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Primus Return To The Stage With Drummer Tim Alexander

Primus drummer Tim “Herb” Alexander made his return behind the kit last night, October 22nd, in Philadelphia, PA. The set marked a personal milestone for Alexander, who suffered a heart attack this past July and underwent a triple bypass shortly after. He has since undergone months of physical therapy to get back onstage with the band on their current tour. For some fan-filmed footage of his return, head below. Primus are out touring behind their ‘Willy Wonka‘ tribute album, “Primus & The Chocolate Factory With The Fungi Ensemble“, in stores now.
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Wayne Static of Static-X fame had a chat with that ran the gamut of his career, providing insight to the various highs and lows he and the band experienced. Along with a revealing look at various periods and incarnations of the band, there’s also some shots thrown at past members of the outfit—not surprising given legal mess involving the Static-X name. Some excerpts from the lengthy chat can be found below.

On writing the follow-up to the platinum selling “Wisconsin Death Trip“:

“I spent that whole two years [touring] writing “Machine” in the back lounge of the bus. ‘Cause my whole mindset was, “Holy shit. We’ve got a platinum record and we’re gonna go home after this and we gotta get in the studio and people are gonna expect another platinum record.” So while everybody else was out partying and having a good time, I was sittin’ in the back of the bus writing “Machine.” Which I wrote 100 percent by myself. That caused a lot of [problems] and that was when everything just went to shit with the band.

“The band got really pissed off because we had split “Wisconsin Death Trip” four ways ’cause we were all broke and we had all worked our asses off and everything. Then the time came to record “Machine” and I’m like, “Fuck you guys. I’m not splittin’ this four ways. You guys fuckin’ partied for two years while I sat and wrote this record by myself. This is gonna be my first solo record.”

“That’s what I told them. I’m like, “Fuck you, guys. This is my first solo record.” Finally we came to an agreement where I got 2/3 of the record and then the rest of the band split the other 1/3 of the record, which was still being very generous. ”
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Faith No More In The Studio, New Photos Available

With a new single titled “Motherfucker” set for November 28th and their seventh full-length album tentatively due in April, it’s not all that shocking that Faith No More have been in the studio lately. Given that the album will mark their first proper release since 1997, it’s still a bit exciting to peruse the following photos of the recent recording sessions they shared today:
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Ozzy Osbourne Hopes To Get Bill Ward Back For Final Black Sabbath Album

Black Sabbath‘s upcoming final album may also be a proper reunion for the outfit. Frontman Ozzy Osbourne has told that he hopes drummer Bill Ward will be involved in the effort:

“…What I’m really happy about is, if this is Black Sabbath‘s last hurrah, then we’ll have ended it on an up note rather than when I left in 1979 and everybody was fucked up on one thing or another and I was marked out as being the worst, you know. It ended on a bad note, so… The only thing sad about it is I hope Bill Ward can get his stuff together to do this because… one of the biggest things I’m proud of in my life was that Black Sabbath wasn’t a band that was created by some business mogul in London or New York. That we were four guys who had a great idea and it worked from record one, and we still… Would you believe that it took 45 years to get our first number-one album in America? It was amazing to me.”

Ward and the band had a public falling out that led to him not being involved with the bands latest album, “13“. Meanwhile, later in the aforementioned interview Osbourne mentioned that writing for the swan song is still in the very early stages while he also hopes that ‘Ozzfest‘ may one day return.

Update – October 24th 9:16pm:

There’s more to the conversation between Fronzak and Senses Fail, which you can now see below:

As it turns out, Attila frontman Chris Fronzak wasn’t just defending himself of homophobic allegations from listeners yesterday. It would appear that his first retort on the matter was directed towards Senses Fail. The following two tweets spell out the potential beef:
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P.O.D. Reveal Track Listing For New Acoustic Album “So Cal Sessions”

P.O.D. have revealed which songs made the cut for their new acoustic album, “So Cal Sessions“. See below for the track listing for the outing, which is out November 17th on T-Boy Records.

01 – “Panic + Run
02 – “Will You
03 – “Youth Of The Nation
04 – “No Ordinary Love Song
05 – “Strength Of My Life
06 – “Alive
07 – “Higher
08 – “It Can’t Rain Everyday
09 – “Lost In Forever
10 – “I’ll Be Ready
11 – “Beautiful
12 – “Set Your Eyes To Zion

The next Black Sheep Wall album has come together and will carry the title of “I’m Going To Kill Myself“. Season Of Mist are preparing the album for a January 27th release, with the band stating of it:

“It’s crazy how much can change in a year or two, but when you think about our history those who have been following us shouldn’t be surprised. We’re very excited about the release of ‘I’m Going to Kill Myself‘, and the debut of Brandon as our full time vocalist after doing close to 7 years of duty on bass. His voice is the voice I’ve been waiting to have in the band for years.

The album was just as much a labor of love as it was an arduous and brain wracking process. Once you hear the songs you’ll know what I mean. They are a test of endurance as Jackson and I purposely tried to push the limits of taste for the album which I sometimes like to think of more as a special project than a true follow up album.

I’m Going to Kill Myself‘ is unique to us in that rather than sitting down for formal song writing sessions we kind of just wrote songs through conversations, and with odd symbols and notes on paper that translated to guitar, bass, and drums in the studio.

As for the album art, the always amazing Jeff Rogers really came through with beyond amazing artwork that really captures not only the album, but who we are as a band. I don’t think we’ll ever do anything like this again so hopefully you all enjoy it, and not really want to kill yourselves after like I wanted to while making this album.”