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Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland has now taken to his Twitter to address the situation revolving the possible ousting of DJ Lethal and drummer John Otto from the group.

Here’s what Borland had to offer earlier today (April 01st):

“We are seriously trying our best to help John and Lethal, but this whole thing was something that should have stayed internal. Lee should not have made this a public affair and you (the fans) should not have ever had to deal with something so personal and damaging.

Making this public has caused way more damage than was necessary and now we’re faced with an even harder situation than before. You (our supporters and friends) do not have the information needed to form valid opinions on the situation and we can’t give it to you…. because you’d have to have lived through it in order to understand.

That being said, LB is still a functioning unit and we have no plans to stop moving forward. Our intentions have never been to try and divide our fans. Our only intention has been to move ahead with the parts of the band that can function together. All that being said, we are trying our hardest to make the best out of this situation.

And none of this has been Fred‘s decision alone. It’s been between Sam, Fred, and I and has been an ever evolving situation. So please get off Fred’s back about it, because we are together in this. And once again, I’m sorry for you that this was ever made public. If it hadn’t of been, you may never have even known about it. Unfortunate.”

He later continued:

“We weren’t “keeping a secret from fans” We were trying to get it worked out internally, like I said.”

Oceano Confirm New Music And Touring Is in The Works

While it is indeed April Fool’s today, a newly-made posting over at Oceano‘s Facebook seems to confirm the rumors of the band planning to give it another go. Here’s how the statement reads:

“Don’t call it a comeback! OCEANO are excited to reveal that they will NOT be breaking up after this year’s New England Metal and Hardcore Festival and will, in fact, record new music. The band is currently hard-at-work writing their next studio album for Earache Records, which is expected in early 2013. Frontman Adam Warren issued the following statement:

“Kinda funny how right around Easter we decide to pull a Jesus and flip the script on what everyone was thinking right?

With rumors running around, and haters trolling in their own discontent, it IS true Oceano will be staying alive and kicking for the rest of 2012 and far beyond.

After essentially removing ourselves entirely from touring and the music aspect of our lives for almost 8 months, we all got to spend time with our families and friends and rediscover “normal” life.

We rarely experienced this being a part of Oceano. So it felt amazing. But also, within all the valuable time home the itch slowly started to come back.

Our “final shows” at the Jamboree and New England Hardcore/Metal Fest began to come closer, yet it just didn’t feel like anywhere near the proper way to end this band.

We all respect and appreciate how far Oceano has come amidst all the bullshit and sidetracking. Prevailing from the entire struggle made it all worth it. We also love and cherish the things we sacrifice to be on the road and perform for all those people who have supported us through it all. So why can’t we have both?

We each took the time to discover the best approach and game plan to have ample time for the things we hold most important at home (family, jobs, etc.) while still being able to do what we love and making a living off of it.

We’re beyond stoked to get back to work and infect every listener with our brand of Windy City Death, but this WON’T be the Oceano you knew from last year, or even before that. The stakes are higher, shits gonna get heavier, and we’re coming to entice destruction and bloodshed in every city. See you soon. ”

Longtime band manager Derek Brewer had this to say:

“I wasn’t going to let something this good go…I am very proud of this band and their accomplishments all the way from the time I first starting working with them when they were playing in front of 30 kids every night at all ages community center shows to selling out well-respected clubs across the US on their last headline tour.

So when the band reached out to me to figure out a way to get things back in action, I was more than eager to do what I could to make it happen.”

OCEANO will be hitting the road heavily in support of this announcement. The band already has three dates planned, including the Jamboree in Toledo, OH, the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival and a hometown throwdown show in Chicago.

Plans are underway for them to participate in a large-scale summer tour in the US (TBA) and their return to Europe for a full tour this fall.

April 15 – the Jamboree at Headliners – Toledo, OH
April 20 – The New England Metal and Hardcore Fest – Palladium – Worcester, MA
May 5 – The Bottom Lounge – Chicago, IL”

KEN mode Win 2012 “Metal/Hard Music Album” Juno Award For “Venerable”

KEN mode were the surprise winner of this years “Metal/Hard Music Album Of The Year” at Canada’s Juno Awards. The group won the honors for their album “Venerable“, beating out the following other nominated efforts. The Juno Awards are essentially Canada’s own localized answer to the Grammy Awards.

Other “Metal/Hard Music Album Of The Year” nominees included:

Anvil – “Juggernaut Of Justice
Cauldron – “Burning Fortune
Fuck The Facts – “Die Miserable
The Devin Townsend Project – “Deconstruction

Vision Of Disorder Post New Guitar-Oriented Studio Footage

Vision Of Disorder have uploaded more footage from the studio online below. The latest clip focuses on guitarist Matt Baumbach. The band have been holed up in the studio recently tracking the offering with producer Will Putney (Shadows Fall, Suicide Silence). Cameron Webb (Motorhead, Social Distortion) will handle the mixing duties.

