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Dave Grohl Proclaims Baptists’ Nick Yacyshyn His “Favorite New Drummer”

Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters/Nirvana, etc. fame has proclaimed Baptists drummer Nick Yacyshyn his “favorite new drummer by far.” Yacyshyn commented to on receiving the honor:

Dave has been a big time influence of mine and he’s up there and one of the guys I absolutely look up to as far as musicians and just as one of the best drummers of all time. When you’re a kid and you listen to Nirvana, it blows your mind and I was into Foo Fighters and Queens Of The Stone Age too.”

Grohl initially revealed his love for the band and Yacyshyn‘s playing, posting this live video on the Foo Fighters Facebook with the caption “Drummers Beware!!!”. Baptists are currently in pre-production for their next album which they will be tracking soon at GodCity Studio with Converge‘s Kurt Ballou.


  • tenwestchaser

    Wow. That’s about as big of a compliment as you can get. Makes Dave Grohl seem even cooler, too.

  • kalima666

    i started listening to them lately… i am a huge gaza fan and when they broke up i was sad i like their new project.. but i like sludgy music and also elements this band has.. always been a fan of stuff like this i dig it. it’s meant to sound sloppy but it’s not haha i like these guys

  • CanYouTransfuse

    This dude is a drummer in a genre filled with far superior drummers. Not sure what Grohl sees in him that wouldn’t have been seen in Trap Them’s drummer, Cursed’s drummer, or Converge’s drummer. Awesome compliment, but this has been done before by much better drummers.

    • Sniki

      What don’t you understand from the phrase “favorite new drummer”? Favorite (as in personal taste), or “new” (as in “previously unknown, unlike Trap Them, Cursed or Converge”)?

      • CanYouTransfuse

        Sniki….calm down baby. There are far better drummers in the genre out there currently, would you like me to make you a list sugar tits?

    • SpinSwimScream

      CanYouTransfuse is actually right. This drummer is nothing special, and is honestly just lucky to have got this sort of recognition from Grohl. I hear a little bit of Grohl’s style in his playing, which is probably why he likes him, but there are wayyyy too many better drummers.

  • cancerrat

    you all sound like dickheads…. this is the same drummer