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Godflesh, In This Moment, Entombed, Nachtmystium, Vildhjarta, Etc. Vinyl Releases Due In June

Century Media have more 7″ and LP’s to be made available from their various artists. Similar to the wave of vinyl releases coming later this month, the label will open their vaults again on June 24th, giving a wider release to the following pressings:

Bob Wayne/Exodus – “Split“:
Side A: Bob Wayne – “Road Bound
Side B: Exodus – “Hammer And Life
Limited to 450 copies.

Bob Wayne/3 Inches Of Blood – “Split“:
Side A: Bob Wayne – “Everything’s Legal In Alabama
Side B: 3 Inches Of Blood – “Call Of The Hammer” (live)
Limited to 600 copies.

Earth Crisis – “Into A Sea Of Stone“:
Side A: “Into A Sea Of Stone
Side B: “Void
Limited to 175 copies.

In This Moment – “Blood“:
Side A: “Blood
Side B: “Closer” (Nine Inch Nails cover)
Limited to 400 copies.

Marduk – “Souls For Belial“:
Side A: “Souls For Belial
Side B: “Oil On Panel
Limited to 275 copies on white numbered vinyl.

Voivod – “Kuskap O’Kom
Side A: “Kluskap O’Kom
Side B: “Kluskap O’Kom” (live)
Limited to 170 copies.

Entombed – “Wolverine Blues” (2×10″)
Limited to 225 copies.

Godflesh – “Pure“:
Limited to 350 copies on gold with black splatter vinyl.

Massacre – “Back From Beyond“:
Limited to 150 copies.

Nachtmystium – “Worldfall“/”Eulogy” (Picture Disc):
Limited to 325 copies.

Sentenced – “North From Here“:
Limited to 500 hand numbered copies

Vildhjarta – “Thousands Of Evil” (12″):
Limited to 125 copies on clear vinyl.


  • Brian

    You can buy a bunch of these on CMDistro right now, like Massacre, Sentenced, Entombed, and more. Why are they being reissued?

    Here is a better idea: dip into your rich back catalog of classics, give some a proper remaster, and press those into nice vinyl packages. While you’re at it, make the same suggestion to your buddies at Nuclear Blast.

    • cma3585

      Earache is currently doing that with a ton of amazing past death releases.