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Slipknot Release Teaser For Impending “The Devil In I” Music Video

Slipknot will launch an official music video for their current single “The Devil In I” tomorrow (September 12th) morning. The clip will launch at 9am EDT/6am PDT and the following teaser for it has been put out in advance. You can find an audio stream of that track for now at this location. The bands new album “.5: The Gray Chapter” is due October 21st through Roadrunner.
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Sourvein have joined the Metal Blade Records roster and will release a new album titled “Aquatic Occult” in 2015 through the label. The bands fan and friend Randy Blythe (of Lamb Of God) penned the groups latest biography, an excerpt from which can be found below:

“Over twenty long dues-paying years later, Sourvein has at long last found a proper home for their doom-laden Southern noise with underground stalwarts Metal Blade Records, and Medlin couldn’t be happier. “Aquatic Occult“, the band’s first offering on the label, promises to be heavier than a two-ton anchor dropped into an antique porcelain bathtub– it’s going to break things. But getting here hasn’t been easy.

“Finally, man. Finally,” he says, shaking his head in disbelief as he reflects on the lengthy, grueling trek that brought his band to Metal Blade‘s roster.

“It’s the record I wanted to make when I was in those rooming houses, but I couldn’t,” Medlin says, “There was too much pain, so I got lost for bit, falling back into the party life and trying to numb myself with alcohol. But motherfuckers need to feel the pain. There is more to life than numbing yourself.” Is that what “Aquatic Occult” will be about, bringing the pain? “I’m going to bring the truth.

The lyrics are reality to me; I don’t write about cars or chicks or fucking horror movies, I write about getting my nose fucking broken, all the stuff I saw growing up and now. But I want it to be positive, to let people know that there is a way out of bad times and tough situations. I’m living proof,” he says. When Sourvein hits the road in 2015 to support “Aquatic Occult“, is that what he’ll be talking from the stage, positivity?”

Man, it’s not all peace and love; it’s just not coming from hate anymore. And when I’m on stage, I’m not up there to talk to you anyways. I’ll let the amplifiers do the talking. I want you to feel it. You’ve got to feel alive, and life sometimes includes pain. Masking it doesn’t do any good, because it’s still there. It’s better to live and feel it. All of it, the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

The Ongoing Concept To Tour This Fall With Lionfight, Etc.

The Ongoing Concept will be out as direct support to Lionfight on ‘The Ongoing Freakshow Tour‘ this fall. Silent Planet will open the run:

10/14 Wichita, KS – KC’s Too Bar
10/15 Albuquerque, NM – Gasworks
10/16 Mesa, AZ – The Underground
10/17 Las Vegas, NV – Eagle Aerie Hall
10/18 Riverside, CA – Clash City Studios
10/19 San Diego, CA – The Epicenter
10/20 Santa Ana, CA – Recess Studios
10/22 Bend, OR – Volcanic
10/23 Seattle, WA – El Corazon
10/24 Yakima, WA – The Lair
10/25 Richland, WA – Ray’s Golden Lion
10/27 Salt Lake City, UT – The Loading Dock
10/28 Casper, WY – Black Gold Grill
10/29 Omaha, NE – Sokol Underground

When Clutch began pre-production for their new album earlier in the year, it looked like their next effort was right around the corner. This is sadly not the case though as fans will have to wait until late 2015 to hear it. As Fallon told, “we’re going to be recording a new record at the top of the year and having that come out at the end of 2015.”

Fallon went on to say that a number of tracks were recorded during those aforementioned initial pre-production sessions with producer Machine (Lamb Of God), though he doesn’t expect all of them to make the final cut. He also said that the band is not ruling out playing some some 20th anniversary shows for their 1995 self-titled album next year, though nothing is planned as of yet.

Further elaborating on their upcoming plans, he stated:

“We’ll take October, November and December off to finish up writing and pre-production. And then we’ll do a run from Christmas to New Year’s to mid-January out to Texas, where we plan to record it. And then we’ll record in January and February, and probably the beginning of March; take a little bit of time off, and back out on the road.”

At one point not too long ago, it looked as though As Blood Runs Black were throwing in the towel. Given today’s developments you can expect to hear from the band for a bit yet. The band have just signed with Standby Records to release their crowdfunded new album “Ground Zero“, which will hit stores on October 27th.

