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HELLYEAH Perform New Song “Demons In The Dirt”, Recruit Ex-Magna-Fi Guitarist

With an official announcement still pending, HELLYEAH have been confirmed to have enlisted former Magna-Fi guitarist Christian Brady as their current touring guitarist. He is handling the parts originally played by Greg Tribbett of Mudvayne fame.

Below you can watch the band perform a new song titled “Demons In The Dirt” with Brady at a recent live stop. A June 10th release date has been set for their new album “Blood For Blood“.


  • kalima666

    that pit is just as brutal as the music

    • sickboy_xl

      They”re going to be on the Ed Sullivan show tomorrow night. Gonna be thrilling.

    • Porpoise Orifice

      I hope no one’s shoelaces became untied.

  • 00

    RIP, Tom Maxwell

  • Porpoise Orifice

    True definition of 10lbs. of shit in a 5lb. bag.

  • wtf

    It seems like the cool thing (trendy) for internet comments to bash this band every single second on every single news site. While not the greatest band, they aren’t the worst. They get compared to FFDP….why? Vocals are way different…so are the riffs, and these guys aren’t even close to FFDP popularity. My city’s radio station wont play Sangre Por Sangre….cuz its heavier than Godsmack, Disturbed, FFDP, and say Papa Roach. And I’d rather hear this than Emmure or any of these other all sound the same low tuned meshuggah deathcore breakdown bands. All I’m saying is….its not as bad as alot of stuff out there everyone thinks they are. We all know they should be in their old bands, but come one….we said that 4 albums ago since the first. “This is the really real world, there ain’t no coming back.”

    • MyDarkPassenger


    • Vautour


    • southpawchew

      Have you seen the video or heard the song for sangre? There is absolutely nothing good about it. Chad gray is trying to be a Mexican, the guitarist does a horrible solo that is just sound effects and god. This list could go on and on. 5 f d p may actually be better. But that’s like saying one tick sucks better than a different tick

    • 00

      “We should like this because it’s heavier than other stuff that sucks, and because it’s all these musicians are doing.”

      Fuck that and fuck you.

  • Douche McGee

    As much as I wish this would end and Nothingface would start back up again, I know it won’t. When I first heard about this group when it was ColdWhiteChrist, I could not have been more excited. Then it became Hellyeah and I got douche chills of epic proportions. I’ve checked out all of their albums hoping for something good and while I don’t love this band, Chad’s voice is starting to almost not sound as retarded as it has since The New Game. If you ignore the content of the lyrics and just listen sonically, Band of Brothers had some decent songs on it. I kinda liked Cross to Beir, but I though Sangre pour Sangre was absolute dogshit. I think once you realize that even if Hellyeah stopped completely, Nothingface won’t get back together and Mudvayne won’t go back to LD 50, you can just take this band in as any other band objectively and see that they are mediocre. Not great, not like having a screwdriver jammed in your ear. Just there.

    Also, it seems like Chad feels the need to do the fast singing on every song. It’s really bad.

    • southpawchew

      If u eat shit every now and then u luck out and find a whole peanut and a whole corn kernel but I’d rather not do it. Just like listening to hellyeah.