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DragonForce Streaming Their Cover Of Johnny Cash’s “Ring Of Fire”

Previously it was revealed that DragonForce covered Johnny Cash‘s “Ring Of Fire” for their new album “Maximum Overload“. Their rendition of the country classic can now be found below courtesy of Metal Blade will have “Maximum Overload” on store shelves on August 19th.


  • Background Noise

    What in the fuck…

  • Justanotherpassenger

    I’m really not an advocate of judging something before experiencing it, but I already know that I hate this.

  • grantbrochill

    Let’s all agree not to ask any of the DragonForce members who would be in their ring of fire.

  • 2Ready2Jiggle

    Meh. Social Distortion did it better almost two and a half decades ago.

    • JimCroceLoverXEX

      I was channel flipping in my car a few years back and heard the Social D version of “Ring of Fire” and got excited but it turned out to be the intro music for some liberal talk show called “The Progressive Nation” or some shit like that. I knew never to go to that channel again. Not because of their political views but because they cockteased me.

      • 2Ready2Jiggle

        Story Of My Life

  • Cyanidenailbomb


    Fuck no.