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Every Time I Die frontman Keith Buckley has spoken at length with regarding the bands newly-recorded, and as-yet untitled, next album. The group recently wrapped up tracking the effort with producer Joe Barresi (Queens Of The Stone Age, Tool) and are currently mixing it for an early 2012 release date.

When asked about what the album sounds like, Buckley replied:

“Everyone [in a band] is always saying the newest thing is their best work. No one is going to be like, “You know what, to be honest, [our new stuff] sounds like shit.” [But] this is the first record we’ve done with a new drummer [Ryan Leger]. You know, we’ve had our old drummer [Mike “Ratboy” Novak] from day one. When you make a new foundation for the band, it’s going to alter the way the things get built. It sounds like a different band; it sounds like it’s got a lot more energy to it, a lot more aggression. [Ryan’s] just a better drummer. You can tell there’s new vitality, which we haven’t had in a long time.”

On a related note, Trash Talk have been added as direct support on the bands forthcoming “Rock Sound Riot Tour” in the UK later this year. Defeater have also jumped on the bill as well.

Russian Circles have officially scheduled their new album “Empros” for an October 25th release date through Sargent House. According to the official press release the outing will be the bands “heaviest album to date” with the choice quote reading as follows:

Russian Circles return with not only their fourth and heaviest album to date — but also with Empros they’re poised to take the crown as innovators reinvigorating the staid trappings of genre. Empros picks up where the anthemic riffs and melodies of 2009’s Geneva left off and injects evermore slithering rhythms amid skull-crushing heft with all the visceral intensity of Godflesh, Swans and Neurosis.

Put simply, Empros is Russian CirclesMaster of Reality: a radical revision of both heavy and melody that is monolithic in its clarity and perfection. Or, like a lone surviving wooly beast emerging from a brutal winter’s frost, Empros is the sound of a band shaking the ages from its shoulders with all the brutal force of a behemoth awakened.”

You can find both the track listing and cover art for the outing, which was produced by Brandon Curtis of The Secret Machines & Interpol, below:

01 – “309
02 – “Mladek
03 – “Schipol
04 – “Atackla
05 – “Batu
06 – “Praise Be Man

check out the “Empros” cover art here…

CKY Release Instrumental B-Sides

Meltdown aside, CKY have digitally released some b-sides for streaming/purchase through Bandcamp. You can check out “Step To CKY” (Hawaii Instrumental Version) here and the instrumental version of “3Dhere.

Ministry To Return With New Album And Touring

Ministry have reunited not only for a new tour, but a new album as well. Speaking with Metal Hammer, band nucleus Al Jourgensen offered the following on the groups new album “Relapse“:

“While I was working on [the Buck Satan record], me and Mike Scaccia from Rigor Mortis fucked around to pass the time and we had like, 5,6,7 songs and I didn’t really want to do anything with them but Mikey was like, “dude these songs are awesome.” They weren’t country, they were more like Ministry. So he’s coming by in September and Tommy Victor’s coming by in October with Tony Campos and we’re gona finish up and put out another Ministry album by Christmas called ‘Relapse.’”

He further elaborated on the new material saying:

“…I think this is actually gonna wind up being the fastest and heaviest record I’ve ever done. Just because we did it as anti-therapy therapy against the country music we would just take days off and thrash faster than I’ve done in a long time, faster than Mikey’s done in a long time. He just did a Rigor Mortis tour and said it was easy compared to this Ministry stuff so it’s gonna be brutal and it’s gonna freak a lot of people out.”

Until then Jourgensen fans can expect the aforementioned new Buck Satan album to surface digitally on November 11th through 13th Planet.

Textures Debut New Song “Reaching Home”, Digital Single Due Shortly

Textures have debuted their new song “Reaching Home” online via The song itself will be released as a digital single through various digital retailers on August 23rd via Nuclear Blast and will sport the following track listing:

01 – “Reaching Home
02 – “Singularity
03 – “Reaching Home” (radio edit)

The song will of course ultimately surface on the bands forthcoming album “Dualism“, which has been slated for a September 27th North American release date. For now you can check out the “Reaching Home” digital single artwork below:
click here to check out the “Reaching Home” Artwork…

Opeth Go Record Shopping In New Jersey, Footage Available

If you’re curious as to what going record shopping with Opeth would be like, then look no further as you can do just that below. Unfortunately though I was lying about the look no further as you will in fact have to look very hard at just what they pick up considering it’s generally only on frame for a few seconds. What is this? Some magicians never reveal their secrets type shit?

