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Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda: “I’m Not Under The Impression That We’ve Made The Heaviest Album Of All Time”

Linkin Park frontman Mike Shinoda feels that a lot of popular rock music has become a series of indie pop jingles. Speaking with, he opined:

“We’ve been around long enough that music trends have gone away from us and come back. And right now, they’re away. Rock music has gone in this direction that’s like indie pop jingles. It’s like songs that could be on Nick Jr. and the Disney Channel. I can’t see myself writing music like that. I don’t want to follow that trend. Forget it!”

“Bands like Chvrches and Haim to Vampire Weekend, I like those records, I like those bands, I always cite those bands when I talk about this subject. I like that style of music. But there was a point at which that was fresh and new, and they were making it because it was part of their identity and they were making something different. And now it’s a different situation. None of these bands are indie bands, they’re all major label bands. So if you think they’re not, you’re mistaken.”

Shinoda has of course had much to say about the more aggressive nature of the bands new album “The Hunting Party” in recent weeks. He provided a bit more clarity to those statements in this latest chat though, telling the above-mentioned site:

“I know the thresholds of heavy, I’ve heard Meshuggah. I’m not under the impression that we’ve made the heaviest album of all time. But I do know that what’s going on out there in rock music, is that rock music, even the most popular bands, is not really influencing the zeitgeist. It’s not moving the needle of pop culture. I don’t want rock to be pop. I do want it to be exciting. And right now, it’s moderately exciting.”

The Hunting Party” will be released this Tuesday, June 17th, and is currently streaming at this location.


  • scorpions

    Good asshole cause that would make no sense…

  • Redhorns

    Luckily Mike and i have a different opinion about the word “heavy”…

  • kalima666

    he does better PR for meshuggah than his own band.

  • Lifeseclipse

    Meshuggah, in stores now!

  • LunyAlex


  • southpawchew

    Thank you mike for stepping up. We needed a replacement for draimans crazy rants.

  • Aggroculture

    “I have good reason to believe we have NOT made the heaviest album of all time.”

    No shit, Shinoda.

  • nickygoods

    He’s being modest. This album is linkin park’s “eaten back to life” they’ll be lucky if it isnt banned from shelves at major retailers. And I imagine there wont be so many parents dropping their teens off at these linkin park shows once they catch wind of the violence, and depravity of this new found direction.

    • Micah J Femino

      Relax – they are a boy band that made paint by number nu metal pop songs 15 years ago – and for some reason people think they are a real band. They answered an ad in the paper and the guy that posted the ad thought they were cute boys – so he put them together in a rock band. They are the Backstreet Boys of “rock” and their fans have no idea.


    There’s that word again… heavy. Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the Earth’s gravitational pull?

    • carlosfranco

      This needs way more thumbs ups.

  • kalima666

    here mike shinoda while you’re talking about stuff you don’t know

    • kalima666

      let’s try to derail him

  • glassJAw78

    Did he get a free Mesheggah cd in his Lucky Charms or something? Always jockin on Meshuggah. I would say the term moderately exciting is highly over stated.

  • snake

    If you think Meshuggah is the threshold of heavy than you don’t really know anything about metal.