A headlining run with support from Rings Of Saturn, Upon This Dawning, Elitist, Those Who Fear (select dates) and The Convalescence will commence later next month, hitting the following stops:

10/23 Simi Valley, CA – 118 West
10/24 San Francisco, CA – DNA Lounge
10/25 Seattle, WA – Studio Seven
10/26 Spokane, WA – The Hop
10/27 Boise, ID – The Shredder
10/29 Grand Junction, CO – Mesa Theater
10/31 Denver, CO – Marquis Theater
11/01 Iowa City, IA – Blue Moose
11/02 St, Paul, MN – Amsterdam Bar & Hall
11/04 Joliet, IL – Mojoes
11/05 Indianapolis, IN – Emerson Theater

With Those Who Fear:

11/06 Toledo, OH – Frankies
11/07 Cleveland, OH – Agora Ballroom
11/08 Toronto, ON – Hard Luck
11/09 Rochester, NY – California Brew Haus (no Those Who Fear)
11/11 Danbury, CT – Heirloom Arts Theatre
11/12 Brooklyn, NY – Coco 66
11/13 Trenton, NJ – Championship
11/14 West Springfield, VA – Empire
11/15 Dillsburg, PA – The Firehall
11/16 Greensboro, NC – Greene Street
11/18 Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade
11/20 Orlando, FL – Backbooth
11/21 Tampa, FL – Epic Problem
11/22 Jacksonville, FL – Venue 1904
11/24 Fort Worth, TX – Tomcats
11/25 Houston, TX – Walters
11/26 Austin, TX – Dirty Dog
11/28 Phoenix, AZ – Pub Rock
11/29 Anaheim, CA – Chain Reaction

The title track to Capsize‘s new track “The Angst In My Veins” is presently streaming online below courtesy of Defeater guitarist Jay Maas guests on the song, which also serves as the title track to the bands new album, out September 30th. Maas also produced that outing.
click here for the stream…

Neill Jameson of Krieg, Twilight, etc. fame has penned a damning account for Noisey about the downward spiral of Nachtmystium, etc. frontman Blake Judd, who most recently was dropped by Century Media after ripping off his fans with bogus pre-orders for the groups album. The move came only months after Judd had been jailed for stealing a guitar from a roommate and claiming he was sober.

Jameson‘s account of Judd‘s shady business practices begins long before Judd‘s drug-induced spiral with some excerpts from it available below:

“In 2010 I was in Chicago recording Krieg’s “comeback” record. I had tried my best to avoid him during this trip, but on the night I was meant to leave there was a terrible snowstorm. Blake offered to put me up at his place until the weather cleared and I could fly back home, so I decided to stay in and get some sleep. He woke me up around three in the morning by sitting on my chest and holding me down. I was aware he was fucking around with heroin under the misguided idea that it would help him with his music.

His idolatry of Kurt Cobain was very well known among his friends. He told me when I woke up that we were going to take a cab (in a fucking blizzard) to the ghetto to buy heroin. He told me that I was a “poser” for covering the Velvet Underground without ever shooting up. We got into a somewhat physical altercation, and he told me “You need this. It’s time you had another tragedy in your life” before calling me a “faggot” and leaving. By the time he got home with the drugs I was asleep on the floor of O’Hare. That was the last time I saw him in any kind of good physical shape.”

A later tale recalling the recording of Twilight‘s third album “III: Beneath Trident’s Tomb” finds Judd in even worse shape:

“When I got to Chicago, Blake’s place was a shithole, sort of like the den from the opening of “Trainspotting.” I didn’t enjoy it for a second, but I was there to work. Every morning I would wake up, move his needles out of the way in the bathroom so I could brush my teeth, and clean blood out of the shower so I could bathe. I have never been more psyched on the decision to bring my own towel anywhere ever. Sometimes I’d come out of the bathroom and there would be a dealer in the kitchen, always courteous enough to ask me if I too wanted some heroin. Blake barely did anything except check his paypal and smoke my cigarettes.”

Ultimately ending up at the most latest offense committed by Judd, Jameson stated:
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