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Studio time has been booked for Cattle Decapitation‘s new album. The band will once again be recording with Dave Otero (Cephalic Carnage, Allegaeon) in Westminster, CO. Those sessions are scheduled to take place in January with the band due to perform the following shows on their way out to the studio. Theories will join the band on those shows with dates in Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado still pending.

01/03 San Diego, CA – Casbah San Diego
01/05 Los Angeles, CA – Los Globos
01/06 Fresno, CA – Strummer’s
01/07 La Habra, CA – 13th Frame Lounge
01/08 Las Vegas, NV – Divebar

Pinkish Black Sign With Relapse Records, Ready New Album And More

Pinkish Black‘s next album isn’t the only thing the group will be releasing through their new label home of Relapse Records next year. First up the duo will be issuing their previously-unreleased final album from their pre-Pinkish Black outfit The Great Tyrant. Titled “The Trouble With Being Born“, that effort will bow in early 2015 with the band stating of it:

The Great Tyrant was dissolved nearly five years ago with the death our bassist and close friend, Tommy Atkins. The recording process (for the majority of the material) was plagued by technical problems, and was not finished at the time of Tommy‘s suicide. Through the hard work of Matt Barnhart, these songs have been transformed, and are finally ready to be issued.

We are thrilled that Relapse will be releasing the final document of The Great Tyrant, and that we can finally put that beast to rest.”

Pinkish Black on the other hand will be entering Echo Lab Studios in Argyle, TX this February to begin tracking their third full-length opus.

In This Moment Cover Nine Inch Nails Live, Show Off New Stage Production

SiriusXM have shared the following multi-camera live footage of In This Moment performing a cover of Nine Inch Nails‘s “Closer” during their November 19th SiriusXM-sponsored show at Webster Hall in New York City, NY. Keeping with the theme of their latest release, “Black Widow“, the performance employs the use of a proverbial spider web and more.
click here for the video…

Ritual Killer (Goatwhore) Sign With Season Of Mist

Ritual Killer have made the jump to Season Of Mist and will release their new album “Exterminance” in 2015. Ritual Killer are of course an outfit featuring very strong ties to Goatwhore, boasting the following lineup:

Vocals – Jordan Barlow
Guitars – Sammy Duet (Goatwhore, ex-Acid Bath, etc.)
Bass – James Harvey (Goatwhore)
Drums – Zak Nolan (ex-Goatwhore)

Ex-Faith No More singer Chuck Mosley has fallen on hard times financially and has reached out with the following call for help through his Facebook.

“hey friends and other peoples, i am really dreading this, i have fought myself over this for more than a couple months, i seem to have no other choice than to lose my pride due to the lacking ability to provide a sense of security for my family. the shocking truth is that i’m not rich. we struggle everyday, just like most everybody, more, right now, worse than ever, in a long time. our landlord wants to sell the house we’ve lived in for ten years, and yes, we are behind in our rent, so he’s using that as leverage, to get us out so he can fix up and sell, right away, technically, we’re supposed to be out today, dec 3rd, but he’s deciding whether to give us another week.

so here i am, for my family, on my knees, asking for help. I’m ashamed for being in this condition, that i have to burden others, who look to me, only to be my friend, and for me to be theirs, and i am abusing that relationship, and i apologise, but for my family, i’ll do anything………………legal. and that’s the reality, i could go into a dissertation, about how and why, but the bottom line is we are broker than we’ve been in a good good long time, and can’t bail out, so here i am asking that anybody who could afford to send a few dollars to my/our paypal acct., ( and for any substantial donations, we will offer up my better half’s portrait of my dog, Fredo, and me, real scarface meets…………………….me.

she’s an awesome artist,her name is pip logan, and there’s a few more pieces of her work, she’s willing to part with, for a few of the more generous donations . just throwin that out there….our band, VUA, has had to put off trying to tour or play any shows, we’re starting to record new stuff, but even that is suffering at the hands of my family’s financial situation, so, please, if you can, help, we will be eternally greatful and i will be eternally self loathing for having to be at this level……i’m sorry for asking, if i could do anything for you, please ask, and i swear i will do everything in my power to serve you, any way i can. thank you.”

He further added:

“We are overwhelmed by your support. I hate asking for help…we put the digital downloads of our albums “rap over hard rock for food” and “demosforsale” for 1$/donation at and we will be adding a few signed vinyl and cd copies soon. big thanks to Matt Gladyszewski for taking extra photos for the demo release and to Cristian Saldías Sepúlveda for the graphic design help”

Nails To Release Two New Tracks Via Decibel Magazine

Nails will have two brand new tracks featured on an upcoming Decibel magazine flexi disc. Those songs are “Among The Arches Of Intolerance” and “In Pain“. You can guarantee getting your hands on both by subscribing to the publication before 9am EST on Monday, December 08th.

Behemoth Seeking Help In NYC For Upcoming Music Video

Behemoth will be filming a new music video in New York City, NY throughout December & January and are seeking the help of some people with specific skill-sets. They put out the following call:


we are shooting a totally insane new video in New York City, and our crew needs your help this December and January. Please send any inquiry and samples of work to:

We are looking for:

Talented interns who are interested in assisting the crew with:

set / miniature builders (2 detailed and energetic satanists with a knowledge of sculpture / architectural miniatures / moving parts)

PA work on set (2 satanists willing to lend a hand to the crew on actual shoot days)

Only SERIOUS evil talented little demons need apply. Only apply if you are going to be in NYC for the months of December and January. Only apply via the above email address.”

Later this month Behemoth will also be releasing a new CD digipak which combines their previously vinyl-only EP’s “XIADZ” and “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel“. You can find more info that here.

The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Greg Puciato Reveals New Album Progress

The Dillinger Escape Plan‘s Greg Puciato called in to and revealed that the group have about two songs written thus far for their new album. Despite the progress, he indicated that the writing process was still in its infancy stages rather than being in full swing.

Puciato also discussed the live debut of Killer Be Killed—his project with members of Mastodon, Soulfly and more during the chat. That outfit will take to the stage early next year as part of the annual ‘Soundwave Festival‘.