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War Of Ages Debut New Single “Chaos Theory”

The new War Of Ages single “Chaos Theory” has been posted for streaming. Hear it below ahead of its official July 22nd release as part of the bands new album, “Supreme Chaos“. A music video for “Chaos Theory” was filmed late last month and should arrive soon.


  • Quietview

    This band is good at writing breakdowns; everything else is very nu-metal. The clean vocals are very KSE-light this time around. That’s the thing with this band: they make me just want to listen to better metalcore. Why so negative I ask myself? Ok, to be fair: this song is better than anything from their last record and their guitar work is too good to call it nu-metal. There. But this is precisely why ETID and bands of their ilk do not belong in the same category as bands like War of Ages.

    • PeAcE MiNuS 0Ne

      They should just call themselves Silverstein.

      • adamonfire

        This isn’t bad, but it’s certainly no Silverstein – dem boys are awesome.