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Scale The Summit Add More Shows To And Around Upcoming Tour With Trioscapes

Scale The Summit have added more shows to and around their upcoming run with Trioscapes. Here’s where they will be playing:

09/14 Nashville, TN – TBA (no Trioscapes)
09/15 Dayton, OH – Spitfire
09/16 Toronto, ON – Wreck Room
09/17 Montreal, QC – Le Sala Rosa
09/18 Boston, MA – TT’s The Bear
09/19 New York, NY – Knitting Factory
09/20 Philadelphia, PA – The Barbary
09/21 Greensboro, NC – Greene St.
09/22 Douglasville, GA – The 7 Venue (no Trioscapes)
09/23 Metairie, LA – TBA (no Trioscapes)

Death Angel, Threat Signal, Holy Grail, Etc. Book October U.S. Tour

Death Angel, Holy Grail, Threat Signal and Wretched will head out this fall. Dates for the trek to surface thus far include:

10/07 West Springfield, VA – Empire
10/09 Charlotte, NC – The Casbah
10/10 Atlanta, GA – The Earl
10/12 Tampa, FL – The Orpheum
10/14 Orlando, FL – The Social
10/16 San Antonio, TX – Korova
10/17 El Paso, TX – House Of Rock
10/18 Tempe, AZ – Rocky Point Cantina
10/19 West Hollywood, CA – Whisky A Go Go

Nonpoint Film Two Music Videos In Madison, WI

Nonpoint wound up filming two music videos yesterday, July 24th, in Madison, WI. According to the band, they filmed a clip for their song “Left For You” during the day, and “I Said It” during the night. Both songs come from the groups forthcoming self-titled new album, due out this fall on Razor & Tie.

Locrian Streaming “Omega Vapors”

Locrian‘s song “Omega Vapors” has received its online debut via The track appears on the upcoming deluxe edition of the “The Clearing“, which sports a bonus disc titled “The Final Epoch“.

The second disc features nearly an hour of previously-unreleased material. The reissue of the outing will arrive in stores on August 14th on Relapse. Meanwhile, the groups plans to enter the studio later this year to track a new full-length are currently being finalized.

It would appear that Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe‘s increased bail of $400,000 USD is once again being challenged by the prosecution. This will give the prosecutors time to submit further evidence as to why Blythe should be kept in custody.

According to the delay in subsequent rulings and deliberation could play out for another 10 days or more, at which point Blythe will be released on bail if charges are not officially filed against him.

To date Blythe has been held in custody in Prague, Czech Republic for nearly a month on suspicions of manslaughter. The charges stem from the fatal injuries suffered by a 19 year old fan who attended a 2010 show the band played in Prague.

The fan repeatedly took to the stage and had numerous interactions with Blythe, most of which were captured on film.

Blackguard Book U.S. Headlining Run For October

Blackguard have booked the following U.S. North Eastern/Midwest headlining run for October:

10/07 New York, NY – The Studio At Webster Hall
10/08 Dayton, OH – Spitfire
10/09 Richmond, VA – Kingdom
10/10 West Springfield, VA – Empire
10/11 Trenton, NJ – The Backstage
10/12 Buffalo, NY – Broadway Joe’s
10/13 Detroit, MI – Blondies
10/14 Lansing, MI – Blackened Moon
10/15 Portage, IN – Camelot Hall
10/16 Peoria, IL – Brass rail
10/17 Louisville, KY – The Vernon Club
10/17 Cleveland, OH – Pirate Cove
10/19 Albany, NY – Bogie’s
10/20 Rochester, NY – The Bug Jar

Dr. Acula Leave Tour Due To Sickness

Dr. Acula have left their tour with Legend, Bermuda and more as a result of a “very serious health complication.” According to the band:

“*ANNOUNCEMENT* Unfortunately we are going to have to drop off the remainder of the Legend Tour due to Very Serious Heath Complication with one of our bandmates. We love you all and promise to make all those dates up ASAP. Make sure to still go check out our good friend in Legend, Delusions, Bermuda, & Adaliah!

That Said..Keep Posted!
New Tours and Exciting News Coming Soon! #DAnation”

Staind Plan Hiatus, Ponder Next Career Move

Staind frontman Aaron Lewis expects the band to take a hiatus next year. Speaking with, he had the following to say about their future plans:

“We’ve got this next tour and we might do something next year and then we’re going to take a little break for a second. We’re not breaking up. We’re not gonna stop making music. We’re just going to take a little hiatus that really hasn’t ever been taken in our career. We put out seven records in 14 years. We’ve been pretty busy.”

The group have also completed their contract with Atlantic Records and have yet to decide their next move. On that he stated:

“There’s so many options these days, and we won’t really know until that time comes. I think it would take a ridiculous, ridiculous check for me to be willing to sign a label deal again, but there’s many other ways to do it. Everything is changing so much; every time you close your eyes and then open them again, the business has changed a little bit. So we’ll see when we get there what we’re gonna do.”

Slipknot Release “Wear The Mask” App

Slipknot have launched their “Wear The Mask” app across the iOS and Android platforms. According to the press release: “the app is as much about the fans as it is the band. “Wear The Mask” has social, gameplay, and photography aspects, but it is not any one of those things exclusively.” You can find more details over at

Meanwhile, the bands own M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan had the following to say about the app:

“Welcome to what we are. Welcome to what you are, and what we together have always been. Slipknot is not a band. We are a culture and you are our blood. We play for blood. Enjoy your new face. It has always been there with you. Strap it on and let’s infect the entire world together as one. It’s time to Wear The Mask. Stay (sic) and enjoy it.”

Today, July 24th, also saw the release of the bands best-of compilation, “Antennas To Hell“.

All That Remains frontman Phil Labonte has done an op-ed for The piece focuses on the Second Amendment and the recent wave of shootings. An excerpt from it can be read below with the full article available at the above-mentioned link.

“In light of the tragic events in Aurora, Colorado, and at the request of Alternative Press, I’ve written a piece on the Second Amendment. Before I go into the discussion, I want to extend my deepest sympathy to the families of those affected by the violent and inhuman acts perpetrated on that fateful night.

While popular opinion is that these horrible acts are a uniquely American problem due to the liberal gun laws we have, I submit that it is a problem worldwide. July 22 was the one-year anniversary of the massacre in Norway—a country with very strict gun control laws—perpetrated by Anders Breivik where 77 people (mostly children) lost their lives.

In June, there was a shooting in a Toronto mall where one man was killed and seven others injured. Again, a country with strict gun regulation. There was also the March 11, 2009, shooting at the Winnenden School in Winnenden, Germany, leaving 16 dead and 11 injured. Germany also has strict gun regulation. There are violent and mentally damaged people all over the world. If they are looking to harm innocents, they are going to do it, regardless of law.

A lot of people have a misconception about what the Second Amendment means. Adopted Dec. 15, 1791, the Second Amendment’s purpose was to ensure tyranny would not take hold in the United States and that a truly free people had the means to defend themselves from those that would use force against them, whether that force be from an invading army, a criminal trying to steal private property or a government who would subjugate its people…”

Orchid Sign With Nuclear Blast Records

San Francisco, CA-based doom outfit Orchid have signed a deal with Nuclear Blast. According to the group:

“After many months of talking to different labels about our future, we’re very excited to announce that we’ve decided to join forces with Nuclear Blast. We’ve been working on new material on and off for the last year and we’re feeling really good about the new songs.

It seems like they’re a continuation in the same tradition of the material on our first full length, Capricorn, but also, show some new sides of our music that should surprise everyone and show that Orchid isn’t a band that just wants to keep making the same album over and over. We’re really excited for everyone to hear it!”