Anthrax Drummer Charlie Benante Posts Recent Studio Footage Of Rush Cover

Anthrax have posted some recent studio footage of drummer Charlie Benante in the studio tracking a cover of Rush‘s “Anthem” below. The song is expected to appear on an upcoming Rush tribute album. Benante also laid down some drums for some upcoming unspecified Anthrax b-sides as well during the sessions. More details are pending.

With Knives Plotting June Release For New EP

It looks as though With Knives (The Damned Things, Fall Out Boy, etc.) are aiming for a June release date for their new EP. The project of course features Josh Newton (The Damned Things, ex-Every Time I Die) and Joe Trohman (The Damned Things, Fall Out Boy).

They enlisted Paul Malinowski of Shiner fame to helm the sessions for the outing.

Limp Bizkit Reportedly Moving On Without DJ Lethal And Drummer John Otto

Limp Bizkit DJ DJ Lethal and drummer John Otto may be on the chopping block. Lethal recently took to his Twitter this past Friday, March 30th, for the following series of tweets:

“Staying positive !! It’s always hard when you’ve been part of something for so long and the rug get pulled from your feet. I will #survive”

“So far the only news I’ve heard is that fred has plans for a “new” limp bizkit which doesn’t include john otto or I. I’m hoping for the best”

“From what I understand is fred doesn’t approve of our lifestyle which includes partying and fun. I don’t want to cause drama,it’s unfair”

“I’ve tried to reach out and make things better.But fred seems to have made up his mind.Bands fight and argue all the time.just don’t get it

“This is not an April fools joke unfortunately. I love being in limp its been my life for 15 years. A lot of good people and good times”

“I’m not going to whine about it.I just had to vent because it’s pretty sad.And had to address all the fans that a going to a 1/2 bizkit show”

Another series of posts made earlier today, April 01st include:

“I can only speak for myself the the only. Thing I’m addicted to is making music. Having a few parties on tour doesn’t mean I’m an addict.”

“Anyways. If those things were true wouldn’t a friend try to help. How is pushing away going to help anything? If it was me I would help.”

“I’m going to leave this on a positive note. Thank all you friend and people who supported lb and I though all the years.”

“I Really wish things where left on good note. Theres deeper issues that need to get resolved on both ends. I wish fred and his band best.”

“Come on now. > john otto and I have some plans. Get ready for dj and drums from hell!maybe we should jam after shows?

“Everybody please chill. There’s a chance we can work things out. I dot want to have any hate. Let’s stay positive and let things settle.”

Most recently Limp Bizkit have been in and out of the studio writing and demoing new material for their next effort, “The Unquestionable Truth: (Part 2)“. The outing will be the bands first for their new label home, Cash Money Records.

Former Bury Your Dead Guitarist Eric Ellis On Trial For Racketeering Charges

Former Bury Your Dead guitarist Eric Ellis is on trial in Jacksonville, FL in connection to a series of gang-oriented crimes; including home invasions, bank robbery, assaults and more.

Ellis (who played with the band from 2004-2008,) and Maynard Kenneth Godwin are up for racketeering charges related to a gang they were allegedly deeply involved in dubbed “The Guardians” — an outfit alleged to be inspired by the fictional outlaw biker club featured in the “Sons Of Anarchy” TV series.

More from the proceedings, including a list of accusations, etc. can be found over at

Voting Relaunched For Opening Slot On 2012 “All Stars Tour”

Voting for the opening slot on this years “All Stars Tour” has once again begun. The poll that was originally announced earlier this week was pulled — apparently due to more candidates being added (note: The Air I Breathe were not on the previous list.) The new poll can be found over at the tours Facebook.

The latest artists up for the opening spot include:

A Hero A Fake
Capture The Crown
Casino Madrid
For All I Am
Ice Nine Kills
Lions Lions
Modern Day Escape
My Ticket Home
The Air I Breathe
To Each His Own
Upon This Dawning

Meanwhile, bands presently confirmed for the 2012 “All Stars Tour” include:

Suicide Silence
Unearth (select dates)
Dance Gavin Dance (select dates)
The Word Alive
I See Stars
A Skylit Drive
Winds Of Plague
Stick To Your Guns
For The Fallen Dreams
Stray From The Path
Make Me Famous
Betraying The Martyrs
Obey The Brave

Deftones To Enter The Studio In July For Next Album

Deftones/††† frontman Chino Moreno recently told Chilean site,, that the Deftones completed pre-production for their next album this week. He further revealed that group are scheduled to enter the studio on July 09th to begin recording the effort and offered the following on it:

“I know everybody says this, but I think it’s best album we’ve written. I am very excited because it sounds futuristic compared to our last album — so it feels like a step forward.”

He also touched upon the health of ailing Deftones bassist Chi Cheng, his hopes for ††† scheduled appearance at the Chilean “Lollapalooza” and more in the interview. You can read the whole feature at the above-mentioned link (in Spanish.)