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Candiria Streaming New Track “Invaders”

Candiria have launched a stream of their new track “Invaders“, which was apparently inspired by Iron Maiden‘s track of the same name. You can hear the songbelow courtesy of MetalSucks. The group will release “The Invaders” EP on April 29th on 7″ vinyl through Giant MKT. A digital release is also planned for the same date.


  • DeadHearts

    Oh yeah baby oh yeah.

  • glassJAw78

    Sick. I’ve missed these guys, especially since they went in a more “rock oriented” direction. I’m glad to hear Carly going back to Beyond a Reasonable Doubt style vocals, and a heavy dose of jazz in the mix. Thank you New York’s Hardest Volume 2 for putting Candiria in my earphones.

  • glassJAw78

    Remember when Candiria was declared one of Heavy Metal’s Top 10 Most Important Bands around 1999? Wish they had stayed the metal/hardcore/jazz course. I saw these guys a few times around that time, most memorably with Hatebreed and Puya. That was one hell of a show. Glad they’re rediscovering what made them unique.

    • BEASTcoast

      i do remember that. and PUYA!!! oh man, there’s a band that needs to get on the reunion tip. saw them with FEAR FACTORY @ Hammerstein.

      candiria is the most talented, creative and unique band i’ve ever heard. met them @ the COMA IMPRINT record release @ Sam Goody. remember Sam Goody? Carley borrowed my cousin’s Yankees cap for a video shoot. coolest mofos around… i remember seeing john bebop blissing out at a dep show.

      when music has died, and been dead for a decade+ there is a very simple solution: the best bands of all tyme (soundgarden, failure, candiria, tool et. al. …) simply have to reunite and make more.

      ie: We don’t need no more steenkin 3rd-djeneration clones. we need new modern classicks. thanks candiria. welcome back.