infliction(Stay Sick Recordings/Eulogy Recordings)
01/04/19YatraDeath Ritual(Grimoire Records)


01/07/19Trent Reznor & Atticus RossBird Box (Abridged) (Original Score)(The Null Corporation)




01/11/19AfterlifeBreaking Point(Hopeless)
01/11/19At The GatesThe Mirror Black (7")(Century Media)
01/11/19At The GatesWith The Pantheons Blind (Digital)(Century Media)
01/11/19BiohazardState Of The World Address (Vinyl)(Music On Vinyl)
01/11/19Earth CrisisAll Out War/Firestorm (Vinyl) (Newbury Comics Exclusive)(Victory)
01/11/19Nailed To ObscurityBlack Frost(Nuclear Blast)
01/11/19SnapcaseDesigns For Automotion (Vinyl) (Newbury Comics Exclusive)(Victory Records)
01/11/19SnapcaseLookinglasself (Vinyl) (Newbury Comics Exclusive)(Victory)
01/11/19SoilworkVerkligheten(Nuclear Blast)
01/11/19The Last Ten Seconds Of LifeMachina Non Grata(N/A)


01/18/19A Pale Horse Named DeathWhen The World Becomes Undone(Long Branch Records)
01/18/19Arch EnemyCovered In Blood(Century Media)
01/18/19Cane HillKill The Sun(Rise Records)
01/18/19Dust BoltTrapped In Chaos(Napalm)
01/18/19Fever 333Strength In Numb333rs(333 Wreckords/Roadrunner)
01/18/19Flotsam And JetsamThe End Of Chaos(AFM Records)
01/18/19GuillotinesThe Killing Season(Stay Sick Recordings)
01/18/19ImonolithHollow(Imonolith Music)
01/18/19MagnumLive At The Symphony Hall(SPV/Steamhammer)
01/18/19Malevolent CreationThe 13th Beast(Hammerheart Records)
01/18/19ObituarySlowly We Rot (Vinyl)(Music On Vinyl)
01/18/19Papa RoachWho Do You Trust?(Eleven Seven Music)
01/18/19RavenScreaming Murder Death From Above: Live In Aalborg(SPV/Steamhammer)
01/18/19The Crown RemnantThe Wicked King: Part II(N/A)
01/18/19ThursdayFull Collapse (Olive Green Vinyl)(Victory)
01/18/19Within TemptationMother Earth (Vinyl)(Music On Vinyl)
01/18/19WristmeetrazorMisery Never Forgets(Prosthetic Records)




01/25/19Bring Me The HorizonAmo(RCA/Sony)
01/25/19Carnal ForgeGun To Mouth Salvation(VicSolum Productions)
01/25/19DesecravityAnathema(Willowtip Records)
01/25/19Eagles Of Death MetalDeath By Sexy (Vinyl)(Downtown Records)
01/25/19Eagles Of Death MetalHeart On (Vinyl)(Downtown Records)
01/25/19Every Time I DieHot Damn! (Vinyl)(Creep Records)
01/25/19Hectate EnthronedEmbrace Of The Godless Aeon(M-Theory Audio)
01/25/19Insanity Alert666-Pack(Season Of Mist)
01/25/19Jeff HughellSleep Deprivation(N/A)
01/25/19Killing JokeKilling Joke (Vinyl)(Music On Vinyl)
01/25/19King 810Suicide King(N/A)
01/25/19King DiamondSongs For The Dead Live(Metal Blade)
01/25/19King's XKing's X (Vinyl)(Music On Vinyl)
01/25/19MonoNowhere Now Here(Pelagic Records)
01/25/19ObscuraCosmogenesis (Vinyl)(Relapse)
01/25/19ObscuraOmnivium (Vinyl)(Relapse)
01/25/19ObscuraRetribution (Vinyl)(Relapse)
01/25/19PuppyThe Goat(Spinefarm)
01/25/19SuffocaitonSouls To Deny (Vinyl)(Relapse)
01/25/19SuffocationDespise The Sun (Vinyl)(Relapse)
01/25/19Swallow The SunWhen A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light(Century Media)
01/25/19The Drowned GodI'll Always Be The Same(Solid State Records)