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He Is Legend To Begin Writing New Album Next Year

A report chronicling a day in the life of He Is Legend on a recent tour stop has word that the band will focus on writing their follow-up to their latest album “Heavy Fruit” in January. You can check out the revealing look from load in to load out over at

Coliseum (“Used Blood“, D.R.I. (“I Don’t Need Society“) and more are among the various artists who have made their way onto the revamped “Grand Theft Auto V” soundtrack. 162 new songs have been added to the games soundtrack for tomorrow’s Xbox One and Playstation 4 editions of the game and run the gamut from Creedence Clearwater Revival and ZZ Top to Eazy-E and Spice 1.

For a complete list of what has been added, head over to Pitchfork. Those hoping for an in-game metal radio station to have been added as part of the revamp won’t be leaving happy however.

XTRMST (AFI) Streaming Four New Songs

As it turns out XTRMST (AFI) debuted streams of four new tracks from their self-titled debut album today in honor of the effort’s release. Should you want to know where you can find each, head to the groups Facebook.

The Defiled Release “Five Minutes” Music Video

The Defiled have issued the following music video for their track “Five Minutes“. Greenland serves as the backdrop for the clip, which also pays tribute to fans who lost members of their family and loved ones. Programmer/keyboardist/vocalist The AvD said of the track and clip:

Five Minutes is probably our most emotional song, and the one most personal to me. We didn’t originally plan to film a video for this, but when we were out in Greenland we had the opportunity to film the performance part.

Despite the breathtaking beauty of our surroundings, that wasn’t enough to really convey the deep emotions of this song, so as a song that deals with loss, we asked our fans to share their stories with us, and offered them the chance to pay tribute to their lost loved ones. The feedback was overwhelming – in more ways than one – and you couldn’t help but be touched reading all the stories the ‘defilers’ shared with us.

The day of filming was an emotional rollercoaster – bittersweet. So much sadness in the air, but also therapeutic at the same time. I think everyone there felt the same. It’s easy to look at people like us – metalheads, goths, whatever you want to call us – and think we are morbid people obsessed with death, that death is something we welcome, but just ‘cos we wear black it doesn’t make us immune to grief. The pain one feels when losing someone close is universal, and something no one is exempt from.

I want to thank all of the defilers who came along to take part in this. You are all beautiful, brave and have helped us make our best video yet – thank you”

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Another track from Between The Buried And Me frontman Tommy Rogers‘s new solo album “Modern Noise” has hit. You can hear “We Wander Lonely” from the outing, which Rogers will release under the moniker of Thomas Giles, after the break via “Modern Noise” is slated for a November 25th release on Metal Blade.
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Triptykon Release “Tree Of Suffocating Souls” Music Video

Triptykon‘s “Tree Of Suffocating Souls” music video received its debut online today below. The band again worked with director Philipp Hirsch on the clip. Triptykon‘s Tom Gabriel Warrior said of the experience:

“In producing this footage, we have elected to once again work in partnership with long-standing Triptykon collaborator and director, Philipp Hirsch, in Leipzig, Germany. As intensely minimalist as Triptykon‘s approach and music are, as perfect and passionate was Philipp in creating images which combine such minimalism with the required darkness.

The night during which most of these images were created was, for many reasons, a truly extraordinary night none of us shall ever forget.”

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Lorna Shore Recording New Album

Lorna Shore have begun the recording process for their new album at The Machine Shop in New Jersey with producer Will Putney (Body Count, Upon A Burning Body) overseeing the sessions. A spring release on Density Records is being planned with guitarist Adam DeMicco offering:

“We’re really excited to work with Will on these new songs. The songs are a lot darker, heavier and more technical and we can’t wait to get this music out for everyone to hear.”

Bloodbath Streaming New Album “Grand Morbid Funeral”

Bloodbath‘s new album “Grand Morbid Funeral” was officially made available for streaming in full today via Metal Sucks. You can also check it out below with the outing marking the bands first with new vocalist Nick Holmes (of Paradise Lost.) “Grand Morbid Funeral” is available in stores now as of today, November 17th.
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Religious protestors descended upon Gwar‘s show at The Knitting Factory in Spokane, WA this past Saturday, November 15th. One fan in attendance uploaded the following footage of that. The protestors did their homeworkfor the show, as they went on to state that late Gwar frontman Dave “Oderus Urungus” Brockie is “burning in hell.”
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