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Ronnie Radke Raps About Domestic Battery Case On New Song “Asshole”, Black Veil Brides Singer Guests

Falling In Reverse‘s Ronnie Radke—who was in court earlier today on domestic battery charges—has released another track from his upcoming mixtape. You can now hear “Asshole“, which features a cameo from Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack. The songs release is obviously strategic as it finds Radke addressing the incident referenced above and his mic stand throwing incident:

“Last but not least I want to thank my fans, the best damn fan base a band could have. To show appreciation for how grateful I am, here’s a mic stand, take it home to your dad.

I got arrested for a crime that I didn’t commit and I never beat my girlfriend she’s a god damned bitch, man. The truth is she was pissed I broke it off so what she did was calculate a plan to hurt me any chance she could get. Fuck it, her plot didn’t work. The jig is up and everybody knows it’s berserk.”

A free download is hosted at with a stream available after the break:


  • sickboy_xl

    Lord. Please just end it here.
    Humanity has officially had enough.
    Our potential on this planet has officially evaporated.
    These guys fucked it up for everyone.
    We’re done. Amen.

    (or if you prefer:
    Satan, you were right. Take us all down with you. Rock on. Hail Lemmy)

  • webb71

    I hate this fucking fuck.

  • MarsupialRebellion

    The funny thing about this is, yes there will always be bottom of the barrel bullshit “artists” out there who suck at life and everything else miserably. Thats a fact. But what is really sad is that this guy really does have a shit ton of fans that follow him around and obsess over his words and antics, and actually defend this douche nozzle. :shakes head: its a travesty, truly. Humanity truly is fucked.

  • Going Normal

    Nice lips. I bet he could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.

  • IAmSancho

    I didn’t beat up my girlfriend, but here’s a rap about how much I hate women. ::facepalm::

  • weakflesh

    One of the sickest parts about this prick is how he uses the glamourization of all of his offenses in a sample sequence, as if being proud of them. He is blatantly aware that it’s all in connection to kids getting killed or having beaten up his girlfriend, as if such things are supposed to be badass or something. I’m not condoning using crime to promote Music, but none of this seedy past he’s so fond of is even something to ‘behold’ or be ‘intimidated’ by.

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