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High On Fire’s Matt Pike Speaks On New Album Progress And The Possibility Of More New Sleep

High On Fire vocalist/guitarist Matt Pike took the time to chat with Loudwire recently and the conversation shifted to the bands forthcoming album. Of that, Pike offered:

“It’s an extension of ‘Vermis,’ only it’s way deeper. Way deeper. I’m not going to elaborate until I have everything written and my band has all the music together. Jeff [Matz, bass] has been writing all crazy. We’ve been locking ourselves up in New Orleans. We’re taking a little time, I think we’re going to push back our recording date a little but just to make sure that everything is solid and there’s no get-by music on it. It’s all straightforward until every last note is perfect.”

He later relayed that the band hope to once again have Converge‘s Kurt Ballou in the producers chair for the effort. Meanwhile, when asked of the prospect of a new full-length album from Sleep in light of new material recently surfacing, Pike replied:

“No, I really can’t go into that. Maybe the miracle will happen if the miracle happens. [Laughs] I can’t elaborate, I’ve already said too much.”


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