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Pro-shot footage of a number of live performances from this past weekend’s “Graspop Metal Meeting” festival in Belgium have been posted online. The footage originates from an official webstream of the event with sets from Fear Factory, Trivium, Gojira, Behemoth & Children Of Bodom available below:

Fear Factory:

click here for more footage…

Architects Book November UK Tour With Deez Nuts, The Acacia Strain, Etc.

Architects have announced the dates for a November headlining UK tour. The trek will feature support from Deez Nuts, Bury Tomorrow and The Acacia Strain. Here’s where it will hit:

11/09 Southampton, UK – Mo Club
11/10 London, UK – Alexandra Palace (“Vans Warped Tour“)
11/11 Birmingham, UK – Institute
11/12 Manchester, UK – Academy 2
11/13 Leeds, UK – Met Uni
11/14 Glasgow, UK – Garage
11/15 Newcastle, UK – Northumbria Uni
11/16 Nottingham, UK – Rock City
11/17 Norwich, UK – Waterfront

DevilDriver Sign With Napalm Records

DevilDriver have inked a deal with Napalm Records and are mapping out plans to have a new album in stores through the label in the fall of 2013. Band vocalist Dez Fafara spoke on the signing, stating:

“I am proud to announce DevilDriver’s new partnership with Napalm Records! They have the passion and the drive we as a band were looking for! I’m looking forward to working together on DevilDriver‘s next release! Hail the groove!”

Napalm Records CEO Markus Riedler also commented on the bands addition to the roster, offering:

“We are extremely excited to have this outstanding band on our label roster. DevilDriver are a true metal monster full of primal energy and more than ready to conquer the world with their upcoming album that will be released in the fall of 2013. Join the metal brotherhood and get ready for the world’s largest circle pit!”

Landmine Marathon Cancel Tour

Landmine Marathon have scrapped the remainder of their touring plans due to health issues of a relative. The group issued the following statement regarding that:

“Friends and fans of Landmine Marathon: Earlier this week our drummer Raul left our tour to be with his ailing grandmother. Upon his arrival, the gravity of her health situation was realized and we have decided that we must cancel all of our remaining tour dates so he can be with her.

Again, we would like to extend our sincerest apologies to the promoters who were working hard on making these shows happen, and to everyone who was planning on attending these shows. We ask that you send your positive thoughts and energy toward Raul‘s family, and understand that family is important to the band and will always be our priority. We hope to see you all again as soon as possible.

-Landmine Marathon

Dani Filth Offers Update On New Cradle Of Filth Album

Cradle Of Filth‘s Dani Filth has updated his blog at with some new information regarding the bands forthcoming album. You can read that below:

“Greetings fellow travellers on the B1088 trunk road to darkness!

Plenty of news to pass onto you this time, just like that horrid rash the pills were for.

I know I promised you an update to arrive almost a month earlier than it has, but please rest assured that my absence has been totally necessary and hopefully you will feel justly rewarded by the news that the album has now progressed into the mixing stage, with nothing more than the choirs and female vocals to be scraped into the smelting pot.

All the music and my vocals have been committed (as have their protagonists!) to the greater picture and it all sounds truly amazing, rest assured worrisome warts, with the final two songs, ‘Succumb To This‘ and ‘Nightmares Of An Ether Drinker‘ titulary being added to the final roster.

The album has been split over two working studios; I have been based at Cradle’s resident studio Springvale under the helmsmanship of Mark Harwood for the last month or so, whilst the music has been captured not ten miles up the road at Scott Atkin‘s Grindstone studio, enabling us to work parallel to one another and thus aid not only the creative itch, but the speed of the recording process too. Though typically that very first day I started and for the first time in over fifty years, the local farmer decides to dig up two hundred-odd tonnes of earth from the plot outside the studio, and bury it behind a subsiding barn on the hill, using as many clanking leviathans of machinery possible. The utter cad!

There is little point describing the new tracks as such as it’s downright obvious that the usual cliches of ‘it’s our best one yet’, ‘it’s much harder, darker, faster’ (been there, done that) and ‘this is going back to our roots’ may well apply, just be aware that, if anything, the album has a definite ‘Midian‘ vibe to it, insomuch that it isn’t a conceptual album full tilt but more like lots of fabulous little satellites orbiting a main overarching theme. And that theme on this particular slay-ride is one of demons and monsters, both personal and world-enslaving, and the music peoples it perfectly.

Musically we have tried new things, expanding on our ever-increasing canon to greater, more unbiblical effect with all instruments. Hence the music is unique, almost experimental in its dark places, but at heart still the Cradle Of Filth people have come to know, love and hate! Hence also why it’s almost impossible for me to paint this new pantheon in anything other than the absolute jet black that I usually do… for no matter how goresome it will inevitably be, we will always have our steadfast detractors like so many fat, unavoidable moths to our ever-growing flame (sits, sighs and weeps in a graveyard!).

So, as it stands, we have entered the mix stage of this, as yet untitled, tenth studio album with gusto. Everything is sounding better than we could’ve imagined, with a decidedly more (super) natural feel to the proceedings, from the slathering Titanomachian onslaughts of ‘The Abhorrent‘ and ‘Siding With the Titans‘ through to the savage, ravaging beast that is ‘Manticore‘ and onto the blood-tinged nocturnal illuminaries that are ‘Illicitus‘, ‘Pallid Reflection‘ and ‘Death, The Great Adventure‘, this album is packed to the Lovecraftian gills with Cradle classics….. I fib you not.

