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For The Fallen Dreams, Palisades & Sylar December Tour Announced

Though they are still looking to fans for help to get back on their feet, For The Fallen Dreams have announced the following December tour with Palisades and Sylar:

12/03 Lansing, MI – Mac’s Bar
12/04 Louisville, KY – Nelligan Hall
12/05 Pittsburgh, PA – Smiling Moose
12/06 Rochester, NY – California Brew Haus
12/07 Danbury, CT – Heirloom Arts Theatre
12/09 York, PA – The Shop at Newgrounds
12/10 Erie, PA – Basement Transmissions
12/11 Hamilton, ON – Club Absinthe
12/12 Pontiac, MI – Pike Room
12/13 Kalkaska, MI – The Kalkaska

Lost Origins is the name of a new band started “for fun” featuring various former members of I Declare War. You can hear their track “Singularity Effect” after the break. Among those formerly of I Declare War in the band are guitarist Chris Fugate, bassist Brent Eaton and drummer Ryan Cox. ‘Hodge‘ is listed as the vocalist for the outfit, while Chris Gettman also appears on guitars. Another song with a special guest vocalist will be made available this weekend.
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Cloudkicker‘s “Live With Intronaut” album has now officially been announced for a November 24th release date through Century Media. The effort encapsulates Cloudkicker‘s first-ever live run earlier this year, which saw members of Intronaut fill out the lineup of the band, which normally consists of sole member Ben Sharp.

In particular the album captures an in-studio performance of the bands live set that was played during that tour. Recording for it took place at The Fathom Tree in Texas and runs as follows:

01 – “Subsume Part 1
02 – “Subsume Part 2
03 – “We Are Going To Invert…/Here, Wait A Minute, Damn It!
04 – “We’re Goin’ In, We’re Going Down.
05 – “Seriosity
06 – “You And Yours
07 – “Dysphoria
08 – “Subsume Part 8
09 – “Push It Way Up!

A CD digipak edition is being offered, as well as a limited edition vinyl release which will be made available in four separate colored pressings:

500 on black vinyl
450 on ‘piss yellow’ vinyl (US retail exclusive)
350 on royal blue with silver & black splatter
200 on coke bottle clear & bone split

For pre-orders head over to For an advanced preview of the studio audio “Subsume Part 1” set to live footage from a Cleveland, OH show, head below:
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Teenage Time Killer (Corrosion Of Conformity, Etc.) Share Studio Footage

The Corrosion Of Conformity-led “mega-collab” project Teenage Time Killer have shared the following studio footage of a new track in the works. This latest one finds The Ghost Of Saturday Nite singer Jonny Webber working on his vocals. The project has been brewing for awhile now with a debut album titled “Corinthians” in the works. You may recall that the impressive roster of guests for the project includes members of Slipknot, Lamb Of God, Clutch and many more.
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Bring Me The Horizon keyboardist, etc. Jordan Fish is a bit more involved with the new Machine Head album “Bloodstone & Diamonds” than previously stated. An initial press release for the album pointed to Fish for his work in helping with the string arrangement of “In Comes The Flood“.

Amidst an entry into Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn‘s ongoing series of journals in which he likened the city of Gothenburg, Sweden to a woman’s vagina, he also spoke of collaborating with Fish on another new track, “Damage Inside“. Here’s what he said of that:

“I had room 410 at the Hotel Flora, the artist loft, and every morning (well the crack of 4PM) I woke up it was raining on the patina copper rooftops outside my window. It was a pleasant sound. A church was down the street, and on the hour the bell would toll. It’s a beautiful city and looking out every morning with a gloriously mild hangover, looking at the patina and gold rooftops, listening to the rain, it was inspiring.

I needed to write the lyrics and sing on one last song on the record, a really mellow piece that Dave had written and played guitar on, and that Jordan Fish and I had worked out a keyboard arrangement on. I named this track “Damage Inside.” Our friend Biffen had booked us time the next day at a studio called Top Floor studios, and that morning I woke up, wrote the lyrics on my iPhone notes, a lot of which were what I was experiencing in Gothenburg, the first lines I wrote were:

“The bell tolls on as the rain comes down
On my face the drops they sound
I slowly melt into grey abyss
Depression and her endless kiss”…

I walked over to the studio cross the street from the hotel, and sang the vocals. I free-styled the rest of the lyrics, making it up in the booth. And somehow, after 2 nights of quality raging in Goteborg, my voice had this perfect vodka and cigarette “rasp”, I don’t know if I could have gotten it otherwise. It was exactly how I’d envisioned it, even though I had no idea how was going to end up.

I tried a bunch of different things, until finally something stuck. That’s how music is. You just keep on trying different ideas until they stick. Sometimes it can take months, thankfully this song came together quick. And I knew it would. I had put the song title in the track listing when the final art had already been submitted and printed, even though the song still wasn’t even worked on, but just had a feeling it would come together in the end.

Committing it to the track listing willed it to power. Sometimes just letting something ferment, not thinking about it, but knowing that if you keep it out of your mind long enough, that when you finally do approach it, the ideas are going to come pouring.

And that’s exactly what happened.

In the end, I decided to start the song off acapella, (no music, just a single vocal). It was a first for us, and was a little scary, but in the end it turned out very cool. Way left-field for the album, but something I think is really different. The guitar is all Dave McClain who as you know is more known for his drumming in Machine Head than his guitar playing. It was an MP3 he recorded years ago. We had tried to re-work it a few times, but somehow it was never as cool as the very first pass he did on his laptop. So I just used that lo-res MP3, and added some cool keys, and a cool vocal.”

Bloodstone & Diamonds” is headed for a November 10th release through Nuclear Blast.

Those who donated to this successful crowdfunding campaign to get Defeater frontman Derek Archambault a new hip won’t be the only one to hear his new Alcoa covers EP, “Thank You“. Bridge 9 has picked up the outing for a 12″ vinyl release on December 02nd. It features covers of I Am The Avalanche, Blacklisted, Make Do And mend, Elder Brother and a reworked version of Defeater‘s “I Don’t Mind“.

For The Fallen Dreams‘ rash of bad luck on their latest tour saw a truck get get parked inside their trailer and their personal belongings stolen in St. Louis, MO. As a result the group have opened this crowdfunding campaign for $5,000 to get them back on their feet. They said of that:

“FTFD family! This has seriously been a rough one. In addition to someone smashing into the back of our trailer and destroying our gear, we were robbed last week in St Louis while on stage performing. They took a lot of personal belongings, computers, clothes, band and personal money. This has really put us in a hard situation trying to make up for these losses and we really could use your help. Anything that you could donate would be amazing to help keep us on the road and recover what we lost. Thank you in advance”

Writing Sessions For Tool’s New Album Coming Along “Rather Nicely”

With their multi-level lawsuit facing a potential resolution via trial in January, Tool‘s members continue to hammer away on a new album. Guitarist Adam Jones shared the following image of an apparent new song in the works last night, while the following report was filed on the bands official website a week or two back:

“Good friend and King Crimson percussionist PAT MASTELOTTO stopped by the TOOL LOFT the other day to listen to the guys working on new material. Since the recent sound-proofing renovation, I’m told that the writing/arranging sessions have been progressing rather nicely (welcome news for those waiting for a new record.) As for PAT and the new King Crimson configuration (with 3 amazing and inspiring drummers!), the L.A. shows were nothing less than a mind-boggling sonic experience (as prog rock as prog rock can be!)….”

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