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Asking Alexandria’s Danny Worsnop On Duran Duran Cover With Korn’s Jonathan Davis: “We Pulled That One Out Of Our Asses”

Not that you could tell… but Asking Alexandria‘s Danny Worsnop says his band and Korn frontman Jonathan Davisrecent Duran Duran cover was unrehearsed. You can watch Worsnop and Davis discuss the cover below:


  • star_AD

    Wow Wook, now that’s sarcasm haha. I wonder if you are the jokester/fast talking one of your group.
    But yeah that performance was such a hot mess.

  • TheDevilsAdvocate

    Whoa Jon Davis; Whoa….

    This interview was just an excuse to publicly feel up another dude.

  • EyeOfEveryScorn

    They can put that recording right back up their asses.