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11/03/17All Pigs Must DieA Caustic Vision (12")(Southern Lord)
11/03/17AnnihilatorFor The Demented(Neverland Music/Silver Lining Music)
11/03/17Beast In BlackBerserker(Nuclear Blast)
11/03/17BombarderSpeed Kill (Vinyl)(Nuclear War Now)
11/03/17BosonDomain Of Ember(Anxious & Angry Records)
11/03/17Cannibal CorpseRed Before Black(Metal Blade)
11/03/17ConvergeThe Dusk In Us(Epitaph/Deathwish Inc.)
11/03/17DarkthroneTransilvanian Hunger (Vinyl)(Peaceville)
11/03/17ExpulserFornications (Vinyl)(Greyhaze Records)
11/03/17HobosexualMonolith(Kitchenable Records)
11/03/17Like Moths To FlamesDark Divine(Rise Records)
11/03/17Moonspell1755(Napalm Records)
11/03/17My Enemies & IThe Beast Inside(Fearless)
11/03/17NexulParadigm Of Chaos(Hell's Headbangers)
11/03/17ObscuraCosmogenesis (Vinyl)(Relapse)
11/03/17PentagramDay Of Reckoning (Vinyl)(Peaceville)
11/03/17PolarisThe Mortal Coil(SharpTone Records)
11/03/17Primitive RaceSoul Pretender(Metropolis)
11/03/17RamRod(Metal Blade)
11/03/17ScourRed(Housecore Records)
11/03/17SepulturaChaos A.D. (Reissue)(Rhino Records)
11/03/17SepulturaRoots (Reissue)(Rhino Records)
11/03/17Signs Of The SwarmThe Disfigurement Of Existence(Unique Leader)
11/03/17SlaughtbbathContempt, War And Damnation(Hell's Headbangers)
11/03/17Until The Sky DiesThe Year Zero Blueprint(Cimmerian Shade Recordings)
11/03/17Weapons Of AnewThe Collision Of Love And Hate(MRI)
11/03/17ZaoPyrrhic Victory(Observed/Observer Recordings)


11/10/17AnathemaThe Silent Enigma (Picture Disc)(Peaceville)
11/10/17Apartment 213Cleveland Power Violence (Reissue) (Digital)(Magic Bullet)
11/10/17AUÐNFarvegir Fyrndar(Season Of Mist)
11/10/17AxisShift(Good Fight Music)
11/10/17BloodDrown In Blood(Nuclear War Now)
11/10/17BloodHeinous Noise (Vinyl)(Nuclear War Now)
11/10/17BloodNo Regret (Vinyl)(Nuclear War Now)
11/10/17BloodSpasmo Paralytic Dreams (Vinyl)(Nuclear War Now)
11/10/17BodysnatcherDeath Of Me(Stay Sick Records)
11/10/17Bullet For My ValentineLive From Brixton: Chapter Two, Night One(Spinefarm)
11/10/17Bullet For My ValentineLive From Brixton: Chapter Two, Night Two(Spinefarm)
11/10/17CloakTo Venomous Depths(Season Of Mist)
11/10/17Desolate ShrineDeliverance From The Godless Void(Dark Descent)
11/10/17DestructionThrash Anthems II(Nuclear Blast)
11/10/17DownswingDark Side Of The Mind(Rise Records)
11/10/17Electric WizardWizard Bloody Wizard(Spinefarm)
11/10/17EntheosDark Future(Spinefarm)
11/10/17EntombedClandestine: Performed Live In Malmö.(N/A)
11/10/17Forgotten TombWe Owe You Nothing(Agonia Records)
11/10/17GatecreeperSweltering Madness(Closed Casket Activities)
11/10/17Hail The SunSecret Wars(Equal Vision)
11/10/17ImpurezaLa Caída de Tonatiuh(Season Of Mist)
11/10/17LionheartWelcome To The West Coast II(Fast Break! Records)
11/10/17MetallicaMaster Of Puppets (Deluxe Reissue)(Blackened Recordings)
11/10/17NekrasovThe Mirror Void(Prosthetic Records)
11/10/17Santa CruzBad Blood Rising(M-Theory Audio)
11/10/17SerpentranceThe Besieged Sanctum(Blood Harvest)
11/10/17SparzanzaAnnouncing The End(Despotz Records)
11/10/17Speak The Truth... Even If Your Voice ShakesEveryone You Love Will Slip Away From You(N/A)
11/10/17The OfferingThe Offering (Digital)(Century Media)
11/10/17Threat SignalDisconnect(Agonia Records)
11/10/17ToothgrinderPhantom Amour(Spinefarm)
11/10/17UnholyFrom The Shadows (Vinyl)(Peaceville)
11/10/17Various ArtistsxXx Fanzine (1983-1988) Hardcore & Punk In The Eighties (Book/CD)(Bridge 9)
11/10/17Your MemorialYour Memorial(Facedown)


11/17/17Actor / ObserverOne Another (7")(Party Smasher Inc.)
