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Issues Comment (Somewhat) On Nu Metal Accusations

Issues—who feature ex-Woe, Is Me vocalist Tyler Carterhave been under fire from the metal blogosphere lately with many sites bemoaning the nu metal nature of the groups music. A particularly scathing commentary was recently published over at Noisey regarding their sound and in particular their music video for their song “Stingray Affliction” (see below).

The band themselves don’t exactly agree with the assertion and responded via their Twitter:

“first of all that’s not where we got the name and we have #9 album not single, and I’m not even gonna read any further. Idiot. Press is press I guess. This guy has no facts and probably is some mainstream critic who hasn’t even heard our whole album. God bless him.”

Issues are currently enjoying an impressive wave of success with their self-titled debut album selling 22,000 copies since its release last week; with the band landing at #9 on the Billboard 200 charts.


  • magicseamonkey

    Note to self: Ignore everything further about this band.

    • jayofdajungle

      what’s the fun in that? that video and song was so bad it’s hysterical.

  • MyDarkPassenger

    In my mind, nu metal was a term very specific to the time period, as opposed to the style, and therefore by definition I have a hard time accepting any modern band as being nu metal. Maybe my mind will change when I inevitably hear this abomination.

    For an extra dose of fun, be sure to read all the comments from Issues fans trying to discredit the writer. An amusing article for sure.

    • jayofdajungle

      you can just throw a “post -” in front of nu metal. “Post – ” bands are all the rage these days. It makes it easier for critics and journalists to label things, as it can mean basically anything that’s even a vague extension of the root style.

    • NoSalvation

      Don’t waste your time on this band Passenger, trust me, you won’t like it. I spent 45 seconds listening to this band and I would have rather spent it picking my boogers.

      • MyDarkPassenger

        I won’t. By inevitably I was suggesting that if its the #9 record in the country I’ll probably hear it on the radio or something. Maybe in the supermarket, who knows?

  • Buddy Baker

    Nu-Metal-Core would be more accurate.

    • carlosfranco

      That sounds like a great genre. I just wish it was done with one singer and better vocals. I hate the idea of two singers, it’s basically half of a boy band.

  • Buddy Baker

    So, maybe its just me, but I think the ‘Noisy’ article is the greatest article ever written about a band, ever.

    • jayofdajungle

      I just read it. “THE DJ IS BACK!!!!!!11 And he’s KILLING the running man”, funny shit. I by and large like Noisey, but one of the editors, Dan Ozzi, is unbearable. I found myself wanting to stab the author a few times while reading Noisey articles. Then after I noticed that two of the articles were his, I looked back and sure enough they were ALL his.

  • unearth76

    fuck the naysayers, they rule!

    • Monomate

      Nay, the fucksayers, THEY rule.

      • NoSalvation

        Fuck fuck fuckety fuck fuck.

  • NoSalvation

    I don’t like this band at all.. it’s okay until you hit the chorus then the singer let’s his wuss vocals out. I just can’t stand bands that have a vocalist that tries to sing like this. I miss the grunge days, I miss Far Beyond and after era Pantera, I miss Dax, I miss Maynard… Right now I’m looking forward to the new Down like it’s Christmas time after hearing this garbage. As far as Nu Metal or not, I don’t remember any Nu Metal band having clean vocals like this. More like Wuss Metal or Wusscore. Even Pusscore but I don’t like the word ‘puss’ after reading the Richie Incognito texts, that motherfucker referred to women as puss way too much.

    • NoSalvation

      Also, Nu Metal bands didn’t wear super tight pants like that either. Fuck those pants. Loose as a goose til the day I die motherfuckers.

      • MyDarkPassenger

        Were you still talking about pants with that last proclamation? I hope we were talking about pants.

    • Dax

      I’m right here, bro.

  • SpinSwimScream

    This band I completely garbage. It’s talentless bands like this, who like to cut corners, taking the digital route and even using auto-tune to disguise their lack of abilities, that are ruining music today. This band could only appeal to a dumb 15-year-old girl. The structure of the songs don’t even make sense… Let’s try to be as ‘heavy’ as possible, then like a train wreck we can smack into the softest chorus ever, with some of the worst vocals ever, because we didn’t have the patience to find a real singer… I hope the girls in this horrible band see my post and cry about it.

  • adamonfire

    I’ve seen them twice, didn’t realize they had a DJ until last Friday because that’s all I could really hear well out of the set. Was not impressed at all with them nor Northlane.

  • Cyanidenailbomb

    I would rather listen to 90′s nu-metal than this garbage.

  • Aggroculture

    Nice try. But this ain’t nu-metal.
    This is your usual screamo/emo/metalcore. OK so it has a little groove to it before the shitty parts kick in. Still not nu-metal.

  • IamChristian

    This is terrible. It reminds me of the worst hour of my year in 2013…sitting through a Periphery set. Only this is like that horrible horrible day with a guest appearance from the singer of Yellowcard.

    • themelter

      i agree, not only that this is terrible, but sitting through a Periphery set was one of the worst hours of my 2013.

      • IamChristian

        There was too much between Cattle Decapitation and Dillinger during Summer Slaughter.

  • notafan

    Was looking for a reason to take the blade across the tracks today.

  • lateraleye789

    That’s some pretty sweet man-on-man action going on in that video! Also good choice going with 2 singers; that has worked out so well for all of the other bands that have done it.


    I read an article, forgot where, but Corey kept mentioning this guy’s name as Jordison’s possible replacement. His shit is pretty sick.

    • WURST

      Wrong story. Fail x 20.

    • Buddy Baker

      Waitaminute….that’s not a drummer. Wurst, you ole’ trixter, you!


    Jesus Christ, this shit is beyond wretched. I think the clean vocalist is quite possibly the worst part of this band, the DJ being a very close second.

    • unearth76

      Wurst, I didn’t know you were a Bama fan. That explains a lot…:)