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Chino Moreno Posts Video For Crosses’ (†††) “Telepathy”

††† (Crosses) frontman Chino Moreno (also of Deftones, etc.) uploaded the below video for †††‘s “Telepathy” earlier today to his official Youtube page:


  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    Dat bass line!

    • tenwestchaser

      Right? That’s what I say every time I crank this song. So damn groovy.

  • xtiantheatheist

    I was unaware that Tilda Swinton is actually somewhat good looking.

  • stantheclam

    Bad Luck Brian meme for Crosses at Coachella:
    Asked to play at Coachella

    Plays same time as reunited OutKast.

  • scorpions

    This video and band are fucking rad.