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“Very, Very Heavy” New Cavalera Conspiracy Album “Pandemonium” Coming This Fall

The Cavalera brothers (Max & Iggor) will ride again this fall with a new album from the Cavalera Conspiracy. Max told Metal Hammer of the effort, which is titled “Pandemonium” and should hit in October on Napalm Records:

“It’s called Pandemonium and it’s very, very heavy – the heaviest of all the three. I was really possessed to get Igor back to his Arise era of drumming, everything fast.”

“We almost called the album Fuck The Groove as a joke, like every time we went into the groove ‘Fuck the groove, get back to the fast.’ It’s really full energy stuff”


  • scorpions

    This better be the nails influenced shit. Abandon all life > anything in recent years

    • sickboy_xl

      Nails and Trap Them are two of the greatest bands to emerge in recent memoriy.
      Max will be 80 years old singing about pandemonium fire, rising, conquering, destroying, and statements that start with “fucking”
      If Nails Trap Them and 80 year old Cavalera can coexist, then there really is hope for this sad little planet..

  • Dave Trohl

    hopefully the albums keep getting as heavy as Max does.

  • MorningSon

    I guess if you and each member of your family releases an album every few months one or two are bound not to suck. But then I could be wrong.

    • mYstic headlock

      So far you would be proven wrong. Except Killer Be Killed, but I can’t really give Max a ton of credit for that given the talent he was surrounded by.

      • scorpions

        He had PLENTY of input on that release. Have you even heard it??

      • mYstic headlock

        No. Why was it any good?

        Of course I’ve heard it. However, being the cynic I am, I don’t see him writing many of those lyrics. “Wings of Feather and Wax” is a bit more obtuse than “Jumpdafuckup”, no? I just feel like he’s the Julian Edleman of heavy metal. If Chad Henne is writing the songs it ends up a steaming pile of shit. Working with a few Tom Bradys will make anyone a better musician. I think I might have mixed up my analogies there but you get the idea.