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Following yesterday’s (July 06th) initial reports, official word has now emerged regarding the assaults at last night’s “CBGB Festival” at Webster Hall in New York City, NY. The New York Post have confirmed that former Cro-Mags bassist/vocalist Harley Flanagan was indeed the assailant.

Flanagan assaulted William Berario in the VIP area, slashing him above the eye with a hunting knife and biting him on the cheek. He also slashed current Cro-Mags bassist Mike “The Gook” Couls on his arm and stomach. None of the wounds were life-threatening.

Flanagan himself suffered a broken leg during the ensuing scuffle with security and was taken to a hospital and later charged with two counts of 2nd degree assault and weapons charges. As previously reported, the show, which was set to feature Sick Of It All, Cro-Mags and Vision Of Disorder was shutdown following the incident, reportedly just after Vision Of Disorder‘s set.

Some stage shot footage of Cro-Mags‘ vocalist John Joseph McGowan announcing the incident from the stage at the event can be found below:

Anthrax‘s Charlie Benante has uploaded the following footage from the drum tracking sessions for the bands cover of “Neon Knights” by Black Sabbath. The group laid down the song for an upcoming tribute album to the late great Ronnie James Dio. In case you missed it, the outfit have also been performing the track live recently

As previously reported, Anthrax are expected to release a covers EP in September. It will feature their takes on AC/DC, Rush, Boston & Journey.

Slipknot recently dropped a new teaser video below which states “Something Monsterous Is Coming 2013″. The clip links to a splash page at While little info is offered on the site, there is a logo for the Monster Cable brand backed Social Monsters platform.

Plus the teaser video itself featuring a performance of the bands song “Psychosocial” is likely no coincidence. Monster Cable have previously been involved with the successful “Beats By Dr. Dre” series of headphones.

Reports circulating earlier this year suggested the brand would be branching out into other markets for their series of headphones and audio accessories. Perhaps a Slipknot styled series is in the works?

DJ Lethal has responded to the recent blunt remarks from his former bandmate Wes Borland regarding his ousting from Limp Bizkit. Speaking via a series of tweets on his Twitter, Lethal offered:

“I actually am so over it. It’s not funny. Good luck. I wish you guys the best. In life never sacrifice your dignity for a $. I was successful before lb and will continue to live my life on my terms. Thanks all the fans! Truth hurts. Wes quit how many times? When I had 10 guys sleeping in my living room and begged the band to bring Wes back.

Also they never even had the courtesy to sit down face to face and talk things out. And after 17 years of being me there’s a problem? I never missed one show,was there through thick and thin. Gave my heart and soul to the band. I’m just man enough to stand up for myself. Don’t get it twisted the truth will prevail!! I’m just intrigued how some people can just disown family Lots more to the story my friends.

How can people expect me to life my life waiting on fred durst? He takes all the credit. Steals money. I made “why try” and “bring it back” Thank you for all the people that supported me on lb. at one time it was a band. We were team. Then it became the fred first show. And since the guys were running low on money Wes told me to hold on my feelings so he can pay his mortgage. So sad.

Fred durst got paid 1.6 million $ for the “free napster tour” free my ass.I paid out of my own pocket to do that tour. ?#lost? respect So all you people passing judgement on me. Go fk your self. That job will be left to GOD. Otherwise. Love and respect Ok. I’ve moved on. Please feel free to unfollow if you want. I’m a genuine honest person. At this point in my life I’m living it “MY WAY”

I was totally chillin until Wes had to open his mouth talking down to fans about a twittation a fan made,so rude. And after 17 years at least sitting down and talking face to face like real men didn’t happen. That’s some pussy ass shit.It’s all abt the $

I do appreciate all the good times and there was many. I love my friends and fans and owe my life to you. Thank you to my real friends-YOU Last comment. Fake friends suck. We been through so much and I was genuine. Whole new meaning to “counterfeit” You should be ashamed.

I’m not going to put these guys down. At one time they were cool and things were great. I’m not on a hate mission. $ makes people desperate A real man looks another man in the eyes and confronts the the issues. Obviously fred didn’t have the balls to look me in the eyes and talk.

Thanks for the support,I couldn’t fake the funk anymore. Stay true to your heart no matter what and never let anyone tell u how to live”

“I didn’t start the battle.I did vent once or twice.Its kind of a big deal in My life like a wife you divorce after 20 years that cheated I’m gonna throw up. I already moved on til Wes made that statement Even though he got fired before they came to my house and quit 2 times.”

Meanwhile, Borland himself was recently asked if the band would be okay with Lethal rejoining the band if he asked. To that, he replied:

“No. He would have to change his behavior for an extended period of time and stop talking tons of shit online. That’s up to him.”

In This Moment Release Statement On Cancelled Shows

In This Moment recently had to cancel some shows due to an lower back injury suffered by frontwoman Maria Brink. The group issued the following statement on the matter:

“ITM UPDATE: Over the last 2 weeks on tour Maria began experiencing acute pain in her lower back that kept getting progressively worse as the shows went on. We had a short break over the 4th of July holiday and Maria saw a doctor who informed her she might need immediate surgery to correct the problem, this obviously took immediate priority over everything else and we were forced to cancel 2 shows, Maine and New Hampshire, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this caused any of our fans. Maria is starting to feel a little better and we are planning to rejoin our current tour supporting Shinedown in Montreal on the 8th, again, if you came to see us and we weren’t there we are sorry, we will be back soon. Send Maria love and support.


Their new album “Blood” is on deck for an August 14th release date through Century Media.

Lamb Of God guitarist Willie Adler has taken to his Facebook to thanks fans for their support and address the recent criticisms directed towards the band. Those criticisms stem from the group seeking donations for legal fees to help free Lamb Of God vocalist Randy Blythe.

His statement can be found below; while Blythe has of course been imprisoned in Prague, CZE for over a week on allegations of manslaughter. The situation centers on the death of a fan who was fatally injured at show the band played in Prague in 2010.

“I want to thank all of you again for your un- waivering support in all of this. It’s greatly appreciated and does not go with out notice. I’d also feel re-miss by not mentioning something else.

As you all know, a legal fund has been set up in regards to our current situation. We’ve received quite a bit of backlash which I’d like to respond to. We are by no means requesting charity, nor are we demanding money from our fans.

We have received dozens upon dozens of requests from supporters wanting to help in any way possible. This was a direct response to that in order to give fans a voice in all of this if they choose to do so.

By no means are we trying to make a dime off of this. Trust me, we live for our fans and would never attempt to profit off of them. This is purely a response to those that reached out wanting to extend any and all help.

Which we couldn’t be more thankful for. It brings tears to my eyes as I write this just thinking about the outpouring of support we’ve received.

Collectively, we will bring Randy home. He is my brother, your brother, and more importantly, an innocent man being wrongfully detained. I thank you all again, for everything. I love you all.”

Tonight’s (July 06th) “CBGB Festival” at the Webster Hall in New York City, NY turned ugly. The event was set to feature sets from Sick Of It All, Cro-Mags and Vision Of Disorder. Various eyewitnesses and local news reports, including footage from the show below, are identifying the assailant as former Cro-Mags bassist/vocalist Harley Flanagan.

Flanagan allegedly entered the backstage area and proceeded to slash one victim and bite another. He was quickly subdued by security with police being called to arrest him. EMS were onhand to treat the victims, while the venue was shutdown in light of the incident.

Unconfirmed rumors have been circulating that one of the victims was Cro-Mags bassist Mike Couls. Some footage of the show being shutdown is available below. Meanwhile, New York ABC affiliate WABC have an initial report from the event. Some photos from the scene can also be found over at

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