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Sick Of It All, Ignite, Walls Of Jericho, Etc. Set For 2015 ‘Persistence Tour’

Sick Of It All, Ignite, Walls Of Jericho, Rykers, Turnstile, All For Nothing and Broken Teeth have signed up for the 2015 ‘Persistence Tour‘. That annual trek takes place in Europe and will hit the following stops:

01/15 Berlin, GER – Astra
01/16 Hamburg, GER – Grosse Freiheit 36
01/17 Oberhausen, GER – Turbinenhalle
01/18 Paris, FRA – Bataclan
01/19 Utrecht, NET – Tivoli
01/20 Wiesbaden, GER – Schlachthof
01/21 Pratteln, SWI – Z7
01/22 Munich, GER – Backstage Werk
01/23 Ostrava, CZE – Trojhali Karolina
01/24 Dresden, GER – Eventwerk
01/25 Deinze, BEL – Brielpoort

Devilment (Cradle Of Filth) Sign With Nuclear Blast Entertainment

Devilment—the new outfit featuring Cradle Of Filth‘s Dani Filth on vocals—have signed with Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Plans are being laid to have the groups full-length debut “The Great And Secret Show” out through the label this autumn. Filth commented on the signing:

“I am thrilled to be a part of the Nuclear Blast family with my other band, the Witch County fiends Devilment. Our debut album ‘The Great And Secret Show‘ is a horror-metal fuelled slay ride of maleficent proportions and deserves some deep infernal love from a label that has dominated the metal market for aeons.

And we have found that unconditional love at Nuclear Blast.

All of us in the band are really looking forward to the forthcoming months, as the proverbial war machine kicks into gear and the album surfaces like some sub-aquatic monster hellbent on smashing stuff.

Until then keep a cyclopean eye out for regular social media updates, videos and the announcement of live shows to further whet your appetite…”

You can hear the first single from the effort, “Mother Kali” below, while Filth said further of the albums concept:

“The album is entitled ‘The Great And Secret Show’ and concerns itself with the occult pulse behind the world, a land of imagination that can be slipped into at will. Like a generator buzzing behind everything. The truth behind the Wizards curtain. A phantasmagorical nightscape. A wonderland. A midnight playground. The fertile land of the dead.”

As previously reported, the band will be touring the UK this fall with Lacuna Coil and Motionless In White.
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King 810 Explain Their Violent Upbringing In New ‘Carve My Name’ Documentary

King 810 teamed with Metal Hammer for a new mini-series dedicated to them called ‘Carve My Name’. The first installment in that series—which follows the band in their hometown of Flint, MI—can be viewed below with future episodes to come. The group will release their new album “Memoirs Of A Murderer” next week on August 19th and are presently streaming it in full here.
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Haste The Day Reunite With Original Members For New Crowdfunded Album

Haste The Day have announced their return and are currently in the midst of attempting to crowdfund a new studio album. The group will be utilizing a revised lineup that spans their career for the effort, it includes:

Vocals – Stephen Keech
Harsh Vocals – Jimmy Ryan
Guitars/Clean Vocals – Brennan Chaulk
Guitars – David Krysl
Guitars – Scott Whelan
Bass/Vocals – Mike Murphy
Drums – Giuseppe Capolupo

The band said of their decision to reunite:

“In May of this year, we celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the release of our first studio album Burning Bridges. Needless to say, the experience brought a lot of memories back for all members of Haste the Day, past and present. After the gig, Stephen (vocals), Mark (long-time friend and manager) and I (Mike) started talking about what it would look like to put out another album. Needless to say, this was a complex decision making process, but something we all wanted to do.

As is the case with all things in life: if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right! So we spent a lot of time determining the best way to make our 6th full-length studio album. Who would write, who would perform, how would we involve all members of the band in the project in one way or another?

You see, we are all friends & brothers and so we wanted to give all the guys an opportunity to participate in one way or another. At the same time, we want to make the best album we can, one that would thrill fans of all eras of Haste the Day.

