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Members of Nonpoint took part in an acoustic performance and interview at the studio of Taylorville, IL radio station 92.7 WQLZ this past Saturday, October 06th. You can watch them run through their new tracks “Left For You” and “I Said It” below. The group will release their self-titled seventh studio album tomorrow, October 09th.

Dr. Acula Book Early 2013 Eastern Canadian Tour With Knuckle Up! & Adaliah

Dr. Acula will return to Eastern Canada with Knuckle Up! and Adaliah in early 2013. The three outfits will team up for the “Wasted Tabarnack Tour“, dates for which will run as follows:

01/30 Sherbrooke,QC – Woodstock
01/31 Quebec City,QC – L’Agitée
02/01 Montreal,QC – Underworld Live
02/02 Ottawa,ON – The Mavericks
02/03 Kingston,ON – Time To Laugh
02/04 Peterborough,ON – Historic Red Dog
02/05 Kitchener,ON – TBA
02/06 Hamilton, ON – The Underground
02/07 St. Catharines,ON – Coco Cabana

Chris Colohan Talks Upcoming Left For Dead Reunion

Chris Colohan (Burning Love/ex-Cursed, etc.) has chimed in with the reasoning behind Left For Dead‘s forthcoming reunion show and subsequent discography release. An excerpt from that can be read below with his full piece available via Blogspot.

“Yes it’s true – the Left For Dead show in Baltimore in January is on. I just wanted to explain for my own part, as someone that doesn’t love reunion culture, especially seeing it apply to my generation of bands – why we’re doing this. My rant about old burnouts that haven’t picked up a guitar since they turned 21 (or 19 up here), got wasted, gave in to the status quo and forgot all about hardcore, rehashing the one good thing they did by accident at 17 on the reunion circuit as if they gave a shit – that’s for another day. I’ll leave it at this – everything isn’t necessary just because it’s possible. Buyer, beware.

On BL tour this summer I saw Dom from A389 in Baltimore. He just did a very loving job of the Countdown to Oblivion discography that the world wasn’t asking for but that he’s been persistent enough to get us to complete for years now. Dom was from up here before he moved down there, our bands used to play together and he was there for it all in real time. He asked me what it would take to do an LFD show for his last A389 bash in Baltimore, and my obvious answer was “John Waters”.

Omens and Portents: Strangely, just the day before in Richmond, the fine young men of Atlanta’s Dead In The Dirt convinced me to sing Skin Graft with them (which they do better than we ever did) and doing it I realized that those songs and words are still front and centre in my mind. Negative as they were, these were songs about our very real frustrations and they continue to mean a lot to me. Also, for most of us we’re not doing this again, because we haven’t stopped yet to begin with.

We’ve lost some friends physically and some mentally, along the way. There’s been good and bad times between us all, and right now they’re all so much black water under the Skyway Bridge, and we have no good reason not to. It’s not for money, or lack of commitments and things going on with our other bands (Burning Love and Pick Your Side). We had the chance to do something very redeeming and next-level with this, which is hopefully gonna work out as planned, and to play in good company with a bunch of bands that fed our fire back in the day…”

Left For Dead (and numerous others) will play the “A389 Recordings IX Anniversary Bash” at The Ottobar in Baltimore, MD on January 19th.

Cavalera Conspiracy Tap Soulfly Bassist For Latin American Tour

Cavalera Conspiracy have acquired the services of Soulfly, etc. bassist Tony Campos for their November Latin American run. The move comes as a result of their bassist Johny Chow having recently signed on for Stone Sour‘s upcoming touring commitments.

Dates the band will be playing with Campos include:

11/01 Mexico City, MEX – Arena Ciudad de Mexico (“Maquinaria Fest“)
11/03 Guadaljara, MEX – Explenada Lopez Mateo (“Maquinaria On The Road“)
11/06 Asuncion, PAR – Jockey Club (“Maquinaria Fest“)
11/08 Buenos, Aires, ARG – Microestadio Malvinas Argentinas (“Maquinaria Fest“)
11/10 Santiago, CHL – Club de Campo Las Vizcachas (“Maquinaria Fest“)
11/12 Bogota, COL – Teatro Royal Centre
11/15 Rio de Janeiro, BRA – Fundicao Progresso
11/16 Carlos Prates, BRA – BH Music Hall
11/17 Sao Paulo, BRA – Espaco Das Americas (“Sounds By Maquinaria“)
11/18 Curitiba, BRA – Master Hall

All That Remains Post Photos From “Stand Up” Video Shoot

All That Remains have posted a series of photos from their recent video shoot for their new single “Stand Up” at this location. Director P.R. Brown (Slipknot, Disturbed) helmed the shoot for the clip which will make its way only shortly.

The group have a November 06th release date set for their new album “A War You Cannot Win“.

Static-X Drop Off Of Remaining Dates With Emmure & Ill Niño

Static-X have pulled out of their remaining dates with Emmure and Ill Niño due to “necessary medical procedures.” The trek will continue on with Emmure headlining.

The following press release was issued on the matter:

“October 7, 2012 – With much regret, Static-X has been forced to pull off the remaining dates of their 2012 Tour following last nights final show in Flint, MI on Sat, October 6th. Wayne Static must return to Los Angeles and prepare for some medical procedures to remedy problems that have been hampering his performance.

Wayne relays his personal apologies: “I’m so sorry to all my fans but I cant give you the 1000% you deserve from Static-X every night right now. Evil disco will continue in 2013. Just wait until you see whats next!!!”

Emmure and Ill Nino will be continuing on the currently scheduled dates. In a few weeks Static-X have been allowed to perform on local shows in Lancaster, CA on Oct 27 and Ventura, CA on Oct 28.”