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The Top 25 Most Viewed Posts Of 2014 On

Thanks to bringing in the new year with a lovely flu I didn’t get around to compiling a list of the top 25 most-viewed stories of 2014 on Keep in mind these were the stories most read that were actually posted during 2014. Read on for the list of what you clicked on the most last year:
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About Those Changes At…

If you’ve hit today you’ve likely noticed a few changes. Some are temporary, others are not. First up Disqus has been implemented for commenting. While I understand this may not be your preferred commenting method and appreciate what we had built with the prior system, it unfortunately was in need of an upgrade.

The default WordPress commenting system used prior was effective, but it also had the side effect of causing a lot of server strain as the community continued to grow. Disqus helps to eliminate that unfortunate side effect so hopefully you can adjust and continue to participate in adding your own opinions, snide comments and correcting me on all my rampant morning typos.

Upgrades are now underway for some less crucial functions of the site, hence the current missing view counts, recent comments and top headlines. There’s also been some server instability issues over the last two weeks which are also presently being addressed. Consider this all future proofing for bigger things ahead.

With a little luck everything should hopefully be back up to speed ASAP. Apologies if you’re pissed, shit happens.

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About That Downtime At…

In regards to the recent downtime, was recently moved to a new server with a better processor, more ram and the like. Of course, true to theprp form, there was some speed bumps hit along the way. Hopefully the brief interruption is now over, but if something breaks, it will be looked into quickly. Apologies, for the inconvenience caused.

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Just because the new design here is about two weeks old now doesn’t mean it’s not still evolving. Today marked the launch of polls down there in that mess of ads and content on the right. The inaugural question will be nice and easy and I am encouraged to see that so far the barking dogs option is not in the lead.

While on that note, I have yet to come up with a clever name for Polls yet, sans “touch my poll” – which considering that this site is mainly visited by dudes, may give off the wrong idea. I’ll just have to take your word for it that you have soft skin… Maybe you can come up with a better idea and leave it in the comments?

That said, a bug with new user registrations and forgotten/changing passwords was fixed a few days back, so if you were having trouble signing up or changing/remembering your password in the past week or two, you should be able to do so freely now.

Thanks again for all your support, comments and criticism. It’s all appreciated and hopefully things are running fairly smooth now.

- wook

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New Design Launch Tweaks, Possible Things To Come

So a few days into the new prp layout and the dust is settling. There’s still a few irons in the fire and ideas are being tossed around. Polls, some new prp shirts finally (that is if anyone gives a shit), some tweaking of comments, etc. Not entirely sure if all will become a reality or when, but that’s what’s in the works. If you are encountering bugs or have any issues, please comment here so they can be addressed.

Also, if you haven’t noticed I’ve also been quite the prick in the news lately. Not trying to be a full on asshole, but after typing the same interchangeable news pieces for the last few years, I needed a break to make it interesting. If you hate it, sorry, but I promise I won’t be too over the top with it. At least not like the Van Canto video below:

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Sensing A Trend Here

So some of you are surely curious as to why Google was reporting the site as a potential malware threat. Once again, new security exploits were found in the most recent installation of’s ad server which saw it become compromised.

Apologies, all of the exploited code has been wiped completely, updates have been applied and everything is currently running on the latest versions available. If such an instance is to occur again I will be moving the ads to a different software suite to ensure your browsing convenience.

Also, the site has been submitted for reconsideration from Google so hopefully that message should be gone soon once everything checks out.

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So About Yesterday…

Seems like it was only (ahem) six months ago when I last posted on here. Since then the site has continued to once again grow and a lot of you have been commenting and spreading the word, which is rad. What wasn’t rad was having a malware infection on the site yesterday (June 23rd). The hack came in at around 2:00 pm and by 3:30 pm it was neutralized and now, after a long day and some software upgrades, it should be fixed.

Let it be known there were no intentions to infect or malware anyone up – well at least not on my part. So if you got that page that mentioned that your #1 source of news for aging nu-metallers had been blocked for malware, etc. that was the reason why. That aside, there are some plans in the early stages to clean up the site a bit in the coming months. Yes the giant header will be chopped down to size so you don’t wear out your mousewheels and there will likely be some extra gloss spread about here and there too.

If by some ungodly chance that you are still getting virus/malware warnings on the site, please don’t hesitate to comment here. Google has given the site a clean bill of health as of tonight and we’re pretty confident that we vanquished the beast. But with these things you can never be too certain, lest I have to change my already poorly chosen moniker to wookhubris.

Selling Out, Again.

So less than one month since the official public launch of the new site design and there’s already been over 1000 posts made and nearly 600 comments. Traffic continues to rise and so far the only real criticism has been that the new prp logo looks like something a white supremacist would tattoo on their chest.

Well, that and that I stopped doing those horribly hamfisted news titles. I’m not entirely sure which complaint I am more offended by.

But seriously, It’s just a damned eagle.

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I waited ten years for this?

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