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DragonForce’s Herman Li Confronted Over His Past Bands Racist/Homophobic, Etc. Lyrics

Noisey set out to grill DragonForce‘s Herman Li on his and former members of the band’s past outfit, Demoniac. That group broke up in 1999 but had a number of discriminatory tracks (see below) including “N*ggerslut“, “Hatred Is Purity” and “Kill All The F*ggots (Death Squad Anthem)“.

Li said of the band:

“…We started that, me and my friend, back in New Zealand in the 1990s. It was when I was 18 or something. We were having a laugh basically. We just sort of thought “Oh, let’s play some black metal” because we didn’t know any good singers so we couldn’t do any other kind of music except for black metal, death metal. It was just kind of a big joke really.

Our first record was all serious, Satan this, Satan that, and we did quite well with that. The second one kind of turned into NOFX crossed with black metal, and then the third one got into power metal so it was like power metal crossed with black metal, and no one really got it basically.”

Li later said of the band:

“We had a bit of a twisted sense of humor. We were just having a laugh.”

“To put it simply, it was us having a laugh and all the dodgy stuff like that was mostly our old drummer. It was just a laugh and it was a long time ago so it’s not really a big deal.”

DragonForce have a new album titled “Maximum Overload” due on August 19th.


  • Vautour

    “I like to walk the icy sea
    I fight for the taste of victory
    Riding out into the night
    Going up the top of the mount
    Raping, killing all of the time
    Toss in twisting in the front line
    Raping, killing all of the time
    Toss in twisting in the front line!

    I said you may not want to pass me on through!

    And when everyone aren’t paying you any mind
    Raising your fist high up into the air
    Demoniac will never be defeated
    We will eviscerate you

    Eating your heart out in the high heavens
    We have heaviest beats of all time
    We worship Satan and we’re fucking evil ”

    So… why the fuck would you want to name a track with this content “N-word slut”?

    • nickmongonijr

      Dude, who is that in your username pic?

      • Vautour

        Volker Bouffier.

  • Smokin’Joe

    I think it’s called Niggerslut. Not N word nonsense.

  • BloodyBoneKummer

    You know what else happened a long time ago that those non effected don’t think is a big deal?

    This fucking guy. (Not that this story bothers me, but that answer was HORRIBLY worded.)

    • Going Normal

      Do a Bing search for forced labor. Maybe you can put a stop to it. Also, your white guilt is showing. ;)

  • 2Ready2Jiggle

    “It was just a laugh and it was a long time ago so it’s not really a big deal.”

    Kind of like Dragonforce’s career.

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