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Gwar’s ‘Killsner’ Beer Available For Purchase

Gwar teamed up with Cigar City to brew up some Gwar Killsner Beer for this years ‘Gwar-B-Q‘. If you’re unable to make it to that event, you can grab yourself some online at this location. Despite the loss of their frontman Dave “Oderus Urungus” Brockie, the band will be continuing on with a retooled lineup this year.


  • tenwestchaser

    Gwar and beer. Two of my most favorite things. And from mother fuckin Cigar City no less!!!

    • smartassboiler

      Cigar City is one of my favorite breweries in the world. Love visiting there.

      • tenwestchaser

        I’d love to visit but haven’t been to FL in years. Purdue huh? A fellow Indiana dude?

  • emvath

    Booo….out of stock now.

    • BlueBalls

      That blows. I’m hoping to grab a little whenever they restock.

      Another GWAR-themed product i’m itching to get my hands on:

      I think I’m going to give “spew” a shot first.

      • mYstic headlock

        That’s fuckin weird I was just getting ready to make an order with Mt. baker. Just discovered them recently.

    • tenwestchaser

      I was lucky enough to piggy back on a trade my buddy was making. Got some of this sweet metal nectar coming my way with some other Cigar City surprises.