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Despised Icon Announce December Reunion Shows

Despised Icon will be back onstage this winter for the below North American shows. Band vocalist Alex Erian said of their plans:

“Cheers to everyone that came out to our reunion shows this summer. The response was overwhelming. It felt just like in the good old days. We promised you a few more in Canada and the US, so here you go! There won’t be any other dates so don’t miss out. Keep it brutal.”

12/13 Montreal, QC – Club Soda
12/14 Toronto, ON – Opera House
12/20 New York, NY – Gramercy Theatre
12/21 Worcester, MA – Palladium

Trade Wind (Stick To Your Guns/Stray From The Path) will be taking to the road to play their first-ever shows early in the new year.

With Cryptodira:

01/02 New York City, NY – Studio Webster Hall
01/03 Toronto, ON – Sneaky Dees
01/04 Montreal, QC – Casa Del Poplo
01/05 Long Island, NY – Amityville Music Hall

With Wander:

01/09 Santa Ana, CA – The Observatory
01/10 Los Angeles, CA – White Oak Music
01/11 San Francisco, CA – Bottom Of The Hill

Capture The Crown Lose Guitarist & Drummer

Capture The Crown may in the market for some new blood as both Jye Menzies and Tyler March have exited the outfit. At last March has already been replaced in the outfit. Absent a comment from the band themselves, both of the aforementioned players issued statements of their own. Menzies offered:

“I’ve had a log of questions lately regarding Capture The Crown. Some of you may know that I left the band after the last tour. Unfortunately, I was unable to continue to be a part of something that had become such negative force in my life. I was a founding member of Capture The Crown and put my entire life and myself into it which made my decision very difficult and saddening. The fans I met and the friends I made will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for believing in my and helping me achieve a lot of my crazy life goals. I intend to continue writing music and following my passion! If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask; I’ll answer them all honestly and to the best of my knowledge. Thank you all and see you soon.”

March meanwhile added:

“Well here goes nothing. To all that’s been asking, I have officially left Capture The Crown. It was my choice to leave the band but that doesn’t mean that I am in any way upset or on bad terms with the current members in the band. I love those guys to death and only wish them the best. The new drummer is a good friend of mine as well. My heart isn’t in metal anymore. Believe it or not I will be debuting as a pop country artist in the near future. Thanks to all the fans and everyone who made my experience in Capture amazing. I am so stoked for you guys to hear what I’m working on. Even if you don’t like country I’m positive that you will appreciate it. Thanks guys.”

Isis Stream “The Beginning And The End” From Remastered “Oceanic”

The remastered version of Isis‘ “Oceanic” will arrive in stores on November 04th via Ipecac and you can now hear “The Beginning And The End” from it below. Drummer Aaron Harris said of the revised edition of the album:

“With the Oceanic remaster I feel we’ve saved the best for last. The clarity that’s been revealed in these songs was surprising even to me. I’ve heard these songs probably thousands of times. When I listened to the remastered version of “Weight” it was like I was back in the studio recording the song. I also noticed a lot of new detail in Jeff‘s bass guitar, and energy in the guitars. I know Oceanic is a favorite among fans, and I think this remaster will bring a new appreciation even to those who have heard it many times.”

No additional bonus tracks will be featured on the outing, but it will come housed in new packaging.
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Not One Artist Has Earned A Platinum Album This Year

A report over at Billboard has word that not one artist has earned a platinum album (1 million copies sold) this year for sales in the US. Only 60 songs have sold over 1 million units as well—down from 83 last year. This years best selling album that did attain platinum status is the soundtrack to the animated film, “Frozen“, with 3.12 million units scanned.

Amidst the doom and gloom of declining sales across the board is the rise of vinyl however. Sales of the format are up 47.5% with 6.074 million units sold this year as opposed to 4.12 million last year.

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Fantômas Offer More Details On “Wunderkammer” Vinyl Box Set

There’s some more official info now available for the upcoming Fantômas vinyl/cassette box set, “Wunderkammer“. Due out on this years Black Friday ‘Record Store Day‘ event (November 28th,) the set will retail around $100 USD. A limited mail-order release later in the year will also be made available. Here’s the official word:

“You want vinyl, you really want vinyl. So the guys in Fantômas along with Mackie O have created one of the most insane box sets EVER! WUNDERKAMMER is the name of the box set from Fantômas that comes out on US National Record Store day/Black Friday, Nov 28th 2014. This is literally a cabinet stuffed with each of the Fantômas records on vinyl and as a bonus it will include a cassette copy of the original Fantômas demo that Mike Patton created and recorded by himself of the very first Fantômas record. This was the tape he sent to Trevor, Buzz and Dave to get them onboard. This will be a limited box set and it will not be cheap (around $100 USD).

We know that not all of you will be able to make it to a record store on Nov 28th to secure one of these bad boys, so we will be making very few available via mail-order later in the year. Stay tuned for those details. Also look for Fantômas performing THE DIRECTOR’S CUT in Santiago, Chile on Dec 5th & 6th.”

Fantômas are of course a supergroup comprised of Mike Patton of Faith No More, etc. fame, ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, Melvins frontman/guitarist Buzz Osborne and ex-Mr. Bungle, etc. bassist Trevor Dunn.
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Teaser Released For In This Moment’s “Sick Like Me” Music Video

A teaser for In This Moment‘s forthcoming music video for their track “Sick Like Me” has been released below. That song emerges as the first single from the groups major label debut, “Black Widow“, out November 18th on Atlantic. Expanded dates for the bands headlining tour in support of that affair were revealed earlier today and can be found here.
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The Defiled Perform On A Floating Iceberg

With Metallica having already laid claim to AntarcticaThe Defiled recently teamed up with Jägermeister to perform on a floating iceberg in the Greenland Sea. The band played for a crowd of locals from Kulusuk, Greenland with a documentary on the unique performance available below.

Various local residents were used to help facilitate the show with the audience seated in various boats. Band vocalist/guitarist Stitch D commented of the experience:

“This has to be one of the most insane gigs we’ve ever played! You see these things on TV documentaries but it’s not until you get to see them in real life that you realise just how big and amazing icebergs are. Although it was cold, I don’t think any of us noticed once we got started, as the stage location literally takes your breath away. As a group of mates, we’ve shared some amazing experiences together but this has been an adventure that has bought us closer together and something that we all feel really privileged to have been part of. We’ve made a lot of friends during our short stay here and donated some music equipment to the local people, so we look forward to coming back one day and playing a joint gig out here next time – maybe the first-ever gig with two bands playing on two icebergs at the same time!”

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Killswitch Engage, etc. frontman Jesse Leach has uploaded what he describes as a new ‘space rock’ instrumental track from his AliKen solo project. Check it out below along with his thoughts on it:

“Turn this up load and enjoy a Trippy Rock Instrumental composed and recorded by yours truly! I am just putting out music for fun in between band projects under the alter ego “AliKen.” I enjoy all types of music and this is my outlet to step outside the Metal and Hardcore and just be free to throw music and ideas out with out any regard to public concern, money, record labels or judgements of close minded elitists. Boom here is “Indieglow” on my sound cloud ! Dig it or don’t it is going to happen either way…but if you dig it, it will make me smile.




Peace & One Love”

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Xibalba Finish Recording New Album, Plot Early 2015 Release

Recording sessions for Xibalba‘s new album “Tierra Y Libertad” have been completed at The Pit in Van Nuys, CA. Taylor Young (Nails, Twitching Tongues) was behind the boards for the sessions for the album, which Southern Lord will release in January. More details will be unveiled in the weeks to come.