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HIM Robbed Of Passports, Live Recordings And More At Melbourne, AUS Show

HIM had various irreplaceable items stolen last night while on tour in Melbourne, Australia. Among the items taken were passports and more, as a member of the band explained:

“Today when our crew was doing the linecheck at the venue in Melbourne some filthy bastard walked into our dressing room and stole our sound engineer Brad’s backbag; Brad lost his two passports with work visas to the places we will be going on this tour in South America, laptop, credit cards, driver’s license, ID’s, hard disks with the recordings from all the HIM shows last year and what not. Luckily there’s a surveillance camera here, so the whole thing has been filmed…”

The band shared the below picture of the thief in question:

Post by HIM.


  • BooThisMan

    Pretty fucked up despite one’s opinion of their music

  • MyDarkPassenger

    Does that shirt say Juicy Booty? Gross and perfect at the same time.

    • Sk0t

      “Juicy Root”

  • satan rx

    jake the snake is no master or disguise, let me tell ya!

    • KurtHammet

      There he is, get HIM!

  • adamonfire

    What a shock, their possessions were stolen by residents of an island populated as a prison, just like Detroit

    • Stereotypical Evil Archer

      Penal colonies know how to party.

    • MyDarkPassenger

      Self loathing Detroit citizens are so overdone.

  • biley.ramirez

    wait, is that billy bob thorton?

  • jampola

    Holy Shit, it’s Ciggy Butt Brain! Cunt stole me lighter as well!

  • jampola
  • IamChristian

    This is good news. Maybe it will prevent them from bringing their shit music back to the states.

    • adamonfire

      Back to the States? They’re from Finland.

    • biley.ramirez

      wait, what?

  • IamChristian

    Without a Passport they can’t come stateside is what I’m saying. I will admit to not reading anything but the headline then commenting. I thought the whole band got their shit stolen.

    • Lifeseclipse

      Everyone comments on the headline only. No one really reads the stories that Wook painstakingly types up. We just check for all caps quotes so we can all shit on our favorite Draiman.

    • Monomate

      You can just report the passport stolen and get it reissued dude, it’s not highlander rules with customs & immigration.

  • smokin_joe

    I read the article but skipped the video. I care that much.