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Tenafly Viper (Mushroomhead, ex-The Autumn Offering/Chimaira) will release their full-length debut “The Queen, The Night & The Liars” on May 08th. As previously reported, the band will be touring in support of the effort as part of the “Hed 2 Head 3 Tour” alongside Mushroomhead, (hed)p.e., American Head Charge and more.

God Forbid’s Doc Coyle Defends Against “Djent” Accusations

God Forbid guitarist/vocalist Doc Coyle has been addressing concerns that the band have gone “djent” following yesterday’s release of their new single, “Don’t Tell Me What To Dream“.

Speaking through his Twitter, he offered:

“I’m gonna rant for a minute so bare with me. I think it’s hilarious some people think GF went “Djent” on the new album, and that we are trying to cash in on a new style of music. Here’s why this isn’t true 1.) We aren’t that smart. 2.) We actually do a little thing called WRITING DIFFERENT KINDS OF SONGS. Did you know bands could could do that? Have a ballad and a thrasher on the same album? Not have a formula

So for the cheap seats, the new @gforbid album is quite diverse. Please don’t make your mind up yet. FYI, we started using 7 strings on our last album Earthsblood. And DTMWTD was inspired by a song my brother wrote called Bat The Angels which has a doomy section at the end which is tuned to G. I never even thought of Djent but I love a lot of those bands.

Just hate when people try to head shrink your song writing. Sometimes, something is just groovy and heavy. No need for labels. Last I looked, God Forbid has been that for years.”

Addressing other Twitter users in later comments he stated:

“I bet if A Life Once Lost came out today, they would be called a derivative Djent band, but they were way ahead of the curve. Get no credit”

“If every staccato palm mute chunky part that’s tuned low is now considered Djent,I fucking quit. Can’t own stuff after the fact ”

“I don’t mind if people call it Djent. Just don’t say we’re plotting some scheme to stay relevant. Ala Diabolus in Musica Slayer”

God Forbid‘s new album “Equilbrium” is due in stores on March 26th through Victory

Gwar Working On New Material

Gwar are working on new material for their next album. The band recently spoke on their plans via their Facebook, offering:

“Like any band worth it’s salt, GWAR is constantly working on new songs. What’s different now is that the band has it’s own in-house recording studio/jam space, so everything they do is tracked. There is no release date, no gory details but rest assured of one thing…GWAR is working on a new album, and it will be a tribute to their lost Scumdog brother, Flattus Maximus!”

War Of Ages To Release “Return To Life” In April

War Of Ages have chosen “Return To Life” as the title for their new album. The group tracked the outing with producer Zeuss (Shadows Fall, Chimaira) and will release it on April 24th through Facedown. Some audio from the album is planned to arrive online next Friday, March 09th.

In the meantime, the band had the following to say about the effort:

“We are extremely excited about our “Return To Life” release in every way. Musically, we stuck to our roots, brought back the heavy rhythmic style and mixed it with the maturity of having 4 previous albums under our belts. We also joined forces with producer Zeuss who boasts a catalog with names like Terror, Emmure, Hatebreed, etc…

Not only is this album instrumentally rhythmic, it is also vocally rhythmic. Leroy stepped out of his comfort zone and ventured into the realms of Rage Against The Machine, Comeback Kid, and Darkest Hour, and mixed each with his own style.

I don’t think I broke any new ground vocally or created something new entirely, but it is new for War of Ages and a step in the right direction for me personally. We plan to continue in this direction lyrically, vocally, and musically for our future albums.”

Seas Will Rise (ex-Landmine Marathon) have made their new song “Wash Out And Rust” available for streaming over at The bands debut effort “Disease Is Our Refrain” will arrive next week on March 06th through Man In Decline Records/Anxiety Machine Records.

Furthermore, the band have the following West Coast dates booked

03/02 Las Vegas, NV – Yayo Taco (early)
03/02 Las Vegas, NV – Double Down Saloon (late)
03/03 Salt Lake City, UT – Raunch Records
03/04 Idaho Falls, ID – Wax House
03/05 Portland, OR – The Know
03/06 Portland, OR – The North Hole
03/09 Los Angeles, CA – BIP
03/16 Phoenix, AZ – Chasers

Upon A Burning Body have been added to the March 09th-11th stops of Asking Alexandria‘s “The Still Reckless Tour“. That run also features Trivium, I See Stars, Motionless In White and The Amity Affliction. Dir En Grey were originally scheduled to take part in the tour, but were forced to cancel due to a vocal chord injury.

The dates Upon A Burning Body will be performing at include:

03/09 Chico, CA – Senator Theatre
03/10 San Diego, CA – SOMA
03/11 Tucson, AZ – Rialto Theatre