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09/01/17Across The AtlanticWorks Of Progress(SharpTone Records)
09/01/17AlazkaPhoenix(SharpTone Records)
09/01/17Anubis GateCovered In Black(Nightmare Records)
09/01/17AzeliasassathTotal Desecration Of Existence(Avantgarde)
09/01/17Being As An OceanBlack & Blue(N/A)
09/01/17BlindwishGood Excuses(Rise Records)
09/01/17EpicaThe Solace System(Nuclear Blast)
09/01/17FlawUnited We Stand(Pavement Music)
09/01/17MesarthimThe Great Filter / Type III(Avantgarde)
09/01/17MogwaiEvery Country’s Sun(Rock Action/Temporary Residence Ltd.)
09/01/17Monster MagnetSpine Of God (Reissue)(Napalm Records)
09/01/17Monster MagnetTab (Reissue)(Napalm Records)
09/01/17MotörheadUnder Cöver(Motörhead Music)
09/01/17Nine Inch NailsAdd Violence (Vinyl/CD)(The Null Corporation)
09/01/17Nine Inch NailsNot The Actual Events (CD)(The Null Corporation)
09/01/17OphthalamiaA Journey In Darkness (Vinyl)(Peaceville)
09/01/17Ossuary InsaneDemonize The Flesh(Blood Harvest)
09/01/17Paradise LostMedusa(Nuclear Blast)
09/01/17Paradise LostOne Second (20th Anniversary)(Music For Nations)
09/01/17SepticfleshCodex Omega(Prosthetic)
09/01/17Soften The GlareMaking Faces(N/A)
09/01/17StargazerA Merging To The Boundless : Void Of Voyce(Nuclear War Now)
09/01/17Terra DamnataNightbringer (Vinyl)(Season Of Mist)
09/01/17The ConvalescenceThis Is Hell(Unique Leader)
09/01/17The Number Twelve Looks Like YouNuclear. Sad. Nuclear. (Vinyl) (Vinyl)(Silent Pendulum Records)
09/01/17TotengottDoppelganger(Roadburn Productions)
09/01/17W.A.S.P.Live In The Raw (Vinyl)(Madfish)
09/01/17White Moth Black ButterflyAtone (Vinyl)(Kscope)


09/08/17Alice CooperWelcome To My Nightmare (DVD)(Eagle Rock Entertainment)
09/08/17Alter BridgeLive At The O2 Arena + Rarities(Napalm Records)
09/08/17Arch EnemyWill To Power(Century Media)
09/08/17AutopsyFiend For Blood (12" Vinyl)(Peaceville)
09/08/17BacktrackBad To My World(Bridge Nine)
09/08/17Being As An OceanWaiting For Morning To Come(N/A)
09/08/17Cannabis CorpseLeft Hand Pass(Season Of Mist)
09/08/17Comeback KidOutsider(Nuclear Blast/New Damage)
09/08/17Demon EyeProphecies And Lies(Soulseller)
09/08/17EndFrom The Unforgiving Arms Of God(Good Fight Music)
09/08/17Four Year StrongSome Of You Will Like This, Some Of You Won’t(Pure Noise Records)
09/08/17Hands Of Orlac/The Wandering MidgetSplit(Cruz Del Sur Music)
09/08/17HelplessDebt(Holy Roar)
09/08/17KylesaAn Original Album Collection (4-CD Box Set)(Season Of Mist)
09/08/17Limp BizkitSignificant Other (Vinyl)(Interscope)
09/08/17LionizeNuclear Soul(The End Records)
09/08/17Living ColourShade(MRI)
09/08/17Morta SkuldFor All Eternity(Peaceville)
09/08/17NovelistsNoir(Nuclear Blast)
09/08/17Papa RoachInfest (Vinyl)(Geffen)
09/08/17Papa RoachLovehatetragedy (Vinyl)(Geffen)
09/08/17RiotArmy Of One (Reissue)(Metal Blade)
09/08/17RiotThrough The Storm (Reissue)(Metal Blade)
09/08/17Stray From The PathOnly Death Is Real(Sumerian)
09/08/17The Ditch And The DeltaHives In Decline(Prosthetic)
09/08/17The Great DiscordThe Rabbit Hole(The Sign Records)
09/08/17The One HundredChaos & Bliss(Spinefarm)
09/08/17UsneaPortals Into Futility(Relapse)
09/08/17ZaoXenophobe/Fear Itself (7")(Observed/Observer)


