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Stick To Your Guns Quit Facebook, Say: “Our Music Is Not A Spring Board For Your Bank Account!”

Stick To Your Guns have decided to abandon Facebook in light of the social media companies increasingly restrictive policies. Currently the social media giant allows bands, companies, blogs, etc. access to a small fraction of those who have liked their profile, charging money per post to gain access to more.

There is of course a slight way around this by having the user choose a select setting when choosing to ‘like’ a page, but the likelihood of each user doing that is obviously quite low. Here’s what the band had to say about their exodus, via their Facebook, naturally:

“We’d love to tell you about our new album…
Unfortunately @Facebook will decide which of the 20,000 (of 300,000) actually get to know that it even exists. In the meantime, they collect data on our fans to target you for advertising campaigns to sell you shit you that don’t need. We don’t see the profits for that! OUR MUSIC IS NOT A SPRING BOARD FOR YOUR BANK ACCOUNT! Now they want a double profit?!
Packing our boxes and moving to @twitter where we know you can engage.
Tell them to fuck off with us.
We’ll be on tour in ______ on ______. (For $5,000+ you can read this post.)”

The outfit of course have a new album recorded with a release later this year on Sumerian in the works.


  • Daisy May Tinklepants

    Their fan must be really bummed.

    • mYstic headlock

      That would have been funnier if the article wasn’t about 300,000 people liking their page.

      At any rate, Facebook didn’t make a trillion dollars giving shit away for free. They’re basically asking to advertise their album but don’t want to pay for it. Kind of a weak argument.

      • TheMediaProphet

        Thank you! I guess they should also cancel any form of online or print advertising they may be doing for said album. Take that “it should be free” shit back to OWS. They don’t tour for free, why should FB allow them to advertise for free?

  • TheMediaProphet

    Ha! I just noticed they’re on Sumerian! I wonder what Ash’s stance on this is.

  • emvath

    …some sort of “sticking to their guns” joke here….

  • adamonfire

    I saw some of their posts when they were happening (even though I guess they think that’s impossible) and they just come off as dumb, whiny kids. Do they think servers, staff, encryption, etc are all free? I like your music, but whomever made those posts is dumb as hell.

    • TheMediaProphet

      I don’t understand why it’s so hard for people to understand this. Oh wait, I do. Barry and the current administration are doing everything they can to convince Americans that everything in fucking life should be “free”. No one even understands the meaning of the word anymore.

      • adamonfire

        Agreed, same thing when people bitch about ticket service fees. As much as I don’t like them, I understand Ticketmaster and Live Nation have costs they need to cover… but I get most of my tickets at the venues to avoid these anyways.

      • mYstic headlock

        You should never be charged a ticket fee again. There’s a palatial estate in Key West owned by Mr. Live Nation that your dues thus far have paid for.

      • adamonfire

        So should we never have to pay anything from McDonald’s or Walmart? They may be dicks, but they made their money and it could be one of us coming up with a great idea/process/business/etc having our own islands.

      • mYstic headlock

        I meant just you, Adam. I was making joke #7564 about how many concerts you attend. Bad delivery on my part.

      • adamonfire

        Ah I got ya, man. Yeah I only buy through a web service if it’s assigned seating and I get in early for decent seats or if I think a GA is going to sell out quickly (such as Refused a few years ago).

      • mYstic headlock

        That’s the smart way to do it. For me any venue I would go to is not worth the trouble to commute to. With the time and gas involved, I break even with the dry anal raping that is service fees.

  • lateraleye789

    Facebook Quits Stick To Your Guns, Say: “Our Website Is Not A Free Spring Board For Your Bank Account!”

  • southpawchew

    Stick to your guns is a spring board to wooks bank account.

    • Porpoise Orifice

      Fascinating. And just as Adam alluded to, they now have had more people visit their site by “protesting fb” than paying for the extra fees. Not bad, but let’s hope we don’t see much hypocrisy (not than I even endorse this band).

  • southpawchew

    In all seriousness, Facebook was a great tool for bands to get publicity and “free” advertising. You could see a small band with a small following friend them and follow them with out going out of your way to remember who they where. It was at least some what of a trade off for the fact that most of your music profit is out of your hands because of downloading. As much as a lot of you people hate it at least musicians can fund albums off of fans with indego campaigns. Well. Not like anyone will know they have their campaign set up because they won’t see it on Facebook…

  • adamonfire

    As groups who commonly quit Facebook do, STYG updated their cover image with their summer tour dates after the announced they were packing their bags.

  • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

    Yeah, websites that are free to use generally get their money through ad revenue, idiot.

  • Aggroculture

    Damn I thought this article was about Stray From The Path.

    Verb Preposition/Pronoun The Noun bands ftw!

  • Going Normal

    I hope they start using Myspace. My friend list doesn’t look too impressive right now.