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Comeback Kid Streaming New Album “Die Knowing”

A full album stream of the new Comeback Kid album “Die Knowing” is being served up over at The group will have the album on store shelves this coming Monday, March 03rd, on Victory Records.


  • incog neato

    Its bad to tha bone,baby!

  • Dax

    No joke man – this is ridiculously heavy! And these guys weren’t exactly light to begin with. So bad as to hear a band totally rip like this. Guitars, drums, and vox are a damn party. I’m looking forward to seeing them next week.

  • ZMA


  • gonsa

    nah. only turn it around was solid.

    • WURST

      Here we go, one of these “i only like their first album” guys.

    • WURST

      Besides, “Wake The Dead” blows that album out of the water.

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