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Ex-Design The Skyline Frontman Returns With Lucid Haven

Ex-Design The Skyline vocalist Daniel Garza has been fronting a new outfit named Lucid Haven as of late. Below you can check out their video for their track “Sinical Soul“:


  • tzeromus

    Just as i was about to be able to forget about the abomination that was design the skyline this has to come out -.-

    • weakflesh

      Remember, if you google ‘Worst band on Victory Records’, this band actually comes up. Google itself provides an in depth link to all their content.

      • Windy City Slaughter

        To play Devil’s advocate a bit here – these kids were really young when they put that album out. Maybe they aren’t getting any better, but they had the unfortunate experience of getting exposure before they had something they would be widely accepted with.

        Maybe what you guys could do instead of listening to their music and getting pissed about it is spend more time listening to music you like? I think you’ll find it is much more enjoyable to do things you like instead of doing things you hate.

      • weakflesh

        Wow, six thumbs down and Mr. Rogers logic in a humourous slight at Design the Skyline? I think you need to drink your juice and use your inside voice a little more often.

    • w33dm@n361

      Lemme see you do better……exactly.

  • 61485_1300

    These guys (Lucid Haven) kick ass!!!I heard they had a show with Gemini Syndrome and Starset. The losers posting about DTS are obviously still living in the past, and probably don’t even play an instrument smh. The members aren’t even the same as from DTS except Dani.

    • adamonfire

      Gemini Syndrome and Starset are two of the worst recent bands I’ve heard, instant change on XM when those duds come on.

  • monkeywithagun

    This band isn’t great, but is light years better then anything that Design the skyline did.

  • w33dm@n361

    Sounds fucking amazing!!!!!!!! Wow waaaaaaay better than dts. Wow I’ve listened to this at work and all my coworkers loved it. keep up the amazing work fellas \m/

    • 61485_1300

      Hell yeah!! Sick shit man! I cant wait to hear some more music from them! It’s funny how there’s already haters hating,they mad ther ladies want these guys ‘D” lmao. They talk the talk but got no walk.Why dont these haters post a link for ther music video or band? ….. cricket…cricket…yup just a bunch of talk lol.I wish these guys the best.keep tearing shit up guys!!

      • Porpoise Orifice


      • MyDarkPassenger

        When did Ronnie Radke get a PRP account?

      • w33dm@n361

        Lol their just jealous. Those who can’t do criticize. I agree 100% with you.

  • Headlamp

    I was able to listen all the way through and I bobbed my head a few times.
    Leaps and bounds over Deny The Guy-liner.

    • w33dm@n361

      Troll much?

  • Porpoise Orifice


    • 61485_1300


      • Porpoise Orifice

        Aren’t morbidly obese people the only ones still using that word online? Either way, you’re a sweetheart and we should be pen pals! I really like your please-don’t-confuse-me-with-being-smart approach.

      • MyDarkPassenger

        When I read your reply in Recent Comments, Porpoise, I was kinda hoping you were referring to the term “derp.” I still see asshats using that from time to time and try to imagine how they think its cool and/or productive in any way. It was cute 8 years ago. Now its a fucked out meme. You people suck at the internet, and the worst part is you feel like you’re awesome at it. Get fucked.

        That felt great.

      • Porpoise Orifice

        I could make one of those confession bear memes and it would say that I, Porpoise Orifice, use the term derp and its variants. ):
        I find it funny to use when someone makes a goofy/dumb mistake.

  • 00

    This shit sucks, and these dudes’ buddies coming here to drop some thumbs down will not make this shit not suck.


    This shit fucking sucks. Moving on…

  • snake

    aspiring gay men

    • w33dm@n361

      These dudes are amazing period. Fucking metal and sick\m/

  • w33dm@n361

    This is way too catchy. Love this can’t wait for more jams you guys are def in my top 5 bands abigail williams immortal carnifex whitechapel and lucid haven\m/

  • Steve Moyer

    I wonder if they are trying to hate the “girl inside.” Really it would
    be much better if they would simply accept themselves. All men are
    based on women and have a female inside. Its such a shame that our
    society teaches them to pretend to be hyper-masculine as a way of
    suppressing our feminine nature.