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Miss May I Officially Address The Alleged Stage Diving-Related Death Of Their Fan At NYC Show

Miss May I have officially addressed the passing of their 21 year old fan Alberto Scott during their performance at the Webster Hall in New York City, NY this past Saturday, May 03rd. Unconfirmed fan reports have suggested that Scott injured his head in an ill-fated stage dive.

The venue have stated that he collapsed after exiting the show, succumbing to his apparent injuries. Here’s what the group had to say today about the matter:

“As many of you will have heard, Alberto Scott, a Miss May I fan in attendance at our Webster Hall show on Saturday night tragically died. We were deeply shocked and saddened to hear this news. We are awaiting a full report from the New York Police Department. In the meantime, we’d ask that all your thoughts and prayers be with his family. We have been made aware of a webpage that is raising funds to help pay for his funeral costs. We will be making a contribution and we’d strongly urge others to do so-”


  • wyldweasil

    Ill-fated? reports I saw said the kid stage dived and everyone moved out of the way. Hope they know his blood is on their hands.

    • dangerantihero

      Why?? It’s the kid’s fault

      • wyldweasil

        so you’re saying it’s not a douche move at all to move out of the way?

      • The Mad Magician

        So you’re saying it’s not a douche move to jump on top of strangers?
        Just because someone is close to the stage doesn’t mean they want to be jumped and kicked by the same mouthbreather over and over again.

      • adamonfire

        It’s the kid’s fault for jumping, but also a concert norm that these activities take place at such a show. As I taught the kids when I was a swim instructor, look before you leap.

      • The Mad Magician

        It will not be a concert norm of any kind in the very near future. Most venues of any kind of reputation have banned it already.

    • KillingTime

      There’s a little lesson about ‘expectations’ in all of this.

      Some of them are unrealistically maintained.

      ‘They will catch me’, for example.
      Simply didn’t hold up.

    • veil your eyes

      You are a douchebag.

  • Porpoise Orifice

    How fucking shitty to die at a godamn Miss May I concert. I’d rather die at a Rocky Horror Picture show night in drag than there.

    • adamonfire

      If I had to go out at a show, it’d be with Parkway Drive.

      • Porpoise Orifice

        Those guys were lots of fun live. Hmm, personally I’d probably choose Tower of Power.
        HEADLINE: Fan stage dives onto dance floor during song “What Is Hip?” Everyone kept dancing and didn’t notice dead fan for three more songs.

      • adamonfire

        Probably because two of your friends would be walking around with you Weekend At Bernie’s style.

    • Dax

      I agree. If this were at Deftones show, I’d be all – that sucks…. but what song was it?

  • bad_taco

    I don’t know what’s worse: The fact he died because no one wanted to catch him when he stage dove, or the fact that the last thing he heard before he passed was a Miss May I song.

  • goop

    I feel bad for the guy but just because someone died does not mean there is someone to blame. It can be a fine line, trying to push the limits of fun and not get hurt or die. I know, I had my share of close calls.

  • southpawchew

    Miss may I fans are too young to remember what stage diving is.

    • Dax

      I was devirginized at my first Snapcase show. It was pretty much unavoidable as they were kicking way too much ass.

      • mYstic headlock

        Are you referring to your be-hymen?

  • Rakasta

    Anyone remember Boy Hits Car? The lead singer did a 68 ft stage dive one time. I guess the lesson is you can stage dive from anywhere as long as you make sure people are there to catch you.

    • scorpions

      As I watch the sun fuck the ocean was my jam… How bout when they played Ozzfest?! Fuck, I’m old!