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Betraying The Martyrs, Reflections & Invent, Animate Tour Cancelled

Betraying The Martyrs‘ headlining North American tour with Reflections and Invent, Animate has been cancelled. The tours unraveling ultimately stemmed from Betraying The Martyrs being denied entry into Canada, forcing them to miss a number of dates. Reflections provided the following update on the fate of the tour.

“To everyone who was coming to see us over the next week in the US we would like to let you guys know that we have decided to head home and put more time into writing our album.

A couple of the shows fell through since betraying the martyrs dropped the entire tour and we would have been sitting in our van for days spending money we simply don’t have.

We are more proud about what we are writing now than we have ever been before. We feel exist was a very rushed album and during a very stressful time for us as a band.

For the first time, we have been writing as a band and we couldn’t be more excited about what has come from it.

Again, we apologize that we couldn’t make it to anyone who planned on seeing us. We will see you next year with our best album yet.”

Alien Ant Farm Selling Tour-Only “EP Phone Home” EP

Alien Ant Farm have a tour-only EP available with them throughout their current US tour. The effort is titled “EP Phone Home” and runs as follows:

01 – “Dirty Bomb
02 – “Let Em Know
03 – “Homage
04 – “Better Weather
05 – “High On The Horizon” (demo)

The groups new album “Always And Forever” will surface in January.

Volumes To Film Two New Music Videos

Volumes have two new music videos in the works and offered of their plans for them:

“We will commence work on music videos for “Erased” and “91367” the first week of December with Ram Getz and Reby Keszycki of Elementum Entertainment!

We are very excited to be working with Ram and Reby on the videos for “Erased” and “91367”. Our goal collectively is to capture and display the meanings of these songs in video form. “Erased” will show the battle between addiction and self-composure, while “91367 will show the fun side of Volumes.

Erased” will be the first video released at the end of December.”

All That Remains hid their new song “No Knock” online yesterday, leaving a trail of clues for their fans to find it. Head below to check out the track, which will appear on their forthcoming album, due next year. Should the heavier nature of the song surprise you, frontman Phil Labonte issued the following warning:

“Don’t worry. The whole record isn’t like that. lol.”

click here for the stream…

Robb Flynn Speaks Of The Time He (And Other Members) ‘Quit’ Machine Head

Machine Head frontman/guitarist Robb Flynn is currently riding high on this weeks release of his bands latest album, “Bloodstone & Diamonds“. But in his latest journal entry he recounts the difficult birthing process that led to it becoming a reality. That process included sobriety, infighting and nearly every member of the band deciding to quit at one point. Read on for a meaty excerpt on all of that:

“I don’t know if there’s been this much debate about a Machine Head album since ‘The Burning Red.’ I’m serious, the reactions are so strong (good or bad) and people feel empowered / compelled enough to voice that opinion. I’ll be brutally honest here as I always want to be when I write these, but at first some of the reactions (both positive and negative) were a bit surprising. But the more I’ve thought about it, I feel like this is a good thing.


Because I’m grateful we can even put out a new record that is loved or hated or anything-ed. I’m grateful that we’re still making music 20 years after our debut album was released. I’m grateful to be playing Barcelona, Spain tonight after playing 4 sold-out shows in France and Belgium. I’m so, so grateful to be able to play music that inspires me for a living. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the things I’m grateful for. Now it doesn’t mean we don’t work our asses off for it, we do, but we know being in Machine Head is far from the worst job you can have. But all of it means we’re “lucky” to be able to do what we do, and to acknowledge it, to say it.

Two years ago I never thought this feeling of releasing a new album would ever happen again.

On Dec 14th we played the last show on Dethklok tour at the Roseland Ballroom (RIP) in New York City. It was a disastrous day and a disastrous ending to disastrous tour. At that point in time the tension in the band was so thick you could’ve tried to cut it with a knife, but the fucking thing probably would’ve broke your hand. Dave McClain walked off stage and said to me, “that’s the last show I ever play with Adam Duce.” The tour ended and we went home and we didn’t speak the whole time we were home. I buried myself in a bottle amongst other things.

It was over.

Machine Head was over.
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Between The Buried And Me frontman Tommy Rogers has released a music video for his solo track “Siphon The Bad Blood“. Rogers releases his solo output under the moniker of Thomas Giles and will have his sophomore venture “Modern Noise” in stores November 25th on Metal Blade. You can watch the video below courtesy of, who are also running an interview with Rogers.
click here for the video…

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