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letlive.’s Atlanta Set Reportedly Cut Short After Jason Butler Climbs To The Balcony For A Song

letlive.‘s wildcard singer Jason Butler is said to have found his bands set cut short by venue staff after climbing the balcony at The Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA this past Thursday, March 06th. Butler went on to perform from the upper section before respectfully climbing back down to the stage. Despite not jumping, the venue were said to have been less than thrilled with his behavior, cutting the bands set short as a result of the stunt. You can watch Wsquaredfilms‘ footage of that below.

You may recall that a self-proclaimed letlive. fan was charged with assault after injuring audience members with a balcony stage dive at an earlier stop on this very same tour.


  • STH5563

    Gotta love Jason. He is quite entertaining.

    • emvath

      Indeed I love this guy. He brings his A-game to every single performance. We need more drug-fueled maniacs in rock today. We have plenty of drugs…just not enough maniacs.

      • adamonfire

        He actually doesn’t do drugs… just says he eats a lot of sugar before he goes out there.

      • JimCroceLoverXEX

        Jason is single handedly keeping Jolt Cola alive.

      • emvath

        That could certainly be true and I shouldn’t have made it sound like he was a druggie when I have no reason to believe that he is. I apologize. All I meant to say is that I enjoy a bit of craziness in my rock and or roll.

      • NoSalvation

        Illegal downloading has killed drugs in music.. back in the 80s everyone was high, now everyone’s broke and dopesick.

  • Livedefflo

    Chino from Deftones did the same thing at a show i was at at the same place. The show went on =)

    • Livedefflo

      they were playing with Glassjaw during their White Pony tour, I must say Glassjaw is quite good live =D

  • nymets71087

    Live and letlive.

  • MyDarkPassenger

    Fuckin narcs. The coolest part might have been the distance he traversed with a corded mic. I didn’t believe it could be done at first.

  • adamonfire

    If Tim Lambesis were smart he would’ve just had a house party with letlive. and Terror and invited his wife.

  • NoSalvation

    Hahaha, awesome story! First off, Jason’s actions are leading me into checking this band out for the first time. Second, Krusty was right, we do need more drug fueled maniacs in metal, which led me to changing my avatar to the most fucked up drugged maniac in music ever. Lastly, F U Adam for discrediting what Krustbucket said, but fuckin’ awesome house party comment. Long live insanity and to Hell with close-minded motherfuckers.

  • carlosfranco

    This guy makes me want to like this band. We do need more singers like this. He gave everyone in that place a concert they will never forget.

    • STH5563

      Absolutely. I’ve seen them a few times. One time he hung from the ceiling at a venue, then proceeded to start his own mosh pit. It was amazing. I’ve heard he’s pulled his hair out and jumped into the ocean right in the middle of his set before.

    • MyDarkPassenger

      Actually the guy standing on the balcony where he climbed up looked bored as shit. He was like “Is it BMTH time YET? GAWD!”

  • AMeN

    Promoters are retarded if they don’t expect this, Jason is such a sound dude.

  • incog neato

    Haha dude’s like “Yo! lemme get a pic real quick”.

  • southpawchew

    U think security would of had a heads up when he hooked up a mic with a 1,000 yard cord.

  • STH5563

    This just in, Jason Butler just jumped off stage at Never Say Never Fest and chased a horse in a field.

  • Jenkem Dealer

    Recently I saw Letlive on tour with ETID and Jason had just returned from the hospital with his arm in a sling because he had nerve surgery (I’d say I saw them about 2 days after his surgery). He apologized for not being as wild as usual because of the arm in the sling. He seemed just as crazy as usual though, and still jumped into the fucking crowd. With his arm in a sling from fucking nerve surgery. That’s amazing to me.

    • imavampireimavampireimavampire

      He was still rocking a cast or wrap of some sort when I saw them open for ETID at their Christmas show. Dude still went hard as fuck and I would give infinite moneys to see them tour with either TDEP or Trash Talk.

      • UhMilhouse

        For what it’s worth, Dillinger and Trash Talk are touring together, in case you are unaware.

      • southpawchew

        The first night was actually really tame compaired to the second. I was a little dissipointed the first night but blown away the second. I will not miss them when ever they come around. Nice to see a band enjoy what they do.

  • Cutch

    Love the band, and his antics are entertaining, but at the show I saw, he only performed about 60% of the vocals to each song.