11/17/17American MeStill Firing(Rise Records)
11/17/17Apartment 213Collected Violence(Magic Bullet)
11/17/17AxegrinderRise Of The Serpent Men (Vinyl)(Peaceville)
11/17/17BacktrackBad To My World(Bridge 9)
11/17/17BaphometThe Dead Shall Inherit (Vinyl)(Peaceville)
11/17/17Black SabbathThe End(Eagle Rock Entertainment)
11/17/17Cavalera ConspiracyPsychosis(Napalm Records)
11/17/17Chaos MoonEschaton Memoire(Blood Music)
11/17/17ConanMan Is Myth - Early Demos(Napalm Records)
11/17/17CryptodiraThe Devil's Despair(Good Fight Music)
11/17/17Death Toll 80KStep Down(Svart)
11/17/17Despite ExileRelics(Lifeforce Records)
11/17/17EnsiferumEnsiferum (Vinyl)(Blood Music)
11/17/17EnsiferumIron (Vinyl)(Blood Music)
11/17/17Ghost AtlasAll Is In Sync, And There's Nothing Left To Sing About(N/A)
11/17/17GodfleshPost Self(Shellshock)
11/17/17In FlamesDown, Wicked & No Good(Eleven Seven Music)
11/17/17Iron MaidenThe Book Of Souls: Live Chapter(BMG)
11/17/17Kissing CandiceSafe Word(Stay Sick Recordings)
11/17/17MoonsorrowV: Havitetty (Vinyl)(Blood Music)
11/17/17MoonsorrowVerisakeet (Vinyl)(Blood Music)
11/17/17MoonsorrowVoimasta Ja Kunniasta(Blood Music)
11/17/17Morta SkuldFor All Eternity(Peaceville)
11/17/17Nine Inch NailsAdd Violence (CD)(Null Corporation)
11/17/17Nine Inch NailsAdd Violence (Vinyl)(The Null Corporation)
11/17/17NullingrootsInto The Grey(Prosthetic Records)
11/17/17PoisonOpen Up And Say Ahh (Vinyl)(Friday Music)
11/17/17Polkadot CadaverGet Possessed(Razor To Wrist)
11/17/17Skarlett RiotRegenerate(Despotz Records)
11/17/17StälkerShadow Of The Sword(Napalm Records)
11/17/17TarjaFrom Spirits And Ghosts (Score For A Dark Christmas)(earMUSIC)
11/17/17TestamentDemonic(Nuclear Blast)
11/17/17TestamentFirst Strike Still Deadly(Nuclear Blast)
11/17/17TestamentLive At Eindhoven '87(Nuclear Blast)
11/17/17TestamentLive At The Fillmore(Nuclear Blast)
11/17/17TestamentThe Gathering(Nuclear Blast)
11/17/17The Body & Full Of HellAscending A Mountain Of Heavy Light(Thrill Jockey)
11/17/17The ObsessedThe Obsessed (Reissue)(Relapse)
11/17/17TherionOf Darkness (Vinyl)(Peaceville)
11/17/17Various ArtistsSpawn (Again): A Tribute To Silverchair(UNFD/Rise)


11/24/17AetherianThe Untamed Wilderness(Lifeforce)
11/24/17AnthraxCarry On Wayward Son (12")(Megaforce)
11/24/17AosothThe Inside Scriptures(Agonia Records)
11/24/17At The Drive-InDiamanté (10")(Rise)
11/24/17Aversions CrownXenocide (Vinyl) (Blue/red splatter vinyl)(Nuclear Blast Entertainment)
11/24/17Black Label SocietyRoom Of Nightmares (7")(eOne Music)
