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Struc/tures Denied Entry Into The US, May Miss ‘All Stars Tour’ (Updated)

Update – July 07th 7:43pm:

Struc/tures have since posted the following update:

“We’re not going to miss the entire Allstars tour. Working on getting things situated ASAP so just hang on, we’ll have answers soon!”

Original Story:

Struc/tures may miss their run on this year’s ‘All Stars Tour‘ after being denied entry into the US. The Canadian outfit posted the following message on their current situation:

“We are sad to announce that we were denied access into the United States last night at the border. This is the first time we have ever been turned away from entering the US to tour in the 4 years of being a band, so this is very unsettling for us as it is a matter that is COMPLETELY out of our hands. We can promise everyone who was expecting to see us that we are doing everything in our power to get into the country and we have been on the phone all day sorting out the quickest resolution.

We are extremely let down with this situation and will keep you all updated as we hear more.



  • STH5563

    That definitely sucks. I am hanging on by a thread for The All Stars Tour as it is.

  • adamonfire

    That’s garbage, I saw them here just this past May. I’ve got my All-Stars ticket but they were one of the top bands for me to see.

    • JimCroceLoverXEX

      If Struc/tures has to drop off then I’m hoping they rework the show so Kublai Khan and Acacia Strain go on very first so I can get the fuck out before whatever band Jonny Craig hasn’t been fired from yet takes the stage.

      • adamonfire

        The venue here promoted that band (Slaves) as they also have hosted Mr. Craig solo a few times in the past year, so I gave it a spin and it was quite bad.

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