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Upon A Burning Body’s Danny Leal: “What Publicity Stunt?”

Upon A Burning Body‘s intentions with their missing singer “publicity stunt” will apparently remain a mystery. Vocalist Danny Leal and guitarist Ruben Alvarez were recently asked about it by (see below) and had little to say of it. In fact, the pair jokingly shrugged off the question, simply saying “what publicity stunt?”

Their new album “The World Is My Enemy Now” is due for a release through Sumerian on August 12th.


  • ozarka

    who in the fuck cares about this story or this shitty band?

  • TheBDanAbstract

    oh for fucks sake guy.

  • BooThisMan

    Buncha shit dicks these guys are

  • mYstic headlock

    The world is their enemy indeed. Even Frankie Palmieri thought this was done in poor taste.

    • Windy City Slaughter

      If they owned that shit and were like, “yeah, it was a bit inconsiderate”, I’d be a bit more willing to brush it off. As is, they’re just trying to hide their shit-stained underwear and pretend like they didn’t crap their pants.

    • tzeromus

      Thats when you know you have fucked up royally, when King Dumbass himself thinks what you did was in bad taste

  • Sam Eagle

    Their response is “What publicity stunt?”

    My response is “What new album?”

    These guys will fade into obscurity sooner rather than later.

    • scorpions

      ^ fucking nailed it.

    • dagger666

      haha I agree – never heard of these guys. Community service sent me here!

  • smokin_joe

    This kind of non sense has no place in a post Dimebag Darrell world.

    • JimCroceLoverXEX

      “For 9/11 AND RANDY BLYTHE!!!!!!!!!!”-Kirk WIndstein

  • Dave Trohl

    ugh…once again, i’m embarrassed to call myself a Texan.


      Why they’re mexican not Texan…

      • Dave Trohl

        words cannot express how dumb.

  • JimCroceLoverXEX

    I have Liquid Metal in my car and they played this bands cover of “5 Minutes Alone” and it was all right until it gets to the slow breakdown at the end and the douche lead singer shouts “THIS ONES FOR TEXAS!!!! REST IN PEACE DIME!!!” in the corniest way possible. I think I’ll see Islander in their time slot instead.

    • mYstic headlock

      Another SiriusXM listener to count among us.

      Don’t mind me Im just waiting for Wolfenstein to install on my PS3. Remember when you just put a cartridge in and away you went? Now I spend an hour downloading patches and installing huge awesome games. Fuck my life. Where am I?

    • Telecatastrophe

      Just heard Islander for the first time a couple weeks ago, not bad at all, and certainly far better than UABB!

      • adamonfire

        UABB > Islander, they’re a bunch of duds

      • JimCroceLoverXEX

        Islander is good if you dig that Deftones/Chevelle sound. I’m going to the 7/16 date and I’m skipping the Veil of Maya/ill Nino slot altogether hoping Cannibal Corpse is doing an autograph signing. A guy I went to high school with works at Victory Records warehouse and he has been on Islander’s dick hard.

      • SpinSwimScream

        What a shame. Veil Of Maya is great live.

      • JimCroceLoverXEX

        I have 2 personal experiences that tell me other wise.

      • SpinSwimScream

        That’s crazy. I’ve seen them 5 or 6 times, and they were spot on every time.

  • BlueBalls

    If I was to kidnap this guy, the first thing I would do is tie him up by the ears.

  • DexterMorgan

    A better promotional idea for this album would be for their band to break up. What a bunch of tools.

    • mythos

      oh fuck you lumberjack Dexter go back to killing people please


    I was just hoping he got deported.

  • dmoe

    Neck tattoo has been confirmed.