11/24/17Blaze Of PerditionConscious Darkness(Agonia Records)
11/24/17Bring Me The HorizonBring Me The Horizon 2004-2013(Epitaph)
11/24/17ClutchPitchfork & Lost Needles (Picture Disc)(Weathermaker Music)
11/24/17DanzigBlack Laden Crown (Vinyl) (Picture Disc Vinyl)(Nuclear Blast Entertainment)
11/24/17Dawn Ray'dThe Unlawful Assembly(Prosthetic Records)
11/24/17Destroyer 666Wildfire (Vinyl) (Red Vinyl)(Season of Mist)
11/24/17Dimebag DarrellThe Hitz (12")(Rhino/Elektra)
11/24/17Dimebag Darrell AbbottDimevision Vol. 2: Roll With It Or Get Rolled Over (DVD/CD)(Metal Blade)
11/24/17GloamHex Of Nine Heads(Blood Harvest)
11/24/17GodfleshStreetcleaner Live At Roadburn 2011(Roadburn Productions)
11/24/17Gone Is GonePhantom Limb (7")(Rise)
11/24/17Impaled NazareneNihil (Vinyl)(Osmose Records)
11/24/17Kohti TuhoaPelon Neljäs Valtakunta (Vinyl)(Southern Lord)
11/24/17KreatorHail To The Hordes (12" Picture Disc)(Nuclear Blast)
11/24/17Lucifer's HammerVictory Is Mine(Shadow Kingdom Records)
11/24/17MagmaRetrospektïẁ (I-III)(Southern Lord)
11/24/17OphthalamiaVia Dolorosa (Vinyl)(Peaceville)
11/24/17RushCloser To The Heart (7")(Island)
11/24/17Sacred ReichIgnorance (30th Anniversary Edition)(Metal Blade)
11/24/17SECTNo Cure For Death(Southern Lord)
11/24/17ShiningFiende (10")(Season Of Mist)
11/24/17SólstafirBerdreyminn (Vinyl) (Orange Vinyl)(Season Of Mist)
11/24/17SorxeMatter & Void(Prosthetic Records)
11/24/17Steel PantherLower The Bar (Bitchin' Picture Disc Edition)(Kobalt/Steel Panther))
11/24/17Strapping Young LadSYL (Vinyl)(Blood Music)
11/24/17Strapping Young LadThe New Black (Vinyl)(Blood Music)
11/24/17StrifeLive At The Troubadour(WAR Records)
11/24/17TaakeKong Vinter(Dark Essence Records)
11/24/17The Black Dahlia MurderMiasma (Vinyl) (White Vinyl)(Metal Blade)
11/24/17The Black Dahlia MurderNocturnal (Vinyl) (Blue/white vinyl)(Metal Blade)
11/24/17The Modern Age SlaveryStygian(Innerstrength Records)
11/24/17Thy Art Is Murder/The Acacia Strain/Fit For An AutopsyThe Depression Sessions (Vinyl)(Nuclear Blast)
11/24/17Tomb MoldThe Bottomless Perdition / The Moulting (Vinyl)(Blood Harvest)
11/24/17Twisted SisterA Twisted Christmas(Rhino)
11/24/17VenomEine Kleine Nachtmusik (2xLP)(Sanctuary)
11/24/17VirvumIlluminance(Season Of Mist)
11/24/17Vulture IndustriesThe Dystopia Journals(Karisma)
11/24/17Vulture IndustriesThe Malefactors Bloody Register(Karisma)
11/24/17WatainLawless Darkness (Vinyl) (Red Vinyl)(Season Of Mist)
11/24/17WatainSworn To The Dark (Vinyl) (Red Vinyl)(Season Of Mist)