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Rob Zombie And Writer Bret Easton Ellis Developing Manson Family Murders TV Series

Rob Zombie writer Bret Easton Ellis (“American Psycho“, etc.) are in the early stages of development of a project centered around the Manson Family Murders in August of 1969. The intended multi-part series has caught the interest of Fox and will apparently dramatize the events; telling the stories of the people involved and affected by the murders. For more on that, check out the report over at


  • NoSalvation

    Could be cool. I’m guessing this is the idea Rob pitched in a one liner the other day.. Another family of murderers.. definitely for fans of Devil’s Rejects. Better than a hockey movie I suppose. I think Rob could do better however. Has anyone seen the Maniac remake with Elijah Wood in it? I was hoping for a movie more along those lines from Rob. If you haven’t seen that movie, check it out. Fuckin’ awesome. Twisted, psychotic, violent.. made me uncomfortable and that’s not easy to do.

  • MyDarkPassenger

    This could be awesome. I saw Rob Zombie like 6 years ago and they had this great Manson family clip they played during the performance of The Devil’s Rejects (the song). Very eerie. Not sure if they still usethat but it gIves me hope for this project.

  • MorningSon

    If you have not read the book I suggest you go to your favorite local independent used bookstore and fork over $5-$6 and get a copy of American Psycho. The movie is okay but as with the majority of films adapted from novels so much is missing. Key plot points and entire sub-plots were left out and not just because these are very graphic and potentially disturbing scenes but most likely because you’d have a three hour (or longer) movie and there’s no way that a studio would allocate a budget for filming an epic of that scale and probably more importantly no studio would attempt to market a film like that no matter how good it could be. The history of getting American Psycho to celluloid is a long and tumultuous one – if stuff like that interests you then there are plenty of articles on the web detailing the journey – check ‘em out.
    Along with Jay McInerney, Ellis chronicled the lives of college students and young professionals of the 80s and 90s with excruciating detail. I’m looking forward to his unique perspective on a series of events that are credited as the symbolic end of an era. The Tate/LaBianca murders along with Altamont later that year revealed the flipside of the hippie coin. Peace and love VS murder and hate. It’s not as if this underbelly of flower power bloomed overnight – the seed of Mansons world view and the horrific deeds of his family had been planted decades ago. It’s this underlying story and the story of the rest of the Manson Family that I hope Ellis chooses to elaborate. The seduction of recruits or the magnetic charisma of Manson are the true tales that until now have not been thoroughly explored with an objective view. Sure, there are many documentaries and films about Charlie, the Family and some of the killings but these are incomplete or only tell the tale from certain perspectives leaving the viewer without a comprehensive picture. The documentaries that seem to air almost every weekend on some faux-history cable network are often limited by which witnesses, victims family or Manson Family member(s) are being paid to participate. Ellis has an opportunity to look beyond this and offer a definitive film of the events and times that created Manson and his Family.
    I can’t think of a better filmmaker than Zombie to bring this to life. The feel of House of 1000 Corpses and better yet Devils Rejects places you right in the mind of the killers. Eerie and grotesque at times Zombie has a way of exploring the darker urges of mankind that will lend itself to the ultimate telling of the Manson story. Like a good car wreck you know the images will be horrible and possibly scar you for life but you cannot look away.

    • MyDarkPassenger

      Lay off the speed, champ. That was… thorough.

    • Not made2regulate the fuckin choke

      Nothing wrong w/ investing or putting ur heart into commenting on something ur passionate about. Even if it goes against our “length loses interest society/etiquette. I didnt “thoroughly” read, only cuz subject is not an interest to me. More then a paragraph does not deter me. An regardless the effort is far more admirable then any snide “one liner” use to condemn it.

      I myself have quite a love/hate relationship here w/ the prp.Been here since 2001 and def admire feedback from a handful of the regulars(like passenger (below) & Wurst).But often I hesitate to even bother commenting & get tired of the tactless hate trolled out.

      hope this makes ur day a lil better or at least the person/s clicking the “thumbs down” day

      • MyDarkPassenger

        I’m all for lengthy and redundant posting (its kind of my MO) but that post went off on some pretty wild tangents. Detailing why a movie couldn’t live up to its namesake book and what not.

        Eh, its a slow weekend, so I’ll admit anything is better than nothing.

      • Not made2regulate the fuckin choke

        haha! I just read it. I’ll admit ur comment has much more validity then I realized when replying. touche. I always dig ur comments & appreciate the reply. Seriously, U & just a few others are about the only thing that keeps me scrolling on posts. Fo rizzle son.

      • MyDarkPassenger

        Thanks fella. I appreciate the kind words. Usually people just comment on how omnipresent my posts are. Which is fine, I get it. I’m not going to do anything about it, but I get it.

    • jayofdajungle

      Huge Bret Easton Ellis fan here. I’ve read everything he’s written several times over. His work while still good, has tailed off a bit in the past couple novels. This project with Rob Zombie will either reinvigorate him and be genius or be a complete disaster.

  • adamonfire

    I’m hoping Fox is the production company and that it would land somewhere like FX as opposed to broadcast TV.

    • jayofdajungle

      HBO, Showtime, or even Starz. No restrictions, only way it would work.

      • MyDarkPassenger

        Or Netflix. If there’s anything I learned from Orange is the New Black, it’s that Netflix is comfortable with vag shots. Even HBO and Cinemax shy away from that business.

      • IamChristian

        Whoa that has Vag in it? Any specific good ones?Episodes and amount of time into the episode please.

      • MyDarkPassenger

        About halfway through the season there’s a thing where one of the inmates takes a selfie of her vag and it ends up on the internet or something. It’s not really hot, though.

        There is, however, a plethora of vag shots available right here on the internet. Just search for, well… just about anything.

      • adamonfire
      • WURST

        ^Ha. That guy (Mr. Skin) has an odd job.

      • adamonfire

        He’s a pretty frequent guest with a local radio show that’s changed from one station to another around here, usually has some pretty interesting stuff to talk about. He’s got a dude site too if that’s your bag.