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Bleed From Within Eyeing Possible Rage Against The Machine, Foo Fighters, AC/DC Covers

Bleed From Within are letting their fans decide which song they should cover on their forthcoming crowdfunded EP. Songs in contention to be covered include:

Foo Fighters – “The Pretender
The Offspring – “Come Out Swinging
Rage Against The Machine – “Guerilla Radio
Biffy Clyro – “Saturday Superhouse

You can cast your vote at this location.


  • MyDarkPassenger

    Jesus Christ is there any need for another TNT cover ever again? I could say this about a fuck load of ACDC songs, but that one sticks out.

    For a good dose of why-the-fuck-does-this-exist, check out Six Feet Under’s cover of “You Shook Me”

    • musicalsnob

      Done dirt cheap!!!



      The Six Feet Under Covers made hearing AC/DC enjoyable again after repeated radio play ruined them for me.

      • MyDarkPassenger

        But why? They are identical song structures with worse vocals. Its just a shittier version of a fucked out song. That’s about as bad as it gets for me.

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