So, here’s the scoop: Stephen, Jimmy, Brennan, Scotty, Mike, Giuseppe will be the core writers for the new album, which has yet to be named. Dave will be providing additional writing input as well as helping with guitars and guitar tone during the recording process. Stephen will be producing the album, which we will record in Nashville, Tennessee.

In addition, The Burning Bridges era of Haste the Day will also be writing and performing one song for the new album. For those of you not familiar with that album or the lineup that made it, Jimmy, Jason, Mike, Brennan, and Devin will be writing and recording the song for the album.

We have already begun writing the album and we will begin recording the album in January of 2015. Expect lots of video updates along the way. For all of our backers, expect to get glimpses of the new music as we demo the songs and prepare for the recording process.”

They are currently seeking to crowdfund $65,000 for the album via and have mapped out the following budget:

“Recording (studios, engineers, gear rental, techs, etc.) : $26,750.00
Mixing: $6,000.00
Mastering: $2,000.00
Transportation: $3,750.00
Lodging: $3,600.00
Cost of Living (food): $2,250.00
Administrative Costs (legal, accounting, etc.): $6,000.00
Indiegogo Fees (estimated): $4,531.50
Incentives (estimated): $10,070.00
Total: $64,951.50″

A video message for the campaign can be found below:
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Stray From The Path have long had activist inclinations and thus have since weighed in with their thoughts on the rioting and protesting going on in Ferguson, MO. The ongoing situation follows the shooting of an unarmed black male named Michael Brown, who is alleged to have committed a strongarm robbery prior.

An extremely heavy handed police presence has been exercised in the continuing tensions that have flared since. Speaking via, the group offered the following thoughts:

“A lot of people have been asking for our thoughts on what is happening in Ferguson, MO. I will admit, as things started unfolding, I tried to stay away from social media. As I have talked out against the Police in the past…those conversations escalate almost immediately, and last time It was hard for me to keep my composure.

My only hope is that now people will start to see what we are talking about. Journalists attacked, media has been blacked out, an 18 year old has been killed and the police are showing their true colors. Anonymous released the police dispatch after Brown was shot, and it took the officer 4 hours of calling in backup to call in EMS and report the shooting, which you can listen to here Pictures from Ferguson, MO look like a war zone with the military running through the city. These are the people that WE PAY to PROTECT US.

If it wasn’t bad enough, the fucking president comes on the television and says “there is no excuse for police to use excessive force against peaceful protests or to throw protestors in jail for lawfully excercising their first amendment rights and here in the USA police should not be arresting journalists who are trying to do their jobs and report to the American people on what they see on the ground”

What an absolute joke. There are pictures of cops literally tear gassing Al Jezera reporters to keep reports from getting out. Then after the reporters fled from the attack, the police jump out of the armored truck, and dismantle the camera set up. Two reporters from the Huffington post and the Washington Post were arrested for not leaving a public McDonalds quickly.

When is the last time a peaceful protest ended without arrests or restraint? Even when people are being arrested, I saw an account where someone put their hands behind their backs and yelled “I am not resisting, I am unarmed” and the police just scream “Stop resisting!” and they use whatever force they want.

Look…this is not about who is right and who is wrong. People get passionate about the topic and I truly get that. But if you cannot notice what is happening this very second in our country, than you are just lying to yourself. This is history repeating itself.”

Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler‘s ambiguous answer to rumors of his involvement in the new Slipknot album certainly didn’t help curb the speculation. Adler has now since offered the following statement that is far more definitive:

“I’ve received even more questions about my involvement with Slipknot since the ABC interview I did recently. The interview was originally about my new whiskey bar, but of course took a turn into the gossip of the day. As I told her, I’ve had and have nothing to do with it. I’m flattered with the association and comparisons, but I have no involvement in their record.”