Opeth‘s new album “Heritage” will arrive in stores through Roadrunner on September 20th.
click here to check out the footage…

Thanks to an enterprising individual and of course the latest issue of Rock Sound, more details have now emerged regarding the collaborative 30 Seconds To Mars track which was set to feature Deftones frontman Chino Moreno.

Sessions for the track took place during the studio time for both bands latest efforts and was originally intended to surface on 30 Seconds To Mars‘ “This Is War“. Due to their then studio commitments they were unable to finish the song.

When asked about the future of the track and if they ever revisit old song ideas, the frotnmen offered:

Jared Leto: I usually don’t but I want to have a song with Chino on it at some point in my life. That’s a consistent goal. I do have that song [we worked on before] and I will go spend some time with it when I get back home; when we did it we were all convinced we could pull it off [but] maybe the song isn’t good enough. Maybe I need to write a better song.

Chino Moreno: I think it would be rad to write something from scratch too, to collaborate from the beginning.

Jared Leto: That would be fun for me as I’ve never really done that before. It would be rewarding. I’m going to look again at that song but the door is always open on our side.”

Meanwhile, in addition to a new album, Moreno also makes mention of a forthcoming Deftones live DVD shoot which will take place in Russia. Speaking on that and the bands future plans, he offered:

“After summer festivals we do a live DVD in Russia and then we come home and start to write again. We’ll lock ourselves in a rehearsal spot and see if we can do what we did on the last record. Hopefully within a four-to-five month period we’ll have another batch of songs and we can start thinking about recording.”

Currently the Deftones have the following two Russian shows scheduled:

09/02 St. Petersburg, RUS – Gavclub
09/03 Moscow, RUS – Arena Moscow

Times Of Grace’s “Live In Love” Music Video Available

Times Of Grace have released their new music video for their track “Live In Love” online below. The clip was directed by Tim Dennesen and backs the Rise Above Foundation, which is “a nonprofit dedicated to providing Massachusetts children in foster care with enriching activities, opportunities and experiences.”

Speaking on the clip, band frontman Jesse Leach offered:

“I am excited for this video to come out. I feel like we did a different approach to the typical performance video. I enjoyed the shoot and the day we spent driving around to different locations. I feel strongly about the message of compassion and love. I hope we are able to help change a child’s life through or at the very least inspire others to reach outside themselves and make a difference. I want nothing more than for our music to have a positive impact in this world. One love to all !”

Deftones And 30 Seconds To Mars Frontmen Alleged To Have “Lost Song”

The newly released issue of “Rock Sound” magazine may be of particular interest to Deftones and 30 Seconds To Mars fans. Not only do the frontmen of both outfits grace the cover, but the preview for it makes mention of the pair having a “lost song”.

Wait, does Greg Puciato know about this?. Anyway, expect more details when someone gets their hands on the issue. I’m looking at you, Sharing Lungs…

The Faceless Offer New Studio Video Update

The Faceless have checked in with a new studio update, complete with new bassist Evan Brewer, from the sessions for their upcoming album below. The effort will see a fall 2011 release through Sumerian.

New Rise And Fall EP And Reissues In The Works

Rise And Fall fans get stoked, for not only will you be getting their new album “Faith” sometime early next year. Prior to then Deathwish Inc. will be releasing a limited edition 7″/digital EP featuring the bands new song “Deceiver” (which is taken from “Faith“.) A cover of Congress‘ “Sinking In Sin” will serve as a b-side on the outing.

On top of that Deathwish Inc. will also be releasing a new reissue of the bands “Hellmouth” both as a 12″ LP and digitally. It will feature a new mastering job, artwork and bonus tracks, one of which will be an Integrity cover. Exact release dates for all three are currently pending.

Kylesa & Victims Split To Receive New North American Release

Kylesa‘s and Victims‘ 7″ split together will soon receive a North American release through Deathwish Inc. The new pressing will come with new artwork done by Ryan Patterson (Coliseum). A digital version will also be made available with an exact release date currently pending.

Attila Debut “Smokeout” Music Video

Attila have debuted their new music video for their track “Smokeout” online through Don’t be fooled though. That isn’t Vince Neil doing deathcore, even if the windswept close-ups lead you to believe otherwise. Attila‘s new album “Outlawed” arrived in stores earlier this week.