And with so much already caught hissing and seething in the can, the release date of All Hallow’s Eve 2012 seems inevitable, preceded as it should be by the album’s first video release and a multitude of press… invariably to cover a multitude of sins!

There is also news pending of our forthcoming European tour featuring none other than ‘Godseed‘ and ‘Rotting Christ‘ to whet your proverbial whistles, invading during the last wintry months of this year. Watch the skies for more information on this triple Xcursion very, very shortly.

So, there you have it, we shall reconvene in a few weeks to survey the wreckage left over from the finishing of the mix. Hopefully then I shall regale you with a permanent album title (‘Shitsville’, ‘Smell the Glove’ and ‘My First Cradle Album -Complete With Crayons’ notwithstanding), final tour dates, a prospective first sneak-peak at one of the songs, the first of many album related competitions, news of the video and updated Summer merchandise. Christ, maybe even a cookery corner!

So once again…

Godspeed On The Devil’s Thunder, mortal scum!

Dani Filth
PS See you either at this year’s Wacken or at our prior warm-up show at the Cambridge Junction…..”

A Plea For Purging drummer Aaron Eckermann had some vitriol to spew at The Great Commission and Leaders earlier this week via his Twitter. Targeting The Great Commission he tweeted:

“hey young california mexicanish musicians: please stop helping Ang and Justin make money in the revolving membership of The Great Commission”

“my band is breaking up and i don’t care to further my “career” in music so now I’m saying whatever I want behind the safety of twitter : )”

“but seriously though, how do people not know they’re such a complete joke?! EVERY dude in EVERY band knows it! wake up kids! stop it!!”

He later revealed that his issues with the band appear to stem from their alleged lack of faith, stating:

“…they don’t care about the gospel. they care about being cool and making money and playing in a band and selling merch”

“total turd dads. I’m only referring to Justin and Ang though. the rest of the dudes are replaced every tour”

Leaders guitarist Sam Campagna then stepped into the fray to criticize Eckermann‘s attitude and remarks, and was served some heated retorts, including:

“what band are you in again? what tours have you done? who cares? NO ONE. that’s why we turned down your band for our final tour”

“dude @SAMLEADERS you’re kinda mexicanish. you should audition for @TheGreatCommish. then ignorant kids would actually care about your band.”

“@SAMLEADERS oh yeah let calculate how much respect I have for you for leaving your wife to do what “God” called you to do = goose egg”

“@SAMLEADERS every dude in every band knows that they’re a joke. you just don’t know that cause you’ve never been on a real tour before”

“@SAMLEADERS oh and keep meatriding them. hopefully they’ll see your tweets and put your band on your with them. that’s all you care about”

When Campagna threatened to put Eckermann “6 feet under” for his comments, Eckermann replied:

“@SAMLEADERS come to Nashville on your festival style local band tour and hit me. please do.”

Eckerman later clarified his outbursts against accusations of racism with the following:

“I hope you guys won’t lose respect for my band because of the stuff I said. just lose respect for me. they’re a lot better people than I am”

“I’m FOR race, not against it, you guys! more race!”

Ben Weinman Speaks On Giraffe Tongue Orchestra’s Upcoming Plans

The Dillinger Escape Plan‘s Ben Weinman has addressed some fan questions regarding his upcoming ‘supergroup’, Giraffe Tongue Orchestra. Alongside himself, the outfit feature Mastodon‘s Brent Hinds, Eric Avery (ex-Jane’s Addiction) and Jon Theodore (ex-The Mars Volta).

Speaking on Facebook earlier this month, he offered:

“Going to address all the GTO questions in one swoop. Getting ready to book recording time now. All the guys have been touring but we are getting ready to have some collective time off the road so GTO we go! This stuff is all over the place. Classic Eric Avery Bass lines, huge Jon Theodore Drums, Brent Hinds melodic noodling, book ended by all my bullshit as well.

So who is going to sing for Giraffe Tong Orchestra you ask? I’m not telling. Maybe it’s a Giraffe dressed like Gene Simmons. Maybe it’s that girl in that Friday youtube video. I hear she is hot right now and prob of age by now. In the meantime check out Eric on tour with Garbage and Brent with Mastodon

Dillinger is playing just a few one off gigs before we disappear for good. Or maybe for a while. Who knows. But come join the fun at Bogota’s Rock in the Park music festival on Jun 30, Java Rockin’land fest in Jakarta July 6, and Knotfest on Aug 18th in Minneapolis.”

“Sound And Fury Festival” Daily Lineups Announced

The day to day lineups have now been confirmed for the upcoming “Sound & Fury Festival“. The festival will take place at the Earl Warren Showgrounds in Santa Barbara, CA on July 20th-22nd and will shape up as follows (note actual billing order was not provided):

July 20th:

Comeback Kid
Focused Minds
Ill Intent
Ivy League
The Mongoloids
New Brigade
Rotting Out
Sabertooth Zombie
Single Mothers
Suburban Scum
Take Offense
Touche Amore

July 21st:

Bent Life
Born Low
Earth Crisis
Friend or Foe
Holy Fever
Minority Unit
Night Birds
No Tolerance
Piece By Piece
The Wrongside

July 22nd:

Alpha & Omega
The Beautiful Ones
Black Breath
Break Away
Dead End Path
Early Graves
Everything Went Black
Fire & Ice
Harms Way
Hour of the Wolf
Mountain Man
Rival Mob
Silver Snakes
Tough Luck

More details on the festival can be obtained at