More Info Coming On As Blood Runs Black’s Breakup Plans

As Blood Runs Black will soon be offering more info as to how they will lay the band to rest. Recently the groups drummer Hector “Leche” De Santiago announced the bands demise. However, given that they crowdfunded $25,174 for their new album “Ground Zero“, this abrupt end left more than a few fans displeased. Today the group issued the following statement:

“In regards to all the recent rumors and speculations the band is putting together an official statement to release regarding the future of ABRB. We want to take this time to Thank You All for your concerns and continuous support throughout the years. #livebeforeyoudie”

For Today Reveal September Headlining Shows

A few headlining For Today shows have been booked around the bands fall tour with We Came As Romans, The Color Morale and Crossfaith. The group are set to play the following shows on their own:

09/13 Louisville, KY – The Vernon Club
09/14 Bloomington, IL – The Castle Theatre
09/20 Iowa City, IA – Blue Moose Tap House
09/21 Tulsa, OK – Vanguard
09/26 Ft. Worth, TX – The Rail Club

Coal Chamber Reveal New Album Plans, Dez Remains Committed To DevilDriver

Coal Chamber/DevilDriver frontman Dez Fafara was interviewed by Jose Mangin for SiriusXM‘s ‘Liquid Metal‘ yesterday, August 13th. Revolver have a transcription of the interview, during which Fafara spells out some plans for Coal Chamber and DevilDriver.

In regards to Coal Chamber, the band expect to begin tracking in October with Fafara to track his vocals in November. Producer Mark Lewis (DevilDriver, The Black Dahlia Murder) will be helming those sessions with an early 2015 release on Napalm Records planned. Here’s what Fafara said about that and getting band back together:

“…You know, over the years we just started talking and hanging out, and from there we decided to take it around the world and on a tour, and it went really well. Everywhere we would go crowds were coming out in force, and from there it would come to guys slipping me demoes silently, without anyone really knowing and I loved the stuff. It was evolved, we have evolved, and the music has evolved. And when I heard a couple of the songs I said, “Man, this could be legitimately really cool.”

So we signed with Napalm Records, they’ll be our partner in this. The guys have been writing solid, they’ve been writing for a month now, I got two more songs last night so we have nine, looking to write 25 and then narrow it down a little with Mark Lewis producing. They’re looking to track in October and I’m tracking vocals in November and we’re hoping to be done, mixed, and mastered in January and get it out to people next year.”

Despite Coal Chamber‘s return DevilDriver will remain a priority for Fafara however. When asked if DevilDriver was still his main band, Fafara responded:

“Oh, absolutely, that’s my baby. The record is still performing well on the charts. Thanks to everybody for coming out to our last shows–the shows that we did were killer. The Whitechapel run was incredible, and we’re getting ready to go to Australia with Whitechapel in September and the we’re going to come back and play the Knotfest in California, with DevilDriver, and we’re going to end the ‘Winter Kills’ cycle there and regroup and hope for a record in 2016.”

Beyond that, Fafara mentioned possible involvement in a new ‘Fuck Cancer’ benefit record:

“…I got hit by Brock from 36 Crazyfists, my Alaska brother, and he is getting something together for a Fuck Cancer thing, getting a ton of musicians together, and he wants to do a record with all the benefits going to cancer victims. For people who know me, I did a song called “Dark Meadowlark“ for my sister who survived cancer, my mom went through it, so if I’m home, I can lay a track at my studio in a few days, so hopefully that comes through when I’m home.”

Touche Amore Ready “Live On BBC Radio 1: Vol. 2″ EP

Touche Amore‘s 2013 in-studio session for BBC Radio 1 will be released through Deathwish Inc. on September 30th as both a 7″ and digitally. That particular session will be titled “Live On BBC Radio 1: Vol. 2” and saw the group perform the following songs:

01 – “Just Exist
02 – “Gravity, Metaphorically
03 – “Harbor
04 – “Non Fiction

September 30th will also bring a repressing of the bands split with Title Fight through Secret Voice Records.