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The Acacia Strain To Film New Music Video

The Acacia Strain are en route to film a new music video in Cleveland, OH. The as-yet unidentified song should be from their forthcoming new album, which they tracked with producer Will Putney (Vision Of Disorder, Impending Doom) earlier this year. Further details on it are expected shortly.

Primus drummer Tim Alexander is scheduled to undergo triple bypass surgery this morning after having suffered a heart attack late last week. Tim‘s family put out the following call for good vibes during the serious procedure:

“Some time during the hours of 7:30 am to 12:30 pm (pacific time) tomorrow, July 21st, Tim‘s heart will be stopped for his open heart surgery. The heart is like a drum and we need to help keep it going, so during this time we ask you to please help carry that beat. Whether it be drums, percussion or even in your head, we would like to start a global drum circle to send positive, healing energy to Tim. Any and all prayer, healing words and thoughts at this time would also be greatly appreciated. Follow and send any caring, healing words to #carrythebeat on Twitter (@TimAlexander or @Primus). Thank you.”

Cave In frontman Stephen Brodsky and Emma Ruth Rundle of Marriages, etc. recently played a show together at DC9 in Richmond, VA. Cavis Tapes were onhand to document the sets, which saw Brodsky run through his solo material and various acoustic renditions of Cave In and Mutoid Man songs.

Brodsky also joined Rundle onstage for a performance of her track “Living With The Black Dog“. Fan-filmed footage of that can be found below.
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Machine Head’s Robb Flynn Celebrates His 46th Birthday With A ‘Cock Cake’

Last year Machine Head frontman/guitarist Robb Flynn celebrated his birthday in drag. Yesterday, he celebrated his 46th birthday while on tour in an equally interesting fashion. Flynn was presented with a ‘cock cake’ for the milestone, you can find a picture of that with his thoughts below:

“That’s right bitches. COCK CAKE Thanks for all the bday wished fuckers!!!!! #cockcakeisgood #sweetdickrobbio”

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A war of words involving insults, allegations of drug use and lowball salaries has erupted following bassist Hal Patino‘s dismissal from King Diamond. Patino was recently let go by the band via a brief statement that implied drug usage may have been the reason. Initially Patino offered the following through his official Facebook:

“After 19 years in King Diamond - bassist Hal Patino has decided to leave the group.

It’s sad that it had to end this way after – 19 years. I have always been 100% loyal to everyone in the band, and have always given my everything -onstage and offstage.

Since day one I have always had King Diamond as my nr. 1 priority. I’ve never ever missed any shows or rehearsals – my performances have always been well prepared (and I’ve always been ahead of the game). I have been a faithful friend to King, and kept my spirits up even in the toughest times.

I will not go into every detail, but the salary I was offered to headline Wacken Open Air, and the 4 other shows this summer was totally ridiculous.

Two days before the first rehearsal day, I wrote an e-mail explaining my view on that topic along with a proposal for a fair and realistic salary for these shows, For this, they accused me of’ “blackmailing” !!!

I found it disrespectful, and told them that if that is how I get treated after 19 years, we part immediately !!

So I already left the band on Thursday the 17th of July, by my own choice.

Of course it’s not the only reason why I have decided to leave. Problems already occurred during the last European tour. Suddenly there were rules for my stage clothes and my way of performing, and there were bad vibes because I promoted and helped my son’s band.

It’s typical King to say that I’m fired – he did the same to me back in 1990 when he told the press that I was kicked out of the band due to lack of enthusiasm and drug problems.
That was NOT the reason … It was just Too much touring, King got dropped by Roadrunner Records, and I wanted to go in another direction.
He did the same to my best friends Mikkey Dee and Pete Blakk.
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††† (Crosses) Release ‘Metome Remix’ Of “†elepathy”

†††‘s (Crosses) remix series returns with a fifth entry. A free stream/download of the Metome remix of “†elepathy” was made available below. Should you have missed the various remixes the group released earlier this week you can now find them all in one convenient playlist after the break as well.
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Primus vocalist/bassist Les Claypool has issued the following update on the health of the bands drummer Tim Alexander, who suffered a heart attack earlier this week. Alexander is scheduled to undergo bypass surgery early next week to clear up arterial blockage from around his heart.

“Hello all,

As some of you may already know, our friend and über drummer Tim “Herb” Alexander is having a bypass procedure to remove blockage from arteries near his heart. He is a strong Herculean fellow and we all expect him to be up and around in no time but with all surgical endeavors we want to make sure he has the best energy working for him so let’s all throw our coins in the nearest fountain, wish on the first star of the night, blow out the birthday cake candles with him in mind, pray to whichever deity seems appropriate and generally send good thoughts his way so we can soon, once again, experience the glory that is the magnificent percussive rhythm of the mighty Tim Alexander.

Les Claypool

Killswitch Engage‘s immediate touring will be conducted without guitarist Joel Stroetzel. The man has been forced to sit out the bands next few shows as a result of a family emergency. Unearth guitarist Ken Susi has been brought in to help out, as the band reveal:

“Due to a family emergency the mighty Joel will be sitting this run out this week. We will be performing some songs as a 4 piece and some songs with the talented and entertaining #KenSusi from @unearthofficial!
Our thoughts and love go out to Joel and his family. Joel wanted us to carry on and not cancel any shows, so here we go! Big Thanks to Ken Susi for learning songs in a day! #TheShowMustGoOn”

Live footage of the group performing in that above-mentioned configuration at Lupo’s in Providence, RI last night can be seen after the break:
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