09/09/17The Ditch And The DeltaHives In Decline(Prosthetic)


09/15/17AbbathAbbath (Red/Black Vinyl)(Season Of Mist)
09/15/17Alice In ChainsLive Facelift (Red Vinyl)(N/A)
09/15/17BelphegorTotenritual(Nuclear Blast)
09/15/17Between The Buried And MeColors (Vinyl)(Craft Recordings)
09/15/17BlackfingerWhen Colors Fade Away(M-Theory Audio)
09/15/17Caligula's HorseIn Contact(InsideOut Music)
09/15/17DarkthroneDark Thrones And Black Flags (Vinyl)(Peaceville)
09/15/17DyscarnateWith All Their Might(Unique Leader)
09/15/17EnisumSeasons Of Desolation(Avantgarde)
09/15/17EnsiferumTwo Paths(Metal Blade)
09/15/17FleshkillerAwaken(Facedown Records)
09/15/17GiganUndulating Waves Of Rainbiotic Iridescence(Willowtip)
09/15/17MudvayneThe End Of All Things To Come (15th Anniversary) (Vinyl) (Clear Vinyl With Black Smoke)(SRCvinyl)
09/15/17MudvayneThe End Of All Things To Come (15th Anniversary) (Vinyl) (Red Vinyl)(SRCvinyl)
09/15/17Nothing MoreThe Stories We Tell Ourselves(Better Noise)
09/15/17PandemoniumDevilri(Nuclear War Now)
09/15/17Paradise LostLive At The Roundhouse (Vinyl)(Century Media)
09/15/17Pierce The VeilA Flair For The Dramatic (Vinyl)(Equal Vision)
09/15/17Prophets Of RageProphets Of Rage(Prophets Of Rage/Concord)
09/15/17SOiLScream: The Essentials(Pavement Entertainment/AFM Records)
09/15/17SqualusThe Great Fish(Translation Loss)
09/15/17The ContortionistClairvoyant(eOne Music)
09/15/17Touché AmoréLive At BBC Radio 1(Epitaph)
09/15/17Trent Reznor/Atticus RossThe Vietnam War (Score)(UMe)
09/15/17Tub RingA Choice Of Catastrophes(N/A)
09/15/17VattnetVattnet(New Damage)
09/15/17WhitechapelThe Somatic Defilement (Vinyl)(Metal Blade)
09/15/17WodeServants Of The Countercosmos(Avantgarde)


09/22/17AlcestSouvenirs d'un autre monde (10th Anniversary Edition)(Prophecy Productions)
09/22/17ArchspireRelentless Mutation(Season Of Mist)
09/22/17AxegrinderRise Of The Serpent Men(Peaceville)
09/22/17BaphometThe Dead Shall Inherit (Vinyl)(Peaceville)
09/22/17Brant BjorkEurope '16(Napalm Records)
09/22/17Circa SurviveThe Amulet(Hopeless Records)
09/22/17CounterpartsYou're Not You Anymore(Pure Noise)
09/22/17Devilish ImpressionsThe I(Lifeforce Records)
09/22/17Electric WizardLet Us Prey(Rise Above)
09/22/17Enter ShikariThe Spark(Play It Again Sam/Ambush Reality)
09/22/17GojiraFrom Mars To Sirius (Vinyl)(Listenable Records)
09/22/17GojiraThe Way Of All Flesh (Vinyl)(Listenable)
09/22/17ImploreSubjugate(Century Media/Pelagic)
09/22/17King ParrotUgly Produce(Housecore Records)
09/22/17MastodonCold Dark Place(Reprise)
09/22/17Matt CameronCavedweller(Migraine Music)
09/22/17One-Eyed DollSomething Wicked(Nebulost Records)
09/22/17OtherwiseSleeping Lions(Century Media)
09/22/17Pierce The VeilA Flair For The Dramatic (10th Anniversary Edition) (Vinyl)(Equal Vision)
09/22/17Rotting ChristPassage To Arcturo (Vinyl)(Peaceville)
09/22/17SatyriconDeep Calleth Upon Deep(Napalm Records)
09/22/17Sonata ArcticaEcliptica (Vinyl)(Spinefarm)
09/22/17Sonata ArcticaSilence (Vinyl)(Spinefarm)
09/22/17Sonata ArcticaWinterheart's Guild (Vinyl)(Spinefarm)
09/22/17Sons Of TexasForged By Fortitude(Razor & Tie)
09/22/17The BronxV(ATO Records)
09/22/17The EulogyLast Days(Bridge 9)
09/22/17TherionOf Darkness (Vinyl)(Peaceville)
09/22/17Vulture IndustriesStranger Times(Season Of Mist)
09/22/17Wolves In The Throne RoomThrice Woven(Artemisia Records)


09/25/17Madball/Wisdom In ChainsFamily Biz (7")(Fast Break Records)


09/26/17Dustin KensruePlease Come Home (Pink Vinyl)(Equal Vision)
09/26/17MastodonEmperor Of Sand (Pink Vinyl)(Reprise)
09/26/17MetallicaHardwired... To Self-Destruct (Pink Vinyl)(Blackened Recordings)


09/29/1736 CrazyfistsLanterns(Spinefarm)
09/29/17Act Of DefianceOld Scars, New Wounds(Metal Blade)
09/29/17ArkaikNemethia(Unique Leader)
09/29/17Bullet For My ValentineLive From Brixton: Chapter Two(N/A)
09/29/17Dr. ShrinkerArchive I(Nuclear War Now)
09/29/17Dr. ShrinkerArchive II(Nuclear War Now)
09/29/17EvilRites Of Evil(Nuclear War Now)
09/29/17Gamma RayAlive' 95 (Reissue)(earMUSIC)
09/29/17Gamma RayLand Of The Free (Reissue)(earMUSIC)
09/29/17Great American GhostHatred Stems From The Seed(Good Fight Music)
09/29/17HorrifiedAllure Of The Fallen(Shadow Kingdom)
09/29/17Ice WarIce War(Shadow Kingdom)
09/29/17IdyllsThe Barn(Holy Roar)
09/29/17Jag PanzerThe Deviant Chord(Steamhammer/SPV)
09/29/17KadavarRough Times(Nuclear Blast)
09/29/17Kublai KhanNomad(Rise Records)
09/29/17LoinclothPsalm Of The Morbid Whore (Vinyl)(Southern Lord)
09/29/17MonolordRust(RidingEasy Records)
09/29/17Motionless In WhiteGraveyard Shift (Vinyl)(Roadrunner)
09/29/17NecrovorousPlains Of Decay(Dark Descent)
09/29/17Nocturnal RitesPhoenix(AFM Records)
09/29/17OccasvsNocturnal Majestic Mysteria(Dark Descent)
09/29/17OculusThe Apostate Of Light(Blood Harvest)
09/29/17OpethStill Life(Peaceville)
09/29/17QuicksandManic Compression (Vinyl)(SRCvinyl)
09/29/17SharpnelRaised On Decay(Spinefarm/Candlelight)
09/29/17Stone Temple PilotsCore (25th Anniversary Edition)(Rhino)
09/29/17TestamentLow (Vinyl) (Translucent Gold Vinyl)(Metal Blade)
09/29/17TestamentThe Ritual (Vinyl) (White Vinyl)(Metal Blade)
09/29/17UnsaneSterilize(Southern Lord)
09/29/17Various ArtistsIn The Twilight, These Rocks Have Teeth(Pelagic Records)
09/29/17White ZombieLa Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. I (Vinyl)(Music On Vinyl)