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Attila To Begin Recording New Album Next Week

Attila will commence the recording process for their new album next week. The group have chosen Joey Sturgis (The Devil Wears Prada, Emmure) to produce the outing, which should arrive this summer. The band will of course be out this summer on the 2014 ‘Vans Warped Tour‘.

Meanwhile, band frontman Chris Fronzak has posted another blog update, this one details what he feels is “the right way to get the attention of band members.” An excerpt from it is available below:

“…BE REAL- How are you gonna tell me that my music about partying and fucking bitches saved your life? I mean, I guess it COULD be true if you were a boring, shy, virgin and my music made you more outgoing and awesome, but did my music literally save you from the brink of death? Nah, probably not. Same goes for other artists too, you don’t have to tell them that you were gonna kill yourself before you listened to their music. That’s just a depressing cast for attention and that makes everyone bummed out regardless if its true or not. Like I said- negativity breeds negativity…”


  • rumsem

    For once, I don’t hate or disagree with this. So many bullshit fans pull that stuff. “Listen, you’re 15… you don’t know what real fucking problems are yet kid” is what I’d like to say to most of them. “I’m crying after listening to this…” I’d almost rather be blind then ever read that again pertaining to anything